Vision of Modern

There you have it folks! I hope some of you listened to my suggestions and picked up that playset of Sword of the Meek. Unfortunately I had not heard the rumor mill spitting out much information on Ancestral Vision until the night prior to the B & R Announcement so I was able to scoop my playset of them up before they sky rocketed but not much time to give a heads up before hand.

Modern Ban
So not too surprising that something from Eldrazi was banned. What did surprise me was the approach taken. Every one knows that Eldrazi deserved some sort of check to reign it in and bring it under control. I stand by what past articles said in the fact that Eldrazi Temple and/or Eldrazi Mimic should have been banned. By now we know that Eye of Ugin got caught in the crosshairs; I will be picking up a playset and stashing them for the unban in the possible future, and was unfortunately banned.

The Eye of Ugin ban is unfortunate in the sense it does hurt the Tron decks. The very Tron decks that was being oppressed by another mostly colorless deck. I have listened to the Tron players the last few days and mostly what I have heard is their deck is dead. I do not find Eye of Ugin to be a huge loss. Almost every GR Tron deck ran a one of Eye of Ugin not a playset. This one card loss reflects little upon the other fifty nine cards. My suggestion for a replacement is Sanctum of Ugin. Currently Sanctum is a junk rare and can be picked up easily. Any spell over seven mana you get to fetch a colorless creature. Sanctum has similar abilities of Eye, but not nearly as great.

Modern Unban

Sword of the Meek was unbanned. Honestly this one was one of the top four cards I wrote about back in my previous articles. If you have not read the article I looked briefly at the rumor mill about the upcoming B & R announcement and I looked at them all and came to the conclusion with a top four identifying the four most likely to see an unban. Sword of the Meek was actually sitting at third on my list of possibilities.

What to Expect?

For Sword of the Meek, I expect many attempts to revive the old combo. Sword of the Meek + Thopter Foundry + Time Sieve. Whether or not this will work remains to be seen. I also expect some play with both versions of Tezz to see Modern play. Tezzeret the Seeker and Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas. With this unban as happy as I am to see it I do not see this as adding anything to current archetypes in the format except possibly Affinity or Tron possibly adopting a variant of this strategy though still unlikely. If anything this unban will create a new archetype where I am always happy to test.

The Unexpected

Treasure Crui…. I mean Ancestral Vision also received an unban. In the previous article where I mentioned this card I expressed my opinion that with the mistake that everyone knows as Treasure Cruise I stated that WotC should throw in the towel and simply give Modern what it needs which is a semi-balanced amazing draw spell. The changes I see this card making in Modern is a huge leap from what Sword of the Meek brings to the table.

The changes should be found mostly in control decks. Most aggro decks will attempt to finish you off during yours or their turn four preventing you from finishing this cast. Decks I see this benefiting is your Jeskai Control, UB Faeries, Scapeshift, Blue Moon, and Grixis Control. Those are the decks that come to mind and only one of them is considered a combo deck.

The Results

The unbanning of both the Sword combo and the Vision is helpful for the format. We will get to see an introduction of another combo. Both of these cards being introduced to the format will encourage more people to play control decks outside of Lantern Control. With Visions encouraging players to play control the other card will focus on pushing players to also play combo. The end result is more players will pull away from aggro decks for at least some time and will slow down the format in a dramatic way, possibly enough to see an huge influx of control decks and even slower combo decks.


Though I am glad to see Eldrazi slowed I worry Eldrazi Mimic with a Eldrazi Temple will still be too fast and too consistent to be allowed life in the format. I am not surprised by the Sword of the Meeks unban, but I do wish I had picked up my full playset before the spike. I settled on Bloodbraid Elf being the most likely of the two to be unbanned I lost that gamble. Ancestral Vision ; however, did catch me by surprise. I felt Ancestral Vision needed to be unbanned I did not expect it to receive it at this time. I did catch the rumor in time to buy a playset just before the spike to sixty took hold. As always I hope you enjoyed my article and I look forward to play testing and trying out the new unbanned cards for Modern. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact me.

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