Think Outside The Box: UG Merfolk in Standard!

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Well, as I type, the B&R announcement will soon be taking place. Energy players all around the world begin to quake as their pet deck may soon be unplayable or better yet, still playable. I for one am miserable by the way Standard sits, it’s by far my favourite format but the way it has been over the past 2-3 months has been killer. Personally, I don’t want to watch any more Temur mirrors I can’t even stand the thought of it, whatever happens will happen though. I honestly think if anything goes my best guess would be some combination of Attune With The AetherWhirler VirtuosoRogue Refiner or Aether Hub.

Enough talk of all that though, we are here to talk about Merfolk!

Since the RIX spoilers came flooding over the internet I for one was hoping to see the underloved tribe of IXN get some much needed attention. I bet I wasn’t the only one who tried to make the Fish viable in standard, it just always felt so underpowered compared to what everyone else was doing and was struggling to keep up with the speed/card advantage of the other decks of the format.

These though, they are the game changers. Having 2 more one drops for the deck was an absolute blessing, this gives us the speed that the deck needed oh, and did I mention they got a lord?


This is exactly what the deck needed. This now means that the deck can keep up to size with the opposing creatures. The Elite means we can distribute counters to our pleasing, making the one drop unblockable even better or even making the elite a sizeable threat.


The card advantage. Let me break Kumena, Tyrant Of Orazca down real quickly as it has alot of text! This card is INSANE! Draws cards, buffs the team, it becomes unblockable..what is there not to love? Silvergill Adept has proven it’s a mainstay in modern and it will in short order cement its place in Standard.

Now, to be honest. You guys have probably seen in the region of about 80,000 decklists of the way fish can now be built in Standard, so I personally don’t want to give you another until my version is tried a little more. Instead I want to talk about cards I think I really want in the deck.


4 X Unsummon

A big part of the Merfolks gameplan is tempo. This card is the best we have for it. 1 mana answer to Glorybringer or Hazoret, the Fervent is ideal, answer is a strong word here, let’s go with solution. Sometimes all you need is that one extra turn to attack for lethal or build up a real big board to make these cards null and void.


1/2/3 X Tempest Caller

I’m honestly unsure of the numbers here, I now I at least want 1. This is just a finisher in the sense of tapping and making an alpha attack.

1/2 X Ghalta, Primal Hunger

Oh man, this was the release promo. Stuff it in the back of the binder for it never to be play….Hang on!

Believe it or not, this card is actually bonkers in this deck, it can be cast as early as turn 4. It’s big and it surely finishes games quickly. This card has made me test out a couple Rishkar, peema renegade over the Vineshaper Mystic as we can tap our guys for mana to cast the big ol’ dino.

There is honestly so many options to go for in this deck and probably so many cards I have forgot to add or even test! As soon as I get access to the cards I will be recording a video set with the deck.

Anything I missed out? Any suggestions? Sound off and let me know.

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Aaron "Ronnie" Brown

Aaron "Ronnie" Brown

Hi! I'm Aaron Brown, more know as "Ronnie". I'm from north Ayrshire in Scotland. I have a 2 year old daughter and a very supportive fiancée. I aspire to play magic for the Scottish national team and to one day play on the Pro Tour.

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