Think Outside The Box: GR Vengevine In Modern!

Welcome back everyone to this weeks think outside the box.

This week we have something a little different, we were playing a deck that looked to take advantage of casting cheap creatures, sometimes costing no mana and cheating a Vengevine into play.

This deck was a bit of a glass cannon but one thing can be said, when it works it’s certainly very aggressive and powerful. We lost to Burn twice, that matchup literally felt impossible.

Going forward I think if this deck was more consistent it would be extremely powerful. Sure, take it to FNM and have a blast. I wouldn’t however recommend taking this to a GP or a bigger event.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the video!

Until next time.





Aaron "Ronnie" Brown

Aaron "Ronnie" Brown

Hi! I'm Aaron Brown, more know as "Ronnie". I'm from north Ayrshire in Scotland. I have a 2 year old daughter and a very supportive fiancée. I aspire to play magic for the Scottish national team and to one day play on the Pro Tour.

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