The Shadows Impact

Just mere hours before the pre-release of Shadows Over Innistrad, and I am going to put out my list of singles to look out for in this glorious weekend of sleep deprivation and energy drink induced insomnia.

Tonight I will be scouring over the cards to decide which cards are best suited for a Modern environment and their overall impact I see them having over the format. Bradley’s last article covered a phenomenal portion for the impact this set will have on Standard and even put out various deck lists. My article will be doing much of the same, but with a format as vast as Modern I will simply put the cards that could find a home in specific decks or could see play in the format.

I will say this about Shadows Over Innistrad, the cards I saw in this set very few would go directly into a Tier 1 deck, many of the cards I found to be fodder for fringe archetypes.

Without further delay lets jump into the first batch of cards.


Pious Evangel

Obviously a Soul Sisters destined card for Modern, another deck that could use this is Next Level Abzan possibly. If this card can find a home it will be welcomed beside Soul’s Attendant , Soul Warden, and Suture Priest. Unfortunately like most of the set I think it will be too slow.


Declaration in Stone

The one the only all star I found! I absolutely love this card and think it could bust some of the creature infinite combos in Modern… well one of the only ones that matter Kiki Chord.

Restoration Angel    Kiki Jiki Mirror Breaker

Gryff’s Boon

This card really only helps out one archetype and that is Bogles. I actually enjoy the deck if I am playing it if I am not I hate it, but I do see where one of its few weaknesses are in the deck. If you don’t have Spirit Mantle or Rancor you are susceptible to your opponent blocking your creatures.


Engulf the Shore

This gives Blue Moon exactly what it is missing and that is a board wipe. Yes it is a conditional one that gets worse to a resolved Blood Moon, but the value against aggro decks where you normally board out your Blood Moon can not be overlooked. Another way to use it is board wipe then resolve the moon.

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

If my predictions are incorrect about the possible unbanning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor this new Jace could find a home in some control shells. I know I will be testing a few in Blue Moon though it does have stiff competition against Jace, Architect of Thought.

Pieces of the Puzzle

U/R Storm would probably enjoy this card quiet a bit. Though I think at three mana it misses it’s spot in Storm.


Pick the Brain

The only card in this color I found to show any real use in Modern is this one. This card would fit nicely in 8-Rack decks if they can find room within that low mana curve. Jund/Abzan decks who rely on Tarmogoyf as a win con will probably enjoy having this card in the sideboard.


Fiery Temper

I have never played with this card, but it looks bonkers. U/R Storm seems to be getting some love in this set, but I think this card can also find some love in Grixis Control.

Harness the Storm

The card is screaming where it wants to go, and that is in U/R Storm, but is it a low enough drop that it can find a home is the question.

Vessel of Volatility

Again a card that could find a home in U/R Storm, but it gives only four mana and costs four total to activate. Another downside to this card it is an enchantment not a instant or sorcery so it does not help activate Pyromancer’s Ascension


Loam Dryad

Much like Black, Green was an absolute bust for me. This card is really only here because of the article of wrote just a few days ago with the Jeskai Ascendancy Modern combo deck. The deck is easily beaten if you kill off it’s creature, but adding another turn one to the deck may help raise the consistency.


Anguished Unmaking

One of my favorite cards of this set and something that can fit easily into Abzan. WotC did answer my hopes for this set by making a Modern playable Utter End.

Olivia, Mobilized for War

I know some people like Goblin Dark-Dwellers in Jund, and Painful Truths as well. I absolutely despise both cards in the deck. Add this card to Jund and you now have a 4/5 Tarmogoyf attacking the turn it comes out, or even Tasigur, the Golden Fang.


Zilch…nada…got nothing for this.


Westvale Abbey

I have no clue what deck this would go in, but I simply want to break a format with this card. To me this deck screams Dark Depths inspired at least. If this card went anywhere my bet would be B/W Tokens.

The Shadow Lands

Choked Estuary Foreboding Ruins Fortified Village Game Trail Port Town

I can see one or two of these in any of the decks following the colors.

Honorable Mentions

Sorin, Grim Nemesis Ever After Behold the Beyond Archangel Avacyn

These are cards I would love to find a way to place in Modern, but for the following reasons I could not think of a spot: Too slow for the format, archetype is too weak, couldn’t think of a suitable deck.

As always I thoroughly hope you enjoyed this article and I encourage you to give myself or the other content providers any feedback possible. All feedback is welcomed and helps us provide a better service to you.

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