Fodder Cannon – The Kaladesh Standard Meta


Hello all and welcome to my first article ever!

Although many of my friends would argue many text messages I send to them would be articles they have never been published on a site before.  I’ve been back in the standard scene since Return to Ravnica and its all I really play so I have quite a bit of knowledge to share.  In this article I wanna go over what I think we’re going to see in the next month as standard settles on a ” best deck” in the format.

Tribal Decks



With Collected Company being gone tribal decks can now shine without the fear of being shut out and overwhelmed.  UW Spirits, Naya Humans, Ubx Zombies will all have there place in the coming format.  Sorry werewolves, I don’t think you will ever smash more the draft.  Each of the tribal strategies pray on a different meta, which is what makes them good.  Spirits and Zombies both pray on control.  Zombies can clog a field on the ground and keep recurring while spirits have lots of counter, flash, tap shenanigans while flying over.  Naya humans looks like it could be just a solid deck that gets better with every must answer threat it plays.

Midrange and Control Decks

Cool Aid Man? OH YEAH!

Cool Aid Man? OH YEAH!

After tribal we have out current 2/3 color decks.  BW walkers/Angels/control will be a big contender I believe as it normally is when a format is just starting. This being because Temur Emerge is also going to be a go to deck. Kozilek’s Return is easily the best wrath effect in standard and it normally comes with an Elder Deep-Fiend tapping all your lands on your upkeep. Flashing a 5/6 deal 5 to all creatures take an extra turn creature is a pretty great way to win games which is why I believe killing everything is going to be a good way to beat this deck.

Next up is UR burn.  This was already a good deck and now we have Chandra, Torch of Defiance which lets he deck easily swap from burn to control when it needs to thanks to drawing an extra card a turn.  Make sure ya have some life gain somewhere in your 75, cause your gonna need it.

Speaking of a good deck that will need some life gain, Bant isn’t going anywhere. It still has some of the best creatures in the format.  I don’t know if you’ll have to play with Tamiyo,  Field Researcher yet but it feels real good. Also Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Archangel Avacyn.

Speaking of white let’s not forget my favorite two colors G / W. Now I’m not real sure what the early game is for it now.  Obviously, Oath of Nissa Into Sylvan Advocate is still good, but what’s your backup plans?  I’m just not seeing a good two drop.  Hangarback Walker was such a huge part of that deck.  Now if ya figure that out let me tell ya how the top end goes. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar into Nissa, Vital Force lets you swing two 5/5s on turn 5, so seems really good.  Also that new Nissa is just straight gas.  If ya have any doubts, then your just wrong.  Only problem is there are just so many good 5 drops, you better be sure it’s what your deck really needs.

The New Guard



Kaladesh is here!!!

I’ve already brewed up and sleeved up GR energy and oh am I so happy to have Gruul playable again.  In a world full of Reflector Mage and kill spells, it’s a real good time for each creature you play that doesn’t stick to just make the creature you play after that better.  Add Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Nissa, Vital Force for some help with the midrange and control games and you have yourself a very solid aggro deck.  I’ve heard talk of a UR energy deck, but maybe that’s just gonna be new toys for UR burn.  The only other deck I know of that has a lot of potential is the RW artifact deck. Playing Toolcraft Exemplar or Inventor’s Apprentice in turn one in standard is really good.  The deck also seems to have a go wide strategy since Servos are artifacts.  I haven’t dived too deep into this, but I’m sure we will see more soon.

Well I hope this answers and curiosities you may have had as to what decks we may see in the next month or helped you decide on where your gonna start this season.

Did I miss any decks?  What are you going to go with?

For me, it’s BW Control and GR Energy Aggro.  Can’t wait to crush people with Gruul like old times.


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