Random Thoughts – Challenger Decks and how to improve them.


Hey everyone, my name is Cazacu Razvan, I’m a Magic: The Gathering player from the city Brasov of Romania, and I live near the famous castle of Dracula. From an early age, I’ve been influenced by many fantasy creations, such as Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and…

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I’m Feeling Marvelous

So last weekend was Pro Tour Amonkhet and it was a very interesting one to watch.  It was filled with new players like Zombies, and an old favorite of mine Marvel coming back after the departure of everyone’s favorite Kitty Cat Combo using and . So with this new format…

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The PPTQ Grind with Mardu Vehicles

I’m back after missing multiple pptq seasons because of work, other commitments and just forgetting about events happening.  I qualified using, in my opinion, the best deck in the format: mardu vehicles. The list i played at the event was: Mardu Vehicles by Brandon Balfour 3 // 4 4 4 2…

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