Support for Brady

The local Magic community – in Tullahoma, Tennessee – has been dealt quite an emotional blow this week. A beloved member of the local community, Brady Bell,  suffered an accident on May 12th which had him rushed to Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. Brady is still currently there and underwent surgery earlier today. If any of you have met Brady Bell you know he is a great guy and has always went out of his way to help anyone in the Magic community. Brady was born with muscular dystrophy and over the recent years his disease has progressively gotten worse. The last two years have become the worst where he is confined to mostly a wheelchair. With him being one of my good friends when I heard the news MtGDeckTechs has contacted various places to help garner support.

Brady on left with his mother

Current Supporters

“I am offering art prints and posters of a custom MtG inspired fanart design. It will be available in a variety of sizes and all profits gained from sales of this specific design will go towards the funding campaign” – Tiia Rissanen

Some of you know Tiia she is one of the designers for the website had the designer of the site. She is using her personal art studio to release a design that was commissioned ahead of schedule and is releasing it to the public as a poster, playmat, and various merchandise with all proceeds for this item being sent back to the Bell family to help with any costs. or

Feeby Cote, designer of the MtGDeckTechs logo, is donating the use of her gamer heart design, and all profits from that design will go to help support this effort. Feeby has volunteered her work to help Brady and his family in this time of need.

MtGDeckTechs is also pushing up our streaming services ahead of schedule and Austin Blasingame and Tiia Rissanen will be streaming on our dedicated Twitch Channel with donations during this launch  being sent back to the Bell family.

Anything will help and I urge you all to share and pass the word along about this cause, even if you cannot give personally word of mouth and social media contribute as well. Thank you all for taking the time and reading about our cause and we will everyone updated.



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