Standard Issue – Temur Nexus

Hello everyone and welcome back to Standard Issue and today I have a nice and spicy brew I am working on for when we finally get our hands on Ravnica Allegiance. Expect to see a bunch of decks coming from us in the coming weeks as we have some fun in what I expect to be a pretty “wild west” Standard in the beginning.

The deck we are talking about today is Temur Nexus which may surprise some since I have forgone white in my deck and wanted to see how the deck operates without Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. The goal here is to try to get kills a little more quickly and consistently than the Bant versions relying on Teferi.

There are two key new tools for the archetype that will go into most decks trying to take all the turns one of which is Growth Spiral. This card allows you to hold up a Quench on turn 2 or continue to develop your mana at instant speed while replacing itself. This can lead to situations where your opponent is always wondering what it is you could have.

One of the splashiest new cards revealed for this archetype is Wilderness Reclamation. This card seeems extremely broken and as soon as I saw it I started coming up with ideas on how to break it. The only reason I think this card may be kept in check is that there is a lot of enchantment removal and ways to deal with problematic permanents running around currently like Vivien Reid and Conclave Tribunal so keep that in mind when brewing with Wilderness Reclamation.

Since I am not playing white I needed something else to deal with creatures since I don’t have access to Seal Away or Settle the Wreckage. Instead I chose to go with a few copies of Quench as mentioned before and a singular Disdainful Stroke to diversify my counter suite.

With red one would hope that I had decent removal but currently I think Lava Coil is the best red removal spell but it’s a sorcery and this deck really wants to operate at instant speed. What we need is a Harnessed Lightning variant, something that can pick off early small creatures but also able to take down Drakes and other creatures with toughness bigger than 3. Currently I don’t think it’s worth it to play Shock or Lightning Strike but with the weakness to aggro this deck may have I could see playing a couple Shocks to help bridge. We do have Lava Coil in the sideboard and it may just need to be in the main but I’m hoping Quench will do just enough to counter an Adanto Vanguard or a Benalish Marshal before they ruin your day.

Typically the way this archetype wins is by taking enough extra turns to create a Teferi emblem and then just lock their opponent out of the game. Without any Teferi, Hero of Dominaria in the deck Ral, Izzet Viceroy finally has a chance to shine and is one win condition in the deck. Ral digs you two cards deep instead of just drawing one card like Teferi. He can also remove a creature with his second ability and finally the emblem should be able to finish your opponent off pretty quickly. It doesn’t lock them out like Teferi does by destroying their lands but I think this helps you to find your Nexus of Fate faster and if you see two you can dump one in your graveyard to go right back inside your deck.

Karn, Scion of Urza is here too and I want him to be good and to play more copies just unsure how good he actually is since your opponent could hide the Nexus of Fate under Karn then kill him locking it away or if we need to be playing 4 Treasure Map and 4 Karn, Scion of Urza in the main to really make use of the construct making ability. A big plus for Teferi is his ability to come down and then draw a card and untap two lands to hold up counter magic. With Wilderness Reclamation you are already untapping all your lands and with Teferi you just get two more mana which is nice but I don’t think you need it. Karn, Scion of Urza can be cast backed upped by counter magic on turn 4 in combination with Growth Spiral and Gift of Paradise. Karn can also create blockers if you need to preserve your life total or can just start attacking your opponent and those constructs can get out of hand if unchecked.

Finally one of the main reasons to play red here is Expansion // Explosion allowing you to just suddenly end the game with the insane amounts of mana you get from Wilderness Reclamation. You can also just use it to draw enough cards to deal some damage and find a Nexus of Fate to cast and start taking turns. There is also one copy of Fight with Fire which can be combined with Expansion to deal 20. This basically allows you to close the game without having to get a planeswalker emblem and just provides more angles to win the game from.

Our sideboard consists of a package where we can turn into a sort of Temur Midrange deck. We have Niv-Mizzet, Parun to bring in against control and is a card I want to also try in the main deck of this sort of strategy and maybe just forget about Expansion // Explosion and just take extra turns with Niv-Mizzet on the battlefield. Either way it is a threat that can’t be countered and can quickly just end the game that synergizes pretty well with the rest of the deck. There is also Carnage Tyrant which is another threat that can’t be countered and can come in against opposing Carnage Tyrants. Not sure that I need or want both but this is where I would like to start. Mesmerizing Benthid is another interesting creature that can come down somewhat early if you ramp into it and help you stabilize the board and can protect a planeswalker. Bringing in parts of the creature package allows you to diversify your threats and hope your opponent has sided out all their removal.

We have Lava Coil to help us against decks like Drakes and other creature decks. Spell Pierce and Negate can come in against other control decks to try and help you set up a turn to resolve a big play and can be swapped with Quench to throw your opponents off. We are also running one copy of Star of Extinction to help take out an opposing Carnage Tyrant and I wanted to throw in a Mass Manipulation since this deck has the mana to make real good use of it and stealing a 20 power Enigma Drake or a Teferi, Hero of Dominaria about to make an emblem sounds pretty good.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these cards to start tweaking and tuning this list. My goal is to make the best Wilderness Reclamation deck whether it’s Temur and needs to play some more spot removal and fogs or Bant with Teferi is the best strategy and just need to change up some of the supporting white cards. Revitalize can be an annoying card to play against and could possibly shore up some of the weakness to aggro I see with the deck. Maybe we can go 4 color and splash white for Teferi. Either way there is much work to be done and this only one archetype I am excited about. Ravnica Allegiance looks like its gonna be a ton of fun! Let me hear some of things you all are excited for in this set in the comments and be sure to check out my other pages for more sweet content!

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