Runaway! Steam-kun (Modern): Tournament Report

Howdy everyone,

Yours truly had a chance to attend a GP this weekend and took my Mono-Red Runaway Steam-kun deck to some modern side events. I played 2 events, with 3 rounds each.


This was my deck list:

Mainboard Sideboard
Creature 15
4x Bedlam Reveler
3x Monastery Swiftspear
4x Arclight Phoenix
4x Runaway Steam-Kin

Land 18
17x Mountain
1x Ramunap Ruins

Sorcery 6
4x Faithless Looting
2x Lava Spike
3x Tormenting Voice

Instant 21
4x Desperate Ritual
4x Fiery Temper
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Manamorphose
1x Risk Factor
1x Burst Lightning
Artifact 5
2x Shrine of Burning Rage
2x Dragon's Claw

Instant 4
3x Abrade
1x Lightning Axe
1x Kozilek's Return

Sorcery 5
2x Molten Rain
3x Anger of the Gods

Planeswalker 1
1x Chandra, Torch of Defiance


Event 1, Round 1: Cheeri0 (2-1)

Game 1: I kept a slow hand not knowing what my opponent was playing. He played Sram, Senior Edificer but I managed to Lightning Bolt it. Next turn he played Puresteel Paladin and combo’d off when I was tapped out.

SB: -2 Runaway Steam-kin, -1 Bedlam Reveler, -1 Risk Factor, +3 Abrade, +1 Lighting Axe

Runaway Steam-kin and Bedlam Reveler might be too slow for this match up. I maximized burn spell to deal with Sram, Senior Edificer and Puresteel Paladin

Game 2: . I kept Sram/Puresteel off the board. He failed to do much and my Swifty got in quickly to finish him off.

Game 3: I didn’t make any SB changes. He mulliganed to a 5 while I kept a one land hand with mana burn. It was a very slow start. I managed to Lightning Bolt and Abrade his first two Sram and Puresteel. However, he sided in Claim//Fame to bring it back. Luckily for me, he whiffed trying to combo off. I managed to bring back an Arclight Phoenix and finished him off.


Event 1, Round 2: Mono-G Tron (2-0)

Game 1: He mulliganed and stumbled to assemble Tron. I started off with a Monastery Swiftspear, quickly brought back Arclight Phoenix and killed him.

SB: -3 Bedlam Reveler, -2 Runaway Steam-kin, +3 Abrade, +2 Molten Rain

Game 2: I dropped 2 Monastery Swiftspear and a Runaway Steam-kin. He played Relic of Progenitus to exile my graveyard, then tapped out to search for his last Tron piece with Expedition Map. With Steam-kun in play, I chained together 6 spells, making my two Swifties 7/8 and attacked for the win.


Event 1, Round 3: Dredge (1-2) (Intentional draw)

Game 1: My opponent was doing his thing, dredging stuff. I had little creatures in play and they were road blocked by his army. Thinking that I had no outs, he decided to take 8 damage from one Risk Factor. Little did he know that I was going to triple Lightning Bolt for the win.

SB: -1 Burst Lightning, – 1 Risk Factor, -3 Bedlam Reveler, +3 Anger of the Gods, +2 Dragon’s Claw

Burst Lighting barely kills any of its threats and Bedlam Reveler can be easily blocked. Dragon’s Claw was added to slow down its aggressive plan.

Game 2: This game was intense and down the wire. I had early pressure with two Swifties and an Arclight Phoenix. He did not have much going on in terms of pressure from the graveyard, but did manage to bring back 3 Narcomoeba to chump block. 4 Creeping Chill brought my life down quickly and he finished me off with a flashback Conflagrate.

Game 3: He started with a Leyline of the Void in play. This usually doesn’t affect my game plan that much but my hand was not explosive enough. He killed a Steam-kun, and by the time I played the 2nd one, he has already amassed a board state. Even though I had Anger of the Gods in play, I was outplayed as he chose to bring back his Bloodghast after I’ve passed priority in my second main phrase and it brought back an army of Prized Amalgam to kill me.


Event 2 Round 1: Mardu Hollow One (1-2)

Game 1: I had a relatively slow hand compared to his explosive Flameblade Adept into Goblin Lore into Hollow One. He also splashed white for Lingering Souls, which was a complete nightmare for my Burds.

SB: -2 Monastery Swiftspear, -2 Runaway Steam-kin, -3 Bedlam Reveler, +3 Abrade, +2 Dragon’s Claw, +1 Lightning Axe

Game 2: This was a very grindy game. He sided in Tomod’s Crypt and removed a graveyard with some Faithless Looting (I was glad I sided out my Bedlam Reveler). I dropped a Dragon’s Claw which eventually gained me 10+ life. My Abrade took care of the Hollow One. He failed to find any gas with his looting spells. I hard cast 2 Burds for the win.

Game 3: Again another explosive start from my opponent. Lingering Souls followed up by a Hollow One and Gurmag Angler sealed my fate quickly.


Event 2 Round 2: Ponza (2-0)

Game 1: He mulliganed to 5. I killed both his Arbor Elf on sight and did not put up any struggle.

SB: -1 Bedlam Reveler, +1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance

Game 2: Now knowing what he was playing, I diversified my threat by siding in a Planeswalker. I kept a slow hand with 4 lands. He Stone Rain me 3 times and ran out of gas. I operatd on 2 lands and found a win.


Event 2 Round 3: Mono-G Tron (1-2)

Game 1: Natural Tron. Ullamog on turn 4. BG.

SB: -3 Bedlam Reveler, -2 Runaway Steam-kin, +3 Abrade, +2 Molten Rain

Game 2: He mulliganed to 5, 2 Swifties finished him off quickly.

Game 3: See game 1 + Thragtusk. BG. At the end he had the audacity to ask me if I have considered Alpine Moon in my SB. Oh Tron players *eyeroll*


Thoughts and Tips:

Overall, the deck was strong and proactive. It attacked from many angles and it felt like you’re only a top-deck away from winning.

In terms of SB tips, besides the usual silver-bullet answer to specific decks, I always try to side out Bedlam Reveler because of the inevitable graveyard hate. You can still hard cast your Arclight Phoenix, but without a graveyard, Bedlam Reveler is almost un-castable.

If I’m going second, I try to side out Runaway Steam-kin as well because it is too slow. I would side them back in if I were on the play.

I think there are many options out there for this deck such as Blood Moon and Surgical Extraction.

This deck has potential, and I will continue to test it and make necessary meta changes.


Until next time,

Au revoir!


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