Rav up those Brews Part 3


Welcome to Part 3 of fresh brews with Guild of Ravnica. When the meta settles and everyone else is deciding which midrange deck they want to bring to FNM, Brew City is still out here making hits after hits. So sit back as we dive deeper into the jank pile…


Jeskai Invert

Main Deck Sideboard
Creature 18
2x Enigma Drake
4x Erratic Cyclops
4x Sailor of Means
4x Swiftblade Vindicator
4x Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive

Instant 13
4x Aegis of the Heavens
4x Dive Down
4x Invert // Invent
1x Response // Resurgence

Sorcery 5
4x Chart a Course
1x Thud
Land 24
7x Island
5x Mountain
4x Plains
4x Boros Guildgate (b)
4x Izzet Guildgate (b)


This deck is super bad, until you cast invert, then it turns SUPER GOOD. (Ya’ll get it?) Our game plan is to cast creatures with big toughness and invert them for maximum damage.


The toughness-matters creature package includes Erratic Cyclops and Sailor of Means. They can act as good defenders until we draw invert and do sneaky amounts of damage to an unsuspecting opponent. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive lets all of our 1 power creatures attack without fear of being blocked.


For extra toughness pump, we have the mother of all defensive spell – Aegis of the Heavens. With Invert, this is probably the most damage you can do with a 2-mana pump spell. On top of that we have Dive Down. The +0/+3 can act as a mini-pump but more importantly the hexproof can really protect our guys when we are going for lethal.


Swiftblade Vindicator is an all star in this deck. He is virtually unblockable with Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive in play, able to chip in 2 unblockable damage every turn. Together with Aegis of the Heavens and Invert//Invent, he can do 16 damage in one hit.


To tie together the deck, we have a few Enigma Drake, which can be inverted in a pinch. We can use Response//Resurgence to let our inverted creatures attack again. Lastly, we have Thud to finish off our opponents with inverted creatures.


Here are some tips on playing this deck. With Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive in play, when attacking with Erratic Cyclops, remember to cast Invert//Invent or a 1 cmc Instant before blockers are declared so its power/toughness is at 1, making it unblockable. For Swiftblade Vindicator, it should be unblockable, so cast Aegis of the Heavens after blockers are declared.


Hadana’s Monument

Maindeck Sideboard
Artifact 2
2x Chromatic Lantern

Creature 21
4x Chamber Sentry
4x Rampaging Monument
3x Vernadi Shieldmate
3x Fresh-Faced Recruit
3x Sumala Woodshaper
2x Conclave Cavalier
2x Herald of Secret Streams

Enchantment 3
3x Hadana's Climb

Instant 4
2x Assure // Assemble
2x Response // Resurgence

Sorcery 6
2x Vivid Revival
4x Flower // Flourish
Land 24
2x Guildmages' Forum
5x Forest
4x Island
4x Evolving Wilds
4x Plains
4x Selesnya Guildgate
1x Mountain


Maybe you’ve seen Quirion Dryad grow huge back in Planeshift, but Rampaging Monument also flies. Now what card pairs well with +1/+1 counters? Kaladesh is gone, but we still have Hadana’s Climb!


Play this on turn 3, and turn 4 you already have a 4/4 flying Monument that also flips your Hadana’s Climb into giving any of your creatures pseudo-double-strike. But you’ll need to fill your deck with multicolored spells to “grow your Monument”. And we have heaps of that from Guilds.


These guys all pump your monument and do well with +1/+1 counters. Sumala Woodshaper can help dig for your Hadana’s Climb too. And we’ve also included Herald of Secret Streams so your monument can penetrate your enemy’s defenses unhindered.


In the spells package, we have these all-stars. Flower in Flower//Flourish is just wonderful for fixing your Bant colors, and Flourish can also help your guys push through that extra damage. Assure in Assure//Assemble can protect your monuments, and Assemble works well with Flourish. Finally, Response in Response//Resurgence can help you survive a bit, and if one monument attack isn’t enough you’ll get two with Resurgence.  Chromatic Lantern is there to fix your mana, and Vivid Revival ties the deck together nicely by being able to get back 3 of your 21 multicolored cards.


Remember, you can choose to put counters on your other creatures if you don’t want to flip Hadana’s Climb yet – this could help you build up your army nicely until you want to fly through the air for the win. And in late-game, your Guildmages’ Forum can help your smaller creatures compete better too.


This is a wrap for now. Next week, let’s see what splashes Guilds of Ravnica can make in Modern!



Brew City

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