Mythical Magic – UB Delver on Pauper!

What’s up guys? I realized I haven’t written about Pauper in a while. Modern is by far my favourite format but Pauper might be the closest to it. It really has nice variety of powerful cards and very vast meta of decks that can be played with good results. I really like blue based Delver decks and I do play a lot of Mono-Blue on MTGO. But I did find a nice UB Delver list that I want to present to you guys. The list is by player named “Shakunjin”.



The List

Creatures (15)
4 Delver of Secrets
4 Augur of Bolas
1 Mulldrifter
4 Gurmag Angler
2 Dimir Infiltrator

Other Spells (26)
4 Brainstorm
4 Thought Scour
4 Counterspell

2 Muddle the Mixture
3 Ghastly Demise
2 Doom Blade
2 Disfigure
2 Chainer’s Edict
3 Soul Manipulation

Lands (18)
7 Island
3 Swamp
3 Dismal Blackwater
4 Evolving Wilds
1 Bojuka Bog



Black and blue are two very powerful colors in Pauper. Black has hands down the best removal of the format and Blue offers terrific control package and card filtering. We can use very nice black spells to remove the creatures our opponent casts on the battlefield or delay it by bouncing them with blue spells. Blue also let’s us thin our deck nicely to dig deep.

We play Delver of Secret as our main creature to deal the damage we need. I love it being just a one mana creature that is pretty easy to flip turn 2 with this deck that plays 26 instants and sorceries. Dealing 3 damage in the air from turn 2 is really nice and it is no wonder Delver sees tons of play in Pauper.

I am not so big on Mulldrifter but it sure is powerful card and we want to include it to our list to let us draw cards. Kinda bad three mana card draw but we can bring him in on the later stages when we have the mana.

Augur of Bolas is our must have Merfolk (lol). Blocks nicely in the early turns of the game and let’s us dig a bit to find something we need to use to interact with our opponent.

Dimir Infiltrator is a magnificent card. It gives us a steady source of damage but it can also get us any two mana spell from our deck. Great addition to the list that mono-blue Delver does not have.

Gurmag Angler. Do I need to say much? Pretty much every black Pauper deck runs it. Big upside is that it does dodge Doom Blade.

Brainstorm is in the mainly to make the Delver of Secrets flip easy. Nothing fancy here.

Counterspell is the best counter there is and I love it being legal in this format! One of the biggest reasons I love Blue in Pauper. Shame we can’t play it in Modern.

Thought Scour. Kinda Death’s Shadow vibes here. Giving us card draw with a bit of milling is not that bad as Gurmag Angler enjoys some cards on our graveyard! But if we see our opponent setting up something on the top of their library, we can mess with their plan really nicely, as a blue player enjoys to do?!

Removal is classic Pauper black. We play Chainer’s Edict which is just awful to see played against you. But if we are the ones playing it, it is very good against decks that rely on a single creature. Ghastly Demise is another good piece of removal and does not need a lot to become efficient. Disfigure puts a vast number of Pauper creatures to the graveyard and also it is dirt cheap.

Bojuka Bog is one of my favourite cheap lands to run in the format. We are not in the hurry with this deck so playing a tapped land usually won’t stop our plans or slow us down too much. Would almost always include a copy in a black Pauper list.

Black gives us another great gold card to run. Soul Manipulation is a great counterspell but we can also fetch a Gurmag Angler or even a Delver from the graveyard if we need to. Utility card that we are not sad to draw in the later stages of the game.



Match ups


I think the deck runs like a dream against aggro based decks. We have early blockers and a lot of ways to either counter their spells or just destroy their creatures. I would favour this deck nicely against almost any aggro deck of the format.

Midrange matches can be very very grindy as one might now with the pain of playing blue versus blue deck in Pauper. It is not pretty, it might not be fun but we will see those match ups often. Our sideboard needs something for these matches for sure. I do think the golden cards give us the edge at least against mono blue decks.

Tempo decks are a bit more difficult opponents for us. I can see them overwhelming the battlefield faster than we can counter them of make them sacrifice the creatures. Elves and Goblins are very tough match ups for us and our colors do not have a really wide sweeper so we might see some difficult times against tempo.



So here we go guys, a bit of a cheaper deck this week. I do like Pauper because it is dirt cheap to play compared to other formats and even being in two or three colors is not really any more expensive than mono-colored decks. I am always down a Pauper game in MTGO so if you would like to play with me, hit me up on the comments on Facebook!


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