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Yarrr Mateys, arrree ye rrrready for Ixalan card evaluation for Modern? Good, good! So like you may have (or may not) understood from that stange line, I will be evaluating some of the best Ixalan cards for Modern. There are some in this set. I remind you, I only think about the scenarios for these cards in different decks. I have not tested any of these cards, but this list is maybe an indicator for the future?




Kopala, Warden of Waves  3/5

I think only deck that can play this is Modern is of course Merfolk. Merfolk is really small on the current meta, I think around 1%. Kopala, Warden of Waves is kind of a same card as Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, which acts as a counter for opponents spells. Now, Kira is an outright counter for the first ability or spell that targets our creature, Kopala on the other hand helps only our Merfolk. No problem, because the deck basically is only Merfolk creatures. I would think that players will try Kopala in Merfolk, It makes for instance: Abrupt Decay costs 4, which is great. Kira would not counter Abrupt Decay which is bad, because Decay is being played quite a lot in my estimation. And one finally positive about Kopala is that it is a Merfolk, so it will get islandwalk and boosts from Lords of  the deck.


Growing Rites of Itlimoc  3/5

Card similar to Gaea’s Cradle, if you can flip it. I see this card seeing play in Modern Elves? Then again, is this card convenient to Modern at this stage? I am not sure, but I give it a solid 3/5 rating, just because I can imagine super fast Elves deck playing this. Elves get easily creatures to board, so this card might have home there.




Search for Azcanta  2/5

Card that might be played in decks that need to dig deep and play cards from the graveyard with flashback, like Storm. It is not that costly with CMC of 2 so it might see some play in Modern. Now, Search for Azcanta is pretty easy to flip, with fetches etc. Now I also see Control decks playing the flipped version of Search for Azcanta, just to dig more answers every turn. Scary…




Arguel’s Blood Fast  4/5

Oh no… Jund and Death’s Shadow players might just have their Christman early! Just keep paying life to get card advantage and just when you are about to die, just sacrifice your Death’s Shadow or Tarmogoyf and beat your opponent with obvious card advantage. Now I will say, this card scares me, because it will make DS decks stronger than they already are. Now Jund is not being played that much because DS is controlling the meta, but we will see if this card grows it percentage in meta in the upcoming months! Just a solid card for Modern.


Legion’s Landing  2/5

This card can only see play in tokens deck. I am not a fan, but this card is playable don’t  get me wrong. I just don’t see huge impact. Therefore 2/5


Field of Ruin 3/5

Land hate like Ghost Quarter and Tectonic Edge. In comparison, Field of Ruin has higher activation cost than Tectonic Edge. You may get a land yourself so you will not set yourself back. QC is still number 1 land hate card in Modern, just because free activation. Maybe with Field of Ruin, there will be a true land-hate deck in Modern?


Sorcerous Spyglass 3/5

Pithing Needle -esque card, that has use in Modern for sure. We can take a look at our opponent’s hand and see what they have and then say their fetchland. So they can’t activate it, They have a dead card in hand will be mana-screwed for early game. Sorcerous Spyglass can be played turn 1 with Simian Spirit Guide. I would still say Sorcerous Spyglass is mainly a sideboard card that will see play in Modern.


Opt 5/5

Absolutely awesome reprint to see play in Modern. One blue, Scry 1 and Draw a card. This will replace Sleight of Hand and Serum Visions in some deck. Infect and Scapeshift will love this, with the instant speed! Now decks that need to be digging deeper than scry 1 may not play Opt or atleast full set of it. Nevertheless Opt is in my mind best card for Modern in this set. Just a beast of a card.



Tocatli Honor Guard 2/5

A functional reprint of classic Torpor Orb. I would say creature type is really a downside and the 1/3 stats is really defensive, but I don’t like it. If you play hatebears, you reaaaally want 2 power creatures right? I really want Artifact , not creature if I get something with this kind of card from sideboard.


Kinjalli’s Sunwing 2/5

Let us continue with the hatebears theme. Is this better than Thalia, Heretic Cathar? Well, 2/3 flier is just not enough when compared to Thalia, especially with not having 3 power and it does to a lot of removal like Lightning Bolt. Only upside is that it is not Legendary like Thalia, but I really can’t see it being enough to beat Thalia, Heretic Cathar.


Rampaging Ferocidon 4/5

Naya zoo or Burn? Well, 3 CMC is kinda lot, but to sideboard this is absolutely awesome. Burn loses to lifegain so this is awesome for Aggro decks to sideboard in. Ferocidon also pings creatures that enter the battlefield, which kills Soul Sisters. I think this is maybe even better than Leyline of Punishment. Rampaging Ferocidon is a plain better card than Leyline when Leyline is not in your opening hand.


Siren Stormtamer 4/5

I got some hate from mentioning this card in place of Cursecatcher last week. I am still a fan. Protect your Delver of Secrets, Gurmag Angler, Tasigur, the Golden Fang or Death’s Shadow. Siren gives you time to win the game, with it helping with countering spells. It is basically only for protection, it being only 1/1 flier. But I am a fan like I said, Mausoleum Wanderer or Judge’s Familiar do kind of the same job that Siren does. Wrath of God is not countered this way which is a problem but then again, we might need something completely different for countering that.


Entracing Melody 1/5

Just to mention a possible Control deck card. A card to deal with Death’s Shadow or Tarmogoyf… with three converted mana cost. Can’t see this being played a lot but it can be played! I am not saying this card is useless like it can be Snapped back, but there a lot of alternatives in Modern. Also Mono U Tron might like this?


Unclaimed Territory 1/5

Budget version of Cavern of Souls. Only for Five-colored Tribal decks like Slivers, Humans etc. Tier 3 deck card, because Tier 2 will play Cavern of Souls. Upgrade to City of Brass, because this doesn’t hurt your lifetotal to get mana. This card is brewers dream!!

Honorable Mentions: Arcane Adaptation, Perilous Voyage, Merfolk Branchwalker, Shaper’s Sanctuary.





There you go! These are just my thoughts about cards that might see Modern play from Ixalan. Do you agree or disagree with me? Did I forget a card or is there a card too much? You can contact me: or TheBlondMythMTG on Twitter! Make sure to like us on Facebook and keep on a lookout for us in Twitter and Youtube and even Twitch in the future! There is still room in this train, that is going to the top!


Mythical Regards

Roope Keskitalo




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