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Hello everyone. I have not been into MTG too much recently, but every time I open a site there seems to be articles about something bad happening in the community. Now I won’t delve into any problems  in the community, instead I want to make an article focusing on your own mind and how staying positive even through hard times is important.


First off, Magic: the Gathering is extremely difficult game to play. There are so many things that might overwhelm you at the start and even after years of playing. Mastering the game is even more complicated and takes years and years of playing and practicing. People usually start playing games because they are looking for a fun experience. Many of us want to win in MTG and I am no different. It is easier to have fun when you are winning. Losing makes your experience less enjoyable, but think about the big picture. Is there any sense of playing the game if you are not having fun playing it.



Sometimes after a weekly local tournament I might have played really poorly or the luck just wasn’t on my side. I feel tired and maybe even angry. I made a bad decision on the mulligan, I drew 4 lands in a row etc. Now we need to realize these are part of the game we love to play. I think most of us love the game because there are hundreds of ways to approach it. It is a card game full of different kinds of gameplay experiences.


If you find yourself filling up with negative thoughts after or during playing Magic, is it maybe time to take a break or try something different? Maybe by not going to a GP thinking: “I have to make day 2 or I have failed.” There are many ways to look at this thought. First of all, I think even with high goals and aspirations, remember the most likely you are going to have an awesome weekend playing Magic, meeting new people, being a part of community in a big event. But if you still feel tired and negative? Maybe try playing more casually for a while? Draft with your friends, play casual games of Commander with a good group of players who are laidback. Or just take a week or two off completely. Do something different, something entirely not related to Magic.



Let’s say you are a MTG veteran and your Fridays consist of Friday Night Magic. Nice to hear that, it is good environment to be and enjoy the game. But if you do not feel excitement and it is not fun to play, maybe just show up and hang out? Or skip a week or two. You might find yourself thinking: “Man, I really miss playing that FNM Standard/Draft”. If this would happen, I think you would have succeeded what I am trying to say. Sometimes a small step back is a big step moving forward in the big picture. With positive attitude and having fun, not really stressing or grinding only for results, you might end up achieving more.


Now I am not saying that you should not care, but my basic thought is that Magic is and awesome game that should be enjoyed everytime you play. Frustration is normal, especially after big losses or disappointment, like during a GP weekend or RPTQ. Also, try to be the guy that cheers people up. Don’t spread the negativity or be sour, even if things are not going your way. When I started Magic, I was in an LGS where older players did not help me and they straight forward called me names for not being good in Magic. One guy even dropped from a tournament after losing to me in the first round. This actually made me quit Magic for almost a year. Just make sure that you make Magic experience for you and those around you better, not worse. Positivity will spread, but so does negativity, trust me.



Everyone has bad days and it has to be accepted. But in the end, try to fell happy after playing MTG. Was your record 2-2 and you did not end up on prizes? Think about was there something really awesome during that day: did you play and awesome combo, did you have an epic battle with your opponent, was there something with a Wow factor in you opponents draft deck that made you surprised, or did you just have a good time playing Magic for a night. Think about your emotions and feelings next time you have played Magic. And try to cherish the nice things that happened, but also learn from your errors but don’t dwell on them. Move on and keep enjoying Magic. Until next time.


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