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Today I bring you a little bit of different Standard deck from Ramunap Red, B/G Constrictor or Mono-Black Zombies. The deck we will be taking a look is U/W Spirits. We are going to be using synergy between Standard Legal Spirits. The mechanics we are looking are giving all of our Spirits Flash which is really relevant for this deck. The best card in this deck in my opinion is Selfless Spirit which can be sacrificed to give our creatures indestructible. Make him stick around and you are in good shape! So let’s take a look of the list and after that go through the cards of this deck!



The Deck


Creatures (28)

4 Mausoleum Wanderer

4 Topplegeist

4 Metallic Mimic

4 Rattlechains

4 Selfless Spirit

4 Nebelgast Herald

4 Spell Queller


Spells (9)

4 Essence Flux

1 Censor

4 Failure // Comply


Lands (23)

2 Irrigated Farmland

9 Island

4 Meandering River

4 Plains

4 Prairie Stream


Sideboard (15)

1 Dispel

2 Fragmentize

2 Declaration in Stone

2 Essence Scatter

4 Negate

2 Collective Effort

2 Dusk // Dawn


75 Cards Total




The card breakdown


Mausoleum Wanderer


Ideal one drop for our deck. With only one blue mana we get a 1/1 flier with some sweet stuff. Wanderer gets +1/+1 until end of turn whenever another Spirit enters the battlefield under our control. That’s basicly all the time, right? So there is a bit of Lord synergy going on here. Another really sweet thing about the Mausoleum Wanderer is that you can sacrifice it and counter target instant or sorcery spell unless it owner pays X, where X is Wanderer’s power. I’d say this card is super effective all around and especially in the early game. We run full playset every time.




Okay, I am not a huge fan of Topplegeist, but you get to tap a target creature opponent controls when Topplegeist hits the battlefield. Also with Delirium there is a bit more tapping of the target creatures, but I really don’t consider this too big of a deal. Yes, Spirit creature type gives synergy, but I think Topplegeist is replaceable with Thraben Investigator. Still a decent 1/1 flier for one white mana, can’t really fo wrong with that.



Metallic Mimic


M m mm! Let’s get into some Lord actions shall we? One of the all-stars of the deck, Metallic Mimic will be Spirit 100% of the time in our deck and it will give every other creature (Spirit) on the battlefield +1/+1. Now all of our 1/1 fliers are suddenly 2/2 and we are looking at swinging big. Maybe Flash in another Spirit to tap their flier, swing for lethal, yes please! 5/5 rating for this workhorse!



In my opinion, this deck is full of good stuff for cheap price and Rattlechains is not different from that perspective. Two mana Flash Flier, give target spirit hexproof and every other Spirit can be cast with flash? Oh yes all this for one generic and one blue mana. This bad boy (spirit) will help us to use every other spirit and their ETB abilities as combat tricks and counter magic and Rattlechains also saves our Precious spirits from spot removal.


Selfless Spirit


The best card of the deck, Selfless Spirit. One generic and one White mana gets you a 2/1 flier which can be sacrificed to give all your creatures indestructible. What? If you are able to flash this guy in and sac him to keep your fragile army of spirits alive before board wipe resolves… That’s propably game man. Like I said the best card in the deck, but there are a lot of good cards coming,


Nebelgast Herald


Flash flier with 2/1 body for three mana is okay at the most, but the tap ability makes this card playable in our deck. So now we can flash spirits in if we have Rattlechains on the battle field to tap their biggest haymakers before declaring the attackers. Oh yeah, that is some good synergy right there, right? Then again, even without Rattlechains we can flash Herald in to tap the flying or reaching blocker or just tap their one big hitter. Anyway, this is a good card in our deck and gives us an ability to mess with our opponents creatures.


Spell Queller


The most Overpowered card in the deck. This is just unfair of a card for your opponent. Flash, Flying, Counter target spell with CMC 4 or less? For what, three mana? Now if this was 2/3 with flash and flying this would be decent as a spirit but now get a free counter spell? Just unfair, just unfair, but we love to slam this down and look at our opponents eyes when they realise that we got them by the throat.


Spells and Lands


We run one censor because Spell Queller acts as our counter. Censor also gives us cycling for only one so it is okay to have in the deck. We also run some bounce effects in the body of Essence Flux and for our opponent Failure // Comply. We are a aggro deck, so we really don’t gear up for a long game. Our Landbase is pretty regular for a two-color deck. 9 Island and 4 Plain, play sets of Prairie Stream and Meandering River and 2 Irrigated Farmland. This is kinda ok in Standard and we also have ability to cycle the Farmlands for two mana in we are in danger of getting flooded.




Always be open to customize your sideboard according to your metagame. This is just a template. We run 1 Dispel and 4 Negate, which gear us for longer games. 2 Fragmentize are to destroy artifacts for instance against Pummeler Decks. Only negative is sorcery speed. 2 Declaration in Stone is in my mind a bit so-so but we are in White so running half-a-set is ok. 2 Essence Scatter to counter win-condition creatures is kind of default. Dusk // Dawn works good for us in long games against big creatures because Dawn lets us pick up cheap creatures from our Graveyard to our hand after wiping the board from big creatures. 2 Collective Effort is a good Eldritch Moon escalate card, so we can use it in anyway we need.




Final word


I think after Mardu Vehicles losing a bit of percetage of the meta we can have success with this deck. After Marvel getting banned I see B/G Constrictor, Mono-Black Zombies and Ramunap Red controlling the meta now. I also think that R/G Pummeler is good but then again so are U/W Spirits! Go ahead and try this deck out and tell me what you think. If you have any questions or comments about this article, you can contact me via e-mail:


Mythical Regards

Roope Keskitalo


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