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Hello there and welcome to another episode of Mythical Magic! Today I will be tackling the points of interest in Ixalan Prerelease. I think Prerelease is one of the best ways to enjoy Magic the Gathering, but if you struggle with your deck, your evening might be ruined. So let’s get started with some of the tips and tricks that can and will make your Ixalan Prerelease maybe a bit more enjoyable!



Ixalan here we go!


The set of Ixalan contains four tribrs which are Dinosaurs, Pirates, Merfolk and Vampires! The set also includes Vehicles, Double-faced cards and Artifacts treasure cards. Ixalan is a mysterious place and everyone wants find the lost city of Gold. Here we go! Like I said, prerelease as an event is awesome and I strongly suggest that newer players would make their priority to go to prerealese whenever they can. The atmosphere is casual and you can enjoy magic at it’s purest form: sealed deck. I usually have fun at prereleases, but sometimes I mess up with my deck and then I am going to have a bad time.


So you will get your prerelease pack: d20, Foil Promo rare card and six boosters. You will not need anything else, but I would strongly recommend water, healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, muesli bars and of course, sleeves. Another great way to prepare is to bring your own lands, 15 each will be enough. The events lasts roughly about 4-5 hours, edepending the size of the event, so be prepared, maybe bring headphones for music between rounds, or just bring your trade binder or another deck to play. I personally try to eat, drink and zone out between rounds to keep my mind fresh and focus sharp during the matches that count! I try to have fun but I also try to win! That is why I usually build kind of an aggro deck, which is the safest way to go in limited and in this case with new cards. But there are fun builds like Tribal what you might want to experience. And don’t forget that you can alter your cards in your deck between rounds!


Just for a reminder some good archetypes in sealed are UW skies with come counterspells and fliers. BG is a staple, like we saw in Amokhet. The -1/-1 theme was a success. RG and RW aggro is kind of basic and you will usually have good curve of creatures with a few burn/removal and combat trcik spells in your hand. I would usually advice to go with two color decks but sometimes you need to splash third an awesome Bomb or just to fill our the curve with creatures.



Building your deck


Building your deck is in my mind the best part! There are few basic rules that can be used as a guideline during your sealed deck building. The succesful decks have always 40 cards exact! Don’t go for 41, just make the hard cuts for 40 cards you will be good to go. I would say cut a vanilla card before cutting land. I would say you should run 17-18 lands depending on your deck type and curve. I, as an aggro player, run usually 17, but control or ramp builds might want to have 18 lands (also 3-color decks). Try to include 15-18 playable creatures that support your gameplan and complete your decks with 5-8 noncreature spells! And the most important trhing that I always forget to think: What is your win condition? If you can’t answer, you probably will struggle. Try to build your deck around the win cons. For instance for an aggro deck your win con might be: Flood the board with strong early game creatures to get the tempo going. Have 1-2 removal/burn in hand to finish the game off. I would say that even aggro build need good 4-5 mana drops, like fliers that finish the game is resolved.


Ixalan creatures base around tribal synergies, so many cards will become better with one of another. So having a tribal card that gives your other tribal cards bonuses is a great start! Creatures you have should be from 2-6 mana. If you have good 1 drop to include, go for it, but usually 1 drops are combat tricks. Removal is your friend! I would say that any deck type can’t really have too much removal. Evasion abilities like flying, menace and trample are golden.




The Curve


You need to have a good curve. The default curve creature wise is in default: 1 CMC 0-2. If you have good greatures go for, but mainly use the 1 drop slot for removal, combat tricks. Great way to trigger the Enrage ability is to Dual Shot one of your creatures for 1 and use the another 1 point of damage to removal. 2 CMC, 4-6 creatures. You should always have some creature to play on turn 2, that’s my rule. 3 CMC 3-5 Creatures. I would maybe invest more in to the 3 drops, because in late game they are usually better than 2 drops. But depending on your deck, you can mix and match the amounts. 4 CMC 2-4. Look for good creatures or big Vanilla ones there. 5 CM 1-3 Same goes for here. usually Bombs are expensive so try to save 1-2 slots for your high cost Bombs. 6-8 CMC, getting kinda risky. You might en up sitting with a dead card in hand that you will not play in the whole tournament. But 6 is in my mind the Maximum cost in Sealed deck, excluding Control and Ramp decks. 0-2 Creatures.





Final thoughts


Just have fun. Try to build decent deck, then just play and enjoy. If you struggle with your pool and deck building, just ask someone who is ready early to help you. People are laid back and usually if asked nicely, will help you out. Experienced players see fast which cards are playable and which are not. Try to make the decisions yourself but with couple of last cuts, you can ask for help. And don’t be afraid to try something crazy! In HOU Prerelease one guy went 5-0 with 5 Color sealed deck. Everything is possible. So try new stuff, break the “rules”, whatever you want, just go and enjoy the greatest game on earth Magic: The Gathering


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