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Hello Everyone! Today I will be talking about some of the cards that will be coming out with the Core set Magic 19 soon. There are tons of spoilers coming soon and I believe some guys on our site will go over every card in the set at least for limited. I just want to mention some of the cards I like. I have been getting slowly back into Magic and has been enjoying it a lot. I still love Ad nauseam and I hope that the deck would get some of the more powerful cards in the near future.



I really like the reprint for Shock, Llanowar elves and Murder. I really like these cards because I see them being fair and playable. Guttersnipe in my opinion will be a good card for limited environment but red decks will like this card also. Connect this card with Shock and Lightning Strike, you have yourself a Limited burn deck, which in my opinion will win you games!  Diregraf Ghoul gives Zombie players something and yes I see this being played in a other style of deck. 1 mana 2/2 is nothing to be laughed about and there might be some kind of black aggro deck in the making for standard? I don’t know, I am not specialist in standard haha!



For Standard and Limited Control decks there might be something in Patient Rebuilding. It can act as a win-con if you are purely just a control deck. Surely it gives you a good card advantage but maybe it is too slow and not enough powerful? I still like it. Vivien’s Invocation looks funky. 7 mana. Ok, no thanks. Well, not so fast because think about the card. It gives you Dig Through Time effect, put a Huge creature on the battlefield and you also get the fight effect. I start to like this card already. Then again I love green Tron decks so I am biased for big mana creatures. This is for ramp decks only basicly because we don’t want to put any other than 7 mana creature or costlier.



For Standard Demo  of Catasprohes is a Bomb. Black has nice creatures to be sacrificed. GB can use this also. Think about having this turn 3 with the help of Llanowar Elves that gets the reprint, not bad.. Now this is a kinda tongue-in-a-cheek card but I love it! Gigantosaurus!  I love these huge creatures because I love to play them. Usually it makes the players smile and laugh, yes it can be killed easily but it is fun to play and maybe it will see play in Dino decks. This card is stupid in some ramp/stompy decks if you are in Mono green. I might even make me a fun Mono G deck.



For modern Nexus of Fate is a good card for Taking Turns deck. Not gonna get into it deeper than that. I know the pain to play against that deck and I don’t want them to have more weapons!! Fountain of Renewal is a card I really like. Now this only concerns Limited in my eyes because in Limited there are often stale situations and I see this being a good card to have. Costing only a mana, I think it is good to have in your deck if you are not commited being a super fast aggro deck. There is also the card draw effect and you might get the sac effect, you might need.



Now I love Vivien Reid because her ultima is awesome. Indestructible in green, yes please! I am not a huge fan of Planeswalkers in general but I do like this one, the art is beautiful and I can see myself even playing this card if I would build a janky Mono green deck. I think the -3 ability is too costly but it is really useful in Standard.  +1 and ultima are very very good for filtering and useful. Green is getting a lot of stuff! Elvish Rejuvenator has a huge ETB trigger. I love Valakut decks and this is almost the same as Sakura-Tribe Elder so I am a fan. I could see him hitting the land almost everytime.



This is just my opinion, if you agree or disagree, please comment and feel free to explain your views. I usually think core sets are really fun and I enjoy them. I kinda missed dominaria and Ixalan due to my personal schedules. I think M19 Prerelease will be super fun. Until next time!


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