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Hello everyone! Today I was drinking my second cup of coffee and thinking: “what should I write about”. Then I saw an interesting list of Mono U Living End. “Oh, this might be interesting”, I thought. So I dug a little deeper and found out via Twitch that Mono U Living End is a new, hot deck in Modern. Not ready to say a deck to beat but in a metagame that is constantly changing, this deck might be a powerhouse. Let’s see!



The Hotstuff (list)

The list I am giving you is 5-0 list in MTGO Competitive League:

14 x Island
4 x Field of Ruin
2 x Tolaria West

4 x Ancestral Vision
4 x Living End
4 x Serum Visions
4 x Cryptic Command
2 x Mana Leak
4 x Remand
4 x As Foretold

2 x Architects of Will
4 x Curator of Mysteries
4 x Street Wraith
4 x Striped Riverwinder

2 x Ceremonious Rejection
3 x Dismember
2 x Hurkyl’s Recall
4 x Leyline of the Void
1 x Negate
1 x Ratchet Bomb
1 x Sorcerous Spyglass
1 x Dispel





So our  deck focuses on card called As Foretold to be able to awesome things constantly in the early game. As Foretold is a 3-mana enchantment that hasn’t got any immediate board impact. But as the game progresses and we put a time counter on it each upkeep, we are building a significant mana advantage. Value of the card keeps rising because we have access to a bunch if instants as we can use As Foretold on both player’s turns. Our 3-mana enchantment that did not have immediate impact suddenly turns into a way to cast some of the strongest spells in Magic, as we are in Blue!


The namesake card Living End will wipe the board of our opponent while we fill our with whatever is in our graveyard at the time. The strategy involves a deck filled with cycling cards and spells with cascade. We are not going to play any cards in our deck that cost less than 3 mana or we risk cascading into those cards. That is a big no no!. As we play As Foretold we get to play a lot of cheap cards in our deck to set up the enchantment. Ancestral Vision gives us ability to draw 3 cards after a tunr-1 suspend or we can just cast the spell free off As Foretold. This enables us to get ahead in card advantage in the middle stages without creating any dead draws for us later in the game.


As we are in Mono U, we are not deep in the choices of cycling cards. But thanks to Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation we have some good options here. We play all-star cycling card Street Wraith as it has literally free cycling cost. Curator of Mysteries and Striped Riverwinder are both single blue cycling cost cards and when they enter the board, they are hard hitters. We have access to 14 different cycling creatures that cost 1 or less in mana to cycle enables us to play fewer lands. But still we can find the key cards consistently. Mono U gives access to Serum Visions for a chance to combo off early.


Remand is at its best in a deck that wants to buy time to do something big. Sending a spell back to it’s owner’s hand while getting a card draw out of it is excellent in our deck and in its strategy. Once we are set up and we want to resolve our Living End, we have Remand to back us up. After Living End going off, Remand can potentially stop removal or a sweeper spell for a turn which is just plain fantastic for us. Playset of Remand will go a long way in winning the game and surviving long enough to be able to. We have some Mana Leak to give us more ways to interact.


Set of Cryptic Commands is available for us thanks to the nature of Mono U. Tapping your opponent’s team is a nice way to survive another turn to set up or force through our swarm of creatures after the Living End. A hard counter or the way to bounce is problematic for permanents like Leyline of the Void and Ensnaring Bridge gives our deck far more game against decks and cards in Modern. If you want, you can look up some other versions of Mono Blue Living End. You should expect to run into it in the near future both online and in paper!



Food for Thought

You might want to think about adding a couple of black mana sources just in case, maybe River of Tears? There is also a possibility of adding UR lands to be able to play a set off Blood Moon in the deck that excites me a lot? What do you think? I think we will see a lot of tuning to this deck in the upcoming weeks and months. Let’s see how it shapes up and fairs against the big time decks in Modern!

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