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What’s up guys? First off, I am sorry that I have been away for about two and a half months. I moved back to Finland from France and at the same time I had a dip in my motivation towards Magic: the Gathering and also writing about it. I had a lot of things to get done when I came back to Finland and really did not even find time to play, other than a few MTGO games. But now I am back in the roster, trying to ease myself back into to the game, so to speak. I do also apologize if my first articles show the rust that I have haha! I need to shake that away from me.



What are we talking about then?


So the first thing I did was go and check out the finnish MTG forum. It is mainly used as card selling/trading forum, but there occasionally are some funny and interesting deck ideas. So I saw quite a recent post by user Yms and his deck seemed really fun. I will link the original thread here, it is in finnish. But I will try to open up the ideas and the cards of the as the best of my abilities. I will surely do play testing with the deck in the future days.

The link:



4x Simian Spirit Guide

4x Ensnaring Bridge

3x Chalice of the Void

4x Seismic Assault

4x Lightning Bolt

2x Abrupt Decay

4x Chandra, Torch of Defiance

3x Life from the Loam

3x Faitless Looting

3x Tormenting Voice


4x Arid Mesa

1x Dakmor Salvage

3x Stomping Ground

4x Wooded Foothills

6x Mountain

1x Forest

1x Ghost Quarter

2x Blood Crypt

3x Sheltered Thicket 



2x Grafdigger’s Cage

2x Dragon Claw

1x Sorcerous Spyglass

3x Molten Vortex

3x Destructive Revelry

1x Abrupt Decay

3x Crumble to Dust 



About the cards


Simian Spirit Guide is the only creature in our deck. He rarely gets hit in to the board. We want to use him for accelerating and turn 1 Chalice of the Void is a crushing blow. We might also want to think if we would like to run Blood Moon as a prime target for accelerating to.

Life from the Loam and Seismic Assault combo is a great way to destroy our opponents creatures. The setup of the this combo is very slow, so we need something to slow the game down and keep our opponent from turning his cards sideways. We have ways to keep our hand nice and clean with filter cards and Seismic Assault, but we also want to run Ensnaring Bridge to slow our enemy down dramatically

Like I already mentioned that Life from the Loam with Seismic Assault cleans the board and puts a fast clock on our opponent. As we build our combo, there is only a small chance for our opponent to survive more than three turns. Loam is also really easy target to dump with our filter cards as we can dredge it back into our hand when we need it.

Lightning Bolt is in the deck because in Modern our opponents might have fast threats or mana dorks that we want to eliminate fast with a bolt. When we are on the draw, that is especially when we like to see Lightning Bolt early. We prefer Chalice of the Void on turn 1 but sometimes wisdom is to keep everything open for bolt in the early turns.

Abrupt Decay is a very versatile tool in Modern. In the mainboard games we like to destroy stuff against our Seismic Assault such as: Detention Sphere, Meddling Mage and tricky threats in the form of: Tharmogoyf, Oblivion Stone, different Lantern stuff. Can be used also as a removal in general.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance brings us the card advantage that helps us to win through Leyline of Sanctity and make the clock faster. Dominaria makes the card a bit weaker but I think we always want to play her as we have the chance. Allstar of the deck.

Our deck needs cantrips to find the right stuff and as we are in red we have a lot of filtering available. The deck plays three copies of Faithless Looting and Tormenting Voice. These are prime targets for counterspells, but hey, that is MTG.

I won’t delve into our landbase too much. Maindeck Ghost Quarter is our answer against Tron and with Loam we can use it over and over again. Dakmor Salvage acts as a plan B if our opponent uses Surgical Extraction to our Life from the Loam.



Some thoughts about the sideboard


Grafdigger’s Cage does not really affect us but it wrecks Snapcaster Mage and Collected Company effects. We might need to consider Nihil Spellbomb also as a alternative for the cage.

Dragon’s Claw is a smart answer against Burn decks. Red deck wins is such a difficult match up so we need something against it. We might need two copies?

Sorcerous Spyglass is a general counter for planeswalkers and maybe even for some fetches, Scavenging Ooze, Lantern effects. Peeking effect and the manacost makes us play only one. We might think do we want to switch the ratio.

Molten Vortex is here for more Assault effects. It is faster and easier to play against counters. As we play a lot more Enchanctements, we can play around the hate cards easier. Keep in mind, in some cases we don’t want too many Vortexes as usually fast Bridge or Assault is better.

Destructive Revelry is the best alternative for our colors as we need hate for enchantements and artifacts. We want to destroys Leylines but in Modern there are many more targets.

Abrupt Decay… Sometimes we just want to run more of these.

Crumble to Dust is for Tron matches because it is difficult for us in the game 1. If the meta is Tron heavy, we might need the set.



Future upgrades?


Blood Moon can win us the games but it can also hinder us in a bad way so we are not running them. Dampening Sphere from Dominaria might find it’s way into the deck. It is a nut draw against Storm and acts a s a help against Tron decks.

We do not want Goblin Lore. Yes it is a nice red cantrip but the card discard is straight from Hell for us and our plan. Field of Ruin feels too heavy for us when we need it. Not good enough against Tron we we need it the most.



Feels good to be back. I hope you enjoy this exotic deck idea and I am glad to hear any comments you have. Until next time folks!

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