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What’s up Guys? Phew, I have started my new job and it is really tough. My schedule has been kind of hectic for the last six months so this very near and dear topic for me also: how to get back. I feel that Magic is such a tough game to learn, play and master that it takes years of playing and thinking. But as always practice makes perfect and I did see awesome progress in my game when I played about 500 games a month online when I was abroad. But now my pace has diminished and I have not played regularly. So what can we do?


See the facts

Getting back will be fun if you really want to play, but it is going to be tough. I do believe that every player is at least a bit rusty after a break. I realized that I did not evaluate the situations as well, did not see the lines and played slower (even slower than I used to lol). A big problem, for me atleast, was and is the lack of familiarity of the new cards. I really missed the Ixalan and Dominaria block and now I try to get to used to those cards a bit. I really don’t play Standard but still I would like to know what I could play on my Modern decks or even Pauper!

I would advice: turn back your “ego” for a bit. It is really funny fact that Magic players on general are not really alpha type people but the game makes the players show their emotions, frustrations and ego. Good thing there is that if you have achieved a certain level of play earlier, you can get back and with practice get better. Learning new skills is always a lot tougher process than re-learning old skills. So just keep positive attitude and enjoy the ride back!



Make things easier for yourself

Find new habits that make Magic easier and more enjoyable for yourself. Keep your card collection in order so deckbuilding will not be a chore but a relaxing thing. I would not stress about new cards or decks. You can always proxy them out and have fun testing and playing them. You won’t lose any money on the process and you will see if the new cards do anything for your deck or are the new decks even your cup of tee.

A break might even do good to a player. If you feel easily frustrated and burnt out, a small break might be a wise thing to consider. Even a week of Magic, not playing, reading or thinking about, will usually do the trick, at least did for me. Now I do find myself thinking about Magic daily but I just can’t find the time to play and really get back on tracks.



Find a new group

Finding a new playgroup might be a thing to do for you. Are you tired of the same guys that play the same decks every time?! If you live in an area where there are lot of players, just go and find some new people to play with! Or even better, try different game types. If you only play Modern, try Standard or Cube! Or proxy Legacy and Vintage decks with your friends. Try Limited if you got money for it, arrange a draft party night with your friends and just have fun. A nice way is to get some money back from the draft parties is to agree with everyone that all the value cards will be sold to cover some of the costs! Other good idea might be to do a block cube, so you can draft that as much as you want. If you got a nice group of friends that can contribute to the cube cost, this can be a hidden treasure in enjoying the game and getting better.



Have a goal

I am  a major advocate of always doing things to get to a set goal. Is it simply just to have fun playing Magic or winning a FNM. Better players can set a goal to cash a GP near them or win a PPTQ or even a RPQ tournament. I just think that goals make everything better and things feel attainable. You can dream big and you should but I think smaller realistic goals that can be achieved in a shorter time frame are better. Tie five smaller goals together, you might find yourself really close to your dream…


Hope you guys enjoys this kind of an article. Magic is all mental so we need to be aware of the things that hurt us and the things that make us progress as players and persons. Until next time.


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Mythical Regards

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