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Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well and ready for another episode of Mythical Magic! Today I am going to give some thoughts about the Grand Prix that took place in Indianapolis. This was last weekend of Hour of Devastation Limited. I think players got to know the format better as the days went by and a lot of practice and preparation went on. Andrew Cuneo won GP Indy, trampling his way in to the Top 8 before locking himself the title of GP Champion! Andrew Cuneo is a legit pro, with two Pro Tour top 8s and nearly 300 Pro Points earned. I am sure that everyone can agree, that Andrew was in total control of the format and his intense testing led him to success this time!


Day 1 and 2


So Day 1 was the last day of Hour of Devastation sealed Grand Prix. Players had nine rounds time to farewell the liked format, which may have exceeded our dreams as limited environment? Andrew Cuneo, Mark Ruby, Andrew Funkhouser, Aaron Lewis and Scott Lipp lead the troops with 9-0 record heading into day 2. Someone was going to lose and someone was going to be triumphant!



As Day 2 rolled in, only the best men were able to continue. Through the weekend 1169 players participated in the event. Andrew Cuneo earned his win against Kyle Boggemes, who had been slaying giants until that point in the room. This win secured Cuneo’s top 8, which is his third straight Limited Top 8! Congratulations! If pros are to be believed, Hour of Devastation will go down as one of the best Limited formats in years! I am sad to say, that we will say goodbye to this awesome Egyptian themed set, which had it all: pyramids, mummies and sphinxes! But wait! A-hoy, we are arriving to Ixalan, land of pirates, dinosaurs and whatever else will be lurking around! Merfolk will feature as a tribe  in Ixalan, hopefully Modern Merfolk gets a playable blue card! Kopala, Warden of Waves might be one, but can we get a playable common or uncommon? We will have to wait and see.



The Top 8

Kyle Boggemes played Black-Green sealed deck with splash of red. His record after day 1 was 7-2. So this deck archtype seems pretty good, I have seen it and played it a lot in this sealed format. In my opinion, Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons was one of his best cards. He drafted RG aggro and mono-red which was pretty straight forward in this draft format, mono-red aggro is back! I want to also congratulate him for his first Limited Premier event Top 8!

Andrew Cuneo, the champ! His previous Magic the Gathering accomplishments? 2-5 drop at PT Hour of devastation. Now, a GP champ, wow! He played BR sealed deck with bomb of a card The Scorpion God. In my mind, The Scorpion God is top 5 card in this set in limited environment. He played WB and RW draft decks with Shatterstorm being absolute wreaker of a card destroying countless artifacts like Manalith, Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs and God-Pharaoh’s Gift with the card! Talk about game changer huh! Love his quote on making the Top 8: ”It means all the practice drafts paid off”

Richard Richey from Kansas spiked in this event with his 4c sealed deck (8-1). He had a nice 3-0 draft with BR but collapsed to 1-0-2 with BG. He liked Inferno Jet, because it helped him away from tough positions. Kris McCord is a new face in the Competitive scene, but made a nice day 1 with his GW sealed deck (7-2). Fun fact, he had some nice Cat tribal going on in his sealed deck! He drafted twice WB and went twice 3-0 and said he likes Counterspells in general. Well, I can see that!



Andrew Funkhouser was one of the 9-0 guys abd was rocking the Broncos shirt! points for that man! His fun strategy in sealed was to play three Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs, a card I have overlooked until this GP. I am too late to see it blossom in my eyes, but it is good lesson for me to evaluate some of the future cards more wisely! He had average draft results with 2-1 and 1-0-2. Eli Kassis, a longtime PTQ grinder went 8-1 with his WB sealed deck.

Steve Rubin is a seasoned Pro in the ripe age of 25. His RG deck in sealed got him to 8-1 record and day 2 he drafted BR spells deck with 3-0 record and GB tempo deck for disappointing 1-0-2. He loved to use Drake Haven in his draft decks with cycling. Michael Peretz made 7-2 record day 1 with GWR deck. Thinks God-Paharaoh’s Gift was his best card, turning games around fast. Drafted flawlessly with double 3-0 with… well well, not so surprising BG decks.


Final thoughts


While we are waving good by to the plane of Amokhet, I feel very excited for Ixalan! The limited environment was awesome and indeed Red aggro is back! Of course some might argue that in sealed/limited aggro is always kinda good, but I think red cards of Hours of Devastation meant that aggro was better than in years, right? I have to admire the message Andrew Cuneo is sending: hard work pays of. I will leave it to that.


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