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Hi everyone! Today I switch the subject a bit from the Standard side of Magic to one of my favourite formats and decktypes, Mono Green Pauper Tron. Don’t you just love to play with Tron lands but with a cost of only about 30 tix online (sideboard is about 10 tix, but there a budget alternatives) and a bit more on paper! I do! Okay, so Pauper is mainly a MTGO format but if you are lucky enough to play paper Pauper, go for it. I recommend this deck, it is one of my favourites.


Tron? The movie…?


The decks core is the three Tron lands: Urza’s Tower, Urza’s Mine and Urza’s Power Plant. We will try to assemble these three lands (Tron) as fast as possible, hopefully on turn 3! Now, you might think why three lands on turn three is our main objective? Well, these three lands together tap for 7 colorless mana if one of each is on the battlefield! So after we have our Tron online, we will be dropping big creatures and crush our opponent with them! We are not playing Emrakul or Ulamog, because this is Pauper man, so we will be playing big Ulamog’s Crusher! This creature is 8/8 for 8 generic mana and it has annihilator 2, which makes the opponent to sacrifice two permanents every time Ulamog’s Crusher attacks. The cards is not overpowered, it doesn’t have trample, darn it… But then again, it doesn’t make your opponent scoop right away when it resolves.




Our other creatures are Fangren Marauder for 5 generic and a green mana. Now this stat line might sounds mediocre so there is a twist. Everytime an artifact hits the graveyard, we may gain 5 life. Yes, you heard it, 5 life. Especially when we have a lot of cheap artifacts that we sacrifice to filter our mana, we are looking for easily 10-15 life gained fast! And, when affinity is a thing in Pauper, we nicely race against Atog and Fling. Aurochs Herd will fetch you another copy if you want, when it comes into play, so we always have creatures to cast with our big pool of mana! We also run Fierce Empath, who tutors us any creatures we want or need. I usually side him out after game 1 but that’s just me!


We run a bunch of Artifacts that let us filter our colorless mana and also draw cards, to accelerate our main plan of assembling the three Tron lands. Expedition Map let’s us tutor for a land we want, Chromatic Star and Chromatic Sphere can be sacrificed and let’s us filter a mana to our color of need and we get a card draw out of it. Prophetic Prism costs 2 generic mana but doesn’t need to be sacrificed for mana filtering and when it enters the battfield, we get to draw a card. We also run Ancient Stirrings to find colorless card we need, in this case Ulamog’s Crusher or a Tron land.



Now the most complex card there is in the deck is Crop Rotation. It might seem like just a sort of a fetchland thing, BUT there is a looot more to it! Now, we are running 3 Forest, 1 Haunted Fengraf, 2 Khalni Garden, 1 Sejiri Steppe and 1 Bojuka Bog to name some of our lands. We can use Crop Rotation on instant speed and the land we choose to fetch will enter the battlefield untapped! So we can use the abilities of enter the battlefield to use a s a combat trick. That is why you might want to run also a copy of Looming Spires or any other land with enter the battlefield effect. We can also just Crop Rotation to fetch a Tron land if we are in need of the missing piece of our big mana puzzle! Bojuka Bog empties a graveyourd of our choice which is relevant against flicker decks and flashback cards. Haunted Fengraf gets us a creature back from the graveyard if we need one. Now some lists play Slippery Karst for cycling, but I am not a fan of it. If you want to run it I would cut 1 Looming Spires away for the Karst and maybe one Forest, but this is up to you and your preferences and needs in your meta.


Sideboard of our deck


Sideboard is bit costly in Pauper’s standards because of 4 copies of Moment’s Peace. We need it, because our deck is a bit on the slow side, so we need some protection and damage preventions against like a deck of Goblins, which is extremely fast in Pauper or Elves! Flashback is awesome, because as you might know, we are not short of mana. Tangle kind of does the same trick, but each attacking creature doesn’t untap during next untap step, which buys us more time to gather Tron pieces and cast our big creatures. Apostle’s Blessing is familiar from Modern and it gives target artifact of creature protection from artifacts or the color of our choice until the end of turn. So if the opponent’s battlefield is filled with creatures of only one color, they cant block our creature from swinging in for possible lethal damage. Reap and Sow and Tilling Treefolk are for tutoring lands from graveyard or from library.


Now, usually we are in trouble against Mono-Black Control and we need Khalni Garden for then Plant token to sacrifice. If you want, you can run 4 Tangle in the Sideboard and instead of Moment’s Peace, run 2 Cartouche of Solidarity for 1/1 Token and you also get first strike for your Creature. Now this is an option and a budget one, but as we know, sideboard is always highly tweakable.



The Deck


Creatures (15)

4 Aurochs Herd

4 Fangren Marauder

3 Fierce Empath

4 Ulamog’s Crusher


Spells (8)

4 Ancient Stirrings

4 Crop Rotation


Artifacts (16)

4 Chromatic Sphere

4 Chromatic Star

4 Expedition Map

4 Prophetic Prism


Lands (21)

3 Forest

1 Haunted Fengraf

2 Khalni Garden

1 Sejiri Steppe

1 Bojuka Bog

1 Looming Spires

4 Urza’s Mine

4 Urza’s Power Plant

4 Urza’s Tower


Sideboard (15)

3 Apostle’s Blessing

4 Moment’s Peace

3 Reap and Sow

2 Tangle

3 Tilling Treefolk





Do you want a fun deck that can win? I think this deck is for you. There are different kinds of Tron decks, but I think Mono Green is cheap and fun to play. I like that the deck forces you to make decisions all the time. It goes way deeper than just slamming Ulamog’s Crusher for the win, no that is not the only win-condition. We need to manage our resources wisely and find the lines of play that wins us the games. Sideboarding is very critical against especially fast decks. You might fall in love in Tron and now you have half of the Modern deck of Tron which is powerful but costly. Don’t like it? Well you lose only a little money and you can sell Tron lands and the Artifacts and Ancient Stirrings quite easily to make almost the decks cost back! Anyway, give the deck a try and if you have any questions or comments, contact me:


Mythical Regards

Roope Keskitalo


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