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Hello everyone! Today’s topic for us is to take a look for Modern at this moment, and decks to play. So, let’s get to it right away! Ixalan set has had impact on Modern with reprint of Opt. There are also other various cards that have seen play, for instance: Unexplored Territory. So I want to think about decks that have different and surprising strategies. Some of the “dead” decks have been resurrected from the grave, so let’s see what has lead to these decks comebacks! Bogles has seen more play in this metagame. I made an article recently about Bogles, so I will leave it out today. If you are interested, make sure you check my Bogles article out! Great deck!



Humans, a race that I really did not consider being a great tribe in MTG. At this moment Storm is a dangerous deck to play against in Modern. I think players now have searched for strategies to disrupt Storm while applying pressure of their own. This has led to revival of “dead” decks.


Creatures (37)

4x Champion of the Parish
4x Kitesail Freebooter
4x Mantis Rider
4x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Meddling Mage
4x Noble Hierarch
3x Reflector Mage
4x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
2x Thalia, Heretic Cathar
4x Thalia’s Lieutenant


Spell (4)

4x Aether Vial


Lands (19)

4x Ancient Ziggurat
1x Arid Mesa
4x Cavern of Souls
1x Hallowed Fountain
2x Horizon Canopy
1x Marsh Flats
1x Plains
1x Temple Garden
4x Unclaimed Territory



1x Anafenza, the Foremost
1x Dark Confidant
1x Dismember
2x Fiend Hunter
1x Grafdigger’s Cage
2x Izzet Staticaster
1x Mirran Crusader
1x Reflector Mage
1x Riders of Gavony
2x Vithian Renegades
2x Xathrid Necromancer



Infect, one of my favourite decks (!) was at one point one of the best decks in Modern metagame. After metagame changes against it with banning of Gitaxian Probe was too much for the deck to remain really competitive. At this stage of metagame Infect will be competitive again. Infect is capable to giving your opponent one of the fastest clocks in Modern format and can constantly win a race against Storm and there is also some countermagic to back this race up. Because Infect is so good at racing the opponent, it plays very very well against creature based decks on light removal, like the Humans deck I mentioned. Infect has had nice finishes in paper and online with Top 8 in the SCG Modern Open and also making Pro Tour with Jacob Wilson in online RPTQ!


Creatures (14)

4x Blighted Agent
4x Glistener Elf
2x Ichorclaw Myr
4x Noble Hierarch


Spells (25)

1x Apostle’s Blessing
3x Become Immense
4x Blossoming Defense
1x Echoing Truth
4x Groundswell
4x Might of Old Krosa
4x Mutagenic Growth
4x Vines of Vastwood


Lands (21)

2x Breeding Pool
1x Dryad Arbor
3x Forest
4x Inkmoth Nexus
1x Misty Rainforest
2x Pendelhaven
4x Windswept Heath
4x Wooded Foothills



1x Dispel

1x Dissenter’s Deliverance
1x Echoing Truth
1x Nature’s Claim
1x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
3x Shapers’ Sanctuary
4x Spell Pierce
2x Twisted Image
1x Viridian Corrupter



Well, like I said, Storm is a huge factor in Modern at the moment. It is the most powerful combo strategy in the format. Baral, Chief of Compliance was a major addition to the Storm deck and was responsible for the new version on the deck that utilizes Gifts Ungiven to search for Past in Flames and rituals. After Aether Revolt Storm has been blooming but with reprinting of Opt, the deck has been taken to another level, lookout! The success of Storm has forced slower and uninterarctive decks like Tron, RG Valakut to be seen less play.


Creatures (7)

4x Baral, Chief of Compliance

3x Goblin Electromancer


Spells (36)

4x Desperate Ritual
4x Gifts Ungiven
3x Grapeshot
4x Manamorphose
1x Noxious Revival
3x Opt
2x Past in Flames
4x Pyretic Ritual
3x Remand
4x Serum Visions
4x Sleight of Hand


Lands (17)

2x Island
1x Mountain
4x Shivan Reef
2x Snow-Covered Island
4x Spirebluff Canal
4x Steam Vents



1x Dismember
2x Empty the Warrens
2x Gigadrowse
3x Lightning Bolt
4x Pieces of the Puzzle
2x Shattering Spree
1x Wipe Away



Black horse of the “race”: Dredge… This is the list of Zen Takahashi that got him to PT Rivals of Ixalan via Magic Online RPTQ.


Creatures (24)

4x Bloodghast
3x Golgari Thug
1x Haunted Dead
4x Insolent Neonate
4x Narcomoeba
4x Prized Amalgam
4x Stinkweed Imp


Spells (15)

4x Cathartic Reunion
3x Conflagrate
1x Darkblast
4x Faithless Looting
3x Life from the Loam


Lands (21)


2x Abrupt Decay
2x Ancient Grudge
3x Collective Brutality
1x Darkblast
2x Lightning Axe
2x Ravenous Trap
3x Thoughtseize




Okay, that’s it guys. There would have been more decks to talk about like: Mardu, Jeskai, Lantern Control, B/R Hollow One, R/G Vengevine, Blue Moon. But I chose the decks I like and see being great and resurrected! Maybe another time, we will dive in to the other decks!

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