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The time has come we’ve all been waiting for and I couldn’t be more excited for the first ever Mythic Championship this weekend ushering in a new era of competitive Magic. After a few weeks of missing coverage from Magic Fests I can’t wait to take in every match and segment featured at this momentous event. This Standard format has been very interesting to follow and today I wanted to go over 5 cards I expect to make an impact this weekend in the Constructed rounds of Mythic Championship Cleveland.

Biogenic Ooze

Ever since Wilderness Reclamation was printed the world has just been waiting for it to break out in the perfect shell and destroy the Standard format. Luckily that hasn’t quite happened though Simic Nexus is a deck that has truly started to refine the combo and put up some decent results. Corey Baumeister has spoken very highly of the deck and I believe will be the strategy he will be bringing to the MC this weekend and I imagine there were will be others hoping to give this deck a spin one last time before a potential banning in best-of-three play after the recent banning in Arena Standard. One card that has given this deck an extra dimension and could make a big impact on the success of Simic Nexus this weekend is the inclusion of Biogenic Ooze. If unanswered Ooze can run away with the game and with the ability to make huge amounts of mana using Wilderness Reclamation all those extra Ooze tokens can really get out of hand.

Cry of the Carnarium

Back at the beginning of the season the exile effect from Cry was not all that important and the added utility of Golden Demise gave Sultai decks the ability to sometimes have a Plague Wind. Yet with the addition of Tithe Taker into the meta and aggressive white decks picking up steam again I would make sure I have some number of Cry of the Carnarium in my Sultai sideboards this weekend. Exiling both Hunted Witness and Tithe Taker while also having some play against the Mono Blue decks makes Cry a must have this weekend.

Kraul Harpooner

This Standard format is full of fliers and many of them are the most powerful cards in the game. You have the giant drakes from the Izzet decks, Hydroid Krasis being jammed into everything, and the Mono Blue deck full of little fliers beating you down. I imagine most green decks will be packing some number of Kraul Harpooners this weekend with some many good targets and the ability to slow down Mono Blue on the play with a turn 2 Harpooner can make a big difference. Decks without a lot of creatures may not bring this in against some of the bigger fliers in the format but if Mono Blue is in big numbers this weekend then the Harpooner will be there to slow them down.


When first previewed this card was somewhat underwhelming and seemed like it may have more of a home in Modern than in Standard. Yet with the prevalence of Nexus of Fate decks in the format Cindervines can be a great check against decks who just want to take all the turns. Recently we have seen Mono Red decks start to splash some green in order to play Cindervines in the sideboard and a lot of Gruul aggro strategies have been gaining some popularity and I think are well positioned against some of these lower to the ground aggressive decks. If these red decks hope to do well at the tournament then Cindervines will be an important card for them to be able to get past the bad match up against Nexus of Fate decks.

Rekindling Phoenix

While speaking of red decks this is the card I think could have the biggest impact on the weekend. Rekindling Phoenix has been pushed to the side for most of the season and for a good reason. If Mono Blue is in big numbers this weekend then Phoenix is poised to take over the tournament. This card is a nightmare for these decks as long as it can resolve. Sultai and even to a lesser extent Esper midrange will also be in big numbers and Phoenix is very difficult for them to deal with in game one and even after sideboarding things only get a little better. Esper can use Thought Erasure to strip the Phoenix early but again once resolved is very difficult to deal with. Recently different red strategies have finally been putting up some results whether it was Jody Keith’s Rakdos midrange deck or Brian Kibler putting on a show with his Gruul Aggro deck in Twitch Rivals these decks all have one thing in common which is 4x Rekindling Phoenix.

After a couple weeks of the coverage drought I am ecstatic to watch some of the highest level of play this weekend in a format that has been extremely thrilling and interesting. I’ll be curious to see if there was something hiding underneath the surface this whole time and somehow was kept secret through all the Twitch streams. Did someone find the perfect Gates deck for the tournament or finally find the best Hero of Precinct One shell and going to crush with it. We will have to wait and see! Thanks for reading everyone and hope you have a Mythic weekend!

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