Monday Brews – Turbo Mill

Hi there, my name is Daniel, and I’m here to help you beat the Monday blues by bringing you some Monday Brews!

Core 19 has seen a significant shake up to the Standard format with the reintroduction of Elder Dragons and the introduction of new cards. One of the cards that has me most excited is the card Psychic Corrosion. A nod to a card from Magic Origins, Sphinx’s Tutelage which was a constructed power house with how quickly it could close out games. While Psychic Corrosion does not have the same repeatable clause, the effect is still powerful enough that this can provide a challenge to the current decks in Standard. Attacking the current decks on a different axis will render some of their main deck irrelevant, and making their sideboard worse as they do not know what to expect.

Without further ado, here is the decklist:

UR Turbo Mill - Standard

Main Deck Sideboard
4x Minister of Inquiries

2x Search for Azcanta
4x Psychic Corrosion
2x Fraying Sanity
2x The Mirari Conjecture

4x Censor
3x Blink of an Eye
3x Glimmer of Genius
1x Commit

3x Cathartic Reunion
4x Tormenting Voice
3x Hour of Devastation

1x Crucible of Worlds

5x Island
2x Mountain
2x Field of Ruin
2x Memorial to Genius
4x Ipnu Rivulet
4x Spirebluff Canal
4x Sulfur Falls
1x Scavenger Grounds
1x Desert of the Mindful
3x Baral, Chief of Compliance
3x Negate
1x The Mirari Conjecture
1x Jaya Ballard
3x Abrade
2x Sweltering Suns
2x Chandra, Torch of Defiance

Your game plan is simple. We kill the Batman. What that means is: we remove your opponent’s library by resolving Psychic Corrosion or Fraying Sanity and drawing through your deck. Until you can resolve Psychic Corrosion, your plan is to: stall out through sweeping the board with Hour of Devastation, countering their spells on curve using Censor and also bouncing threats using Blink of an Eye or Commit // Memory. With the use of The Mirari Conjecture and Fraying Sanity, your draw power becomes a lot more explosive which should spell the end for your unsuspecting opponent.

Your sideboard is mostly aimed at the aggressive match-ups; while also diversifying your threats against the control decks when your opponents know your plan A. Since we are a combo deck, there are certain pieces that we can’t board out without diluting the deck. If you’re struggling to decide what to board out, the first considerations should be Crucible of Worlds and Search for Azcanta. Aggressive decks are going to be too quick for The Mirari Conjecture and Commit // Memory so they can be removed, while Hour of Devastation is at its worst against Control Decks, along with Blink of an Eye.


Psychic Corrosion + Fraying Sanity – The win cons of the deck (unless you’re feeling frisky with Minister of Inquiries). Enchantment removal in standard is at an all time low, which gives the relative safety that if this resolves it will stick around for the rest of the game.

The Mirari Conjecture – This card not only refuels your deck, but its third stage is vital in multiple ways. If you are against a deck with counter spells, the copies of spells that it creates are a lot more difficult to counter, and makes it more likely that your intended spell will resolve. It also provides us with the explosive power to combo off; milling upwards of 30 cards in a single turn (which if you also have a Fraying Sanity out is just a one turn kill).

Censor / Blink of an Eye – The flexibility of these spells ensures that they are always a relevant spell at any stage of the game. In the early game, these are your tools for surviving aggressive decks or disrupting an opponents game plan. When Psychic Corrosion comes down, these can be merely cycled away to provide a faster clock or because they are not relevant at that stage of the game anymore.

Ipnu Rivulet + Crucible of Worlds – These allow us to have a repeatable mill source, and ensure that we can cycle our deserts and still hit our land drops. The deck will be looking to use as much mana as possible to combo off so Crucible of Worlds fills an important gap.

Mill as a strategy will naturally prey on the slower decks that exist; as well as those that are naturally not prepared to defeat it. In a field of blue control decks and mid-range decks, it would still be a suitable environment for Mill to thrive on. Even linear creature decks can be OK match ups for yourself – as it can be very difficult for them to recover from a well timed sweeper.

What’s in your head…

The truth with Mill is that there are flavours of it in almost every blue colour combination in standard. You can take it straight UW and have access to better wrath effects or add help with the multi-format hotness that is Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. UG gives you access to fogs to prevent yourself from taking any combat damage and render their creatures ineffective. UB would give you access to some of the best removal in the format with Fatal Push and Vraska’s Contempt, and hand disruption like Duress and Doomfall.

While Fraying Sanity may rotate of standard in the near future, we will soon be returning to the plane of Ravnica! Let’s see what goodies that the guild of Dimir brings to us. We’ve already Glimpsed the Unthinkable, but this could only be the beginning of mill back in standard. I hope that you give it a spin at your next Standard Showdown or FNM and I’ll be back next week with more Standard Brews!


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