Modern Review: Hour of Devastation

Alright so welcome again to my review of Hour of Devastation part two of Amonkhet. For those of you who actively follow our articles I don’t generally write a lot, but when I do its with a funky brew or my modern set review. Mike Likes has been smashing the set review again with his limited reviews and if you haven’t looked them over I encourage you to do just that. So here we are for the Hour of Devastation review historically I have named at least three of five modern playable cards. The goal for this review, just like the last one, is to get better than three of five. Again I will say again I will not be covering reprints already in the Modern meta.


So currently my review of White is a bit of toss up. Sometimes I come up with crazy ideas and think something could truly shake up the format and I see several cards that could possibly shake up the format and introduce new decks. In all honesty I find White being very lack luster this set unless these cards break through.

Hour of Revelation
So this card is not one of the format warping cards I mentioned. Now I think this will easily be a EDH staple that Wes will absolutely love it, but this card seems like it will be decent against decks who over extend, but beyond that it probably won’t see much play.

Overwhelming Splendor
So this is one I hope warps the format cause I would love to see Abzan curses. In fact I will be building one just to be that kind of guy to build it so watch out Modern meta.

So this card is a destructive force just waiting to be released. It takes the best things of Melira, Sylvok Outcast and Vizier of Remedies and puts it on a harder to remove hate card which also has potential to be a good synergy piece. Would also be nice to see more interaction with possible Undying decks and such.

Going to go ahead and say I am actually disappointed in blue for this set. I don’t see anything that would be decent or even a  staple in the Modern meta. I realize Strategic Planning and Tragic Lesson were printed and are the closest things to being modern playable. I feel like these two cards help Pauper and Frontier over Modern since there is much better selections in Modern.


Again Black has some interesting cards, but nothing format warping. I will go along with my Abzan Curse hype and go ahead and add a Curse from this set just so you all will laugh at the ridiculousness. Beyond that I saw two spells that could be absolutely destructive in this format and I hope to actually see them.

Torment of Scarabs
This is the card that will go along with my Abzan Curses. Resource denial is just a disgusting and degenerate tactic in my book, but I am all about using it though. Having to sacrifice anything that isn’t a land seems to be rough on players who over extended and get board wiped early.

Torment of Hailfire
Now for a serious card I believe will see Modern is this one. This card takes the best part of Killing Wave and Remorseless Punishment and fuses it to create something that is simply painful to watch anyone go through. I would love to see Storm morph into Grixis for something that can do this kind of damage. The way this works just cast a Manamorphose and just go through all your mana producing spells making so that this spell would not take much to have them repeat it five times.

Bontu’s Last Reckoning
This card is one of those cards that make me believe it would be really good, but it almost seems bad as well. I hate the idea of tapping out for turn three and four in a deck, but it is a turn three board wipe that will hurt Burn, Counter Company, and Affinity players.


There isn’t a whole lot for red in this set beyond Abrade. There is already tons of artifact destruction legal in Modern that do more than it, so just like Blue if you see anything I missed please let me know in the comments.


Green surprisingly has received the largest batch of Modern playable cards out of the entire set. For once Green has the best additions in a set which isn’t exactly my taste since Green is my least favorite color.

Hope Tender
This might be a surprise on the list, but you rarely see Tooth and Nail decks but they do exist and sometimes place in tournaments. So all Tooth and Nail decks play Voyaging Satyr which does exactly what this does, but you can exert this for an extra untapping of a land which can speed you up in game, and both have the same cmc.

Life Goes On
This is similar to Feed the Clans, but with slight differences. I don’t expect it to replace Feed the Clans but I do expect to see it in Modern for decks that need to stabilize not many come to mind beyond Jund and Abzan that have Feed the Clan.

Uncage the Menagerie
Speaking of Tooth and Nail this comes pretty close to a reprint. Now I don’t think it will replace the card in modern but I do feel it could replace Eldritch Evolution in something in Counter Company.


I haven’t had many of these in recent times, but I do see one that has potential. I know several people lost their UR Prowess decks due to Gitaxian Probe. I think Prowess is a fun mechanic and with this cards inclusion I hope to see a possible return of the deck in Modern.

Bloodwater Entity
Now I know you all are scoffing at a three cmc for UR Prowess, but hear me out before you judge. This card can be used to guarantee Delver of Secrets flip, a retrieval of any of the multiple spells to pump itself or Monastery Swiftspear, and last but not least it runs a perfect curve with Monastery Swiftspear and Stormchaser Mage. Three of the four cards mentioned hear receive or have Flying which makes it elusive.


Now this is another one I have a hard time finding anything useful in, and its due to almost any artifact decks are either fat too high in cmc or too efficient with low cmc. Tron normally takes all of the potential high cmc cards while Affinity, Cheerios, and Eggs take nothing but low cmc. Kind of gives artifacts a tough bar to pass, but I did find one in this set I think has potential in a non-artifact deck.

Hollow One
This creature is a five cmc so a little low for Tron, and way too high for any of the other low cmc artifact decks. With it having the ability to cycle I feel this card is a solid choice to go into Living End. Cause even if you don’t cycle this from your hand you could easily play it if you cycled enough or discarded enough for this to be played.


Sorry I have nothing for this section. I don’t find the cycle lands worth even considering in modern.


I know I had to stretch a little with this set trying to find Modern playable cards, which is why I am forgoing my Honorable Mentions section due to the lack of potential Modern staples. If I missed any please feel free to mention it in the comments. If you liked this article please like, subscribe, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Keep in mind at the time of release the new cards may not be updated within the database and will show up shortly. Now time to get to my Top 5.

Top 5
1. Uncage the Menagerie
2. Solemnity
3. Hope Tender
4. Hollow One
5. Torment of Hailfire


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