Modern Review: Amonkhet

Alright so it’s about that time again for my set review. As most of you know I deal exclusively in Modern. Due to the great writers of the site we seem to have covered Amonkhet quiet nicely. With the three guys who covered Amonkhet I am lucky Modern is still left. Brandon Balfour covered Standard briefly, while Mike Likes done his limited set reviews, always a trusty tool for me during Pre-Release night. Last but not least Kevin Pass has brung in a Podcast covering the set as well, many thanks sent out to him and his shop West End Games. Alright so here we are with the new set Amonkhet looking forward to this Ancient Egyptian theme. Last review was on Aether Revolt, and pleased to say I was right on the money for the most part Renegade Rallier was overlooked. Three of my top five picks from last spoilers are seeing Modern activity, let’s see if I can do better this time. Keep in mind during my review I will not cover Modern playable reprints. Looking at you Aven Mindcensor.


My review for White this set is certainly much better than Aether Revolt. Last review white was one of the weakest colors with red being the only color worse than it. This time I have found multiple cards that should find a place in modern and at least one or two that might make it in my pick for the top five.

Gideon of the Trials

With no surprise here the latest Gideon should be able to find a home in Modern. So first just for fun I think this would be hilarious in a turbo fog deck mixed with Gideon Jura or Gideon, Champion of Justice  ;yes this card may finally have a use after all, essentially Tribal or Fog Gideons. On a serious note I would fully expect this to become a staple in Sun and Moon whose popularity has waned in the recent months. The only reason this seems to be good is the simple three drop Platinum Angel.

Cartouche of Solidarity

I am surprised this lands at a common. Bogles may actually end up back on the map, its the only deck that would benefit from this, but I feel this is entirely better than Hyena Umbra or Spider Umbra take your pick to replace them. Bogles biggest weakness was sacrifice effects mainly from cards like Liliana of the Veil with this card giving us a body to block, and can still attack with vigilance on the token, plus you can sacrifice it over your built up creature.

Vizier of Deferment 

Honestly you have to love the cards that is nothing but pure advantage. Vizier of Deferment is purely a two for one, and is only good because of the Flash. In case some of you are unaware of how this works I will explain. At the end of your opponents declare attackers step, you will flash in Vizier to bounce one creature of theirs or even yours if you have an epic enter the battlefield trigger. Once Vizier enters the battlefield you will make your choice off of it’s ability, and then it becomes declare blockers phase where you can then use her to block another attacking creature. Hands down one of the best cards in this set, and will see play in Modern. I like it better than Wasteland Strangler in Death and Taxes, and that isn’t the only deck that can squeeze one or two of these in it.

Vizier of Remedies

So going through the spoilers for Amonkhet I come across this little gem. I had to read this multiple times, and ended up having to message fellow writer Bradley Reeves. I tell him I can’t put my finger on it, but the way this card reads it has to be good something tells me it’s powerful. Bradley of course nice as ever simply says Melira. The explosions go off, and now I am wanting to know why the hell Melira, Sylvok Outcast is printed as a dang uncommon! I think hands down this card becomes the best card out of white. Obviously no need to explain that this can easily go into Abzan Company.


My review of Blue this set is less than stellar. Beside one bomb, and it is a pretty big bomb, there isn’t much blue offers as a whole. Now hands down the one card I find worth anything in blue will probably make my top five list. As a whole blue is extremely weak this set as a whole for what it offers Modern.

As Foretold

So yes….let’s get on to this card which I will be trying to pick up a play set of as soon as I physically can. So I am just going to play a turn two or three As Foretold and proceed to cast…. Ancestral Vision, Lotus Bloom, Living End, Restore Balance, or Wheel of Fate. In all seriousness Ancestral Vision or Wheel of Fate seem pretty hilarious. This card is ridiculously good, and will easily be a staple in Modern for the most dedicated decks.


My review for Black had a decent turn out for potential cards. Nothing I see to warp the format or completely slam four of in a deck unlike Fatal Push. Though as a whole I would say black did fairly decent this release.

Horror of the Broken Lands

This thing looks absolutely terrifying that art is pretty sick not going to lie. I feel this card is set to find a home in Living End just like several cards within the set. This creature is a 4/4 that pumps when more creatures are cycled. It is already stronger than some creatures already within the deck so it may be a good idea to move the more powerful ones from this set into Living End.

Archfiend of Ifnir

Another creature that would fit nicely into Living End and can wipe the board clear for you to sneak your creatures on through hopefully for lethal. Other than the board wipe this sits pretty much with Horror of the Broken Lands.

Shadow of the Grave

I am not entirely sure about this card. I know I like it, but I can’t see much use for it except for Living End to combat graveyard hate. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on this card in the future, but I think this will find a home.

Bone Picker

So we have a black Delver of Secrets without the need to flip. I would seriously consider playing this over Gurmag Angler in Grixis Delver since I am not a fan of the fish.


My review for Red. Now Aether Revolt had a very underwhelming selection of red cards within it’s arsenal. For Amonkhet I think red recieved one of the most powerful cards within the set, and even recieved a fun combo card. So as a whole still not very much given , but it sits around blue the bomb it was given was large.

Glorious End

Alright so who wants to absolutely crush their opponents hopes and dreams in a ridiculous combo that should never exist? Well if you aren’t a degenerative magic player just disregard this portion of my review and move on to the gem of red in the next card, if you are stay tuned. I loved the old Hive Mind combo deck that ran in Modern, and I loved it still when it became a alternative win-con in Amulet Titan. I even run a one of in the deck now even though its a fringe deck and all but gone from the meta. I love making it to where I can ramp up ridiculously quick and with the right dedicated build. I can prevent my opponent from stopping me especially while running Pact of Negation just need Sundial of the Infinite. We all know there is more difficult combos out there.

Harsh Mentor

Arguably the best card released in this set period. If you do not pick up your playset as early as possible you are going to be hurting bad for these. This card will see play in Legacy, Vintage, and Modern. The massive potential damage this card can put out is ridiculous. Easily within the top 5 picks of this set. Maybe I am giving this too much credit, but when Modern decks are running six to twelve fetchs in most of the decks being played.


The review for Green is about on the same level as every other color it appears White actually had more benefitting it than any other color. Of course there is a couple of worthy cards and some different named cards that are essentially reprints. For example Keen Sense pretty much got a reprint.

Greater Sandwurm

Literally just another toy for Living End to have fun with, seems several of the cycle creatures are much better than the ones currently offered. I expect to see Living End to become a major deck once again now that Dredge has been knocked down a bit.

Prowling Serpopard

So besides the creepy art based off of an actual mythological creature from ancient Egypt. This card is pretty powerful. It is a great tool green may wish to look into using if control ever ends up being a dominate presence in Modern. Grixis Delver seems to be the main deck in the current format that runs counter magic so probably not worth a spot now, but would be a good idea to pick them up while cheap.

Mutli-Color, Artifacts, and Lands

Unfortunately with all three I did not see anything I would consider viable at this time from any of these colors or card types. All of the cards offered within these three categories basically require way too much of a commitment in order for anything to be a possibility. If some one notices something I did not feel free to comment below.

Honorable Mention

All cards below are great strong cards, but I feel are either too slow for the current Modern meta or there is simply better cards available.

Soul-Scar Mage Cascading Cataracts Nissa, Steward of Elements

Excuse the cards not currently showing. The plugin for the site has yet to be updated and we will work to fix this as soon as possible.


Well there you have it folks out of the entire set there was thirteen selected that have a decent shot at becoming staples in Modern. If I miss any please let me know and explain where they would possibly be useful in the format. Below will be my list of the Top 5 cards out of this set, and the ones I would highly suggest picking up.

Top 5

1. Harsh Mentor
2. As Foretold
3. Vizier of Remedies
4. Bone Picker
5. Gideon of the Trials


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