Modern Review: Aether Revolt

Well folks it is finally out! Aether Revolt was released just last night. Thanks to Mike Likes and his excellent reviews over the possible gems you can find for Standard. I am going to be looking for a few gems that can find their way to Modern. The last set I did this with was Shadows Over Innistrad Bradley has been kind enough to do the following two sets Eldritch Moon and Kaladesh.  My opinion of many cards in Shadows beyond the lands would even see Modern play was pretty much correct; however, I have to admit I passed over Nahiri, the Harbinger I must have been sick or something cause I never considered it for Modern. Let alone did I think a few weeks later I would build Nahiri Jeskai for GP Charlotte. So without further delay I will go ahead and look over Aether Revolt and spot a few things I find could be possible gems.


My review of the White cards in this set, most are relatively weak for eternal formats, and there happens to be only two I believe would see play.

Sram, Senior Edificer

This card has potential depending on how far Wotc wishes to go with vehicles in Magic. As it stands this card is not powerful enough to take the place of Kor Spiritdancer or Puresteel Paladin. The only way this card would be played above those is if Wotc continues pushing for more vehicles otherwise this will only be found in a casual players Modern deck and not a tier 1. I do not feel there is enough vehicles or promising vehicles to warrant it as a possible archetype.

Consulate Crackdown

So if you are an Affinity player you are probably rolling your eyes at this card I am sure Frank Karsten did when he reviewed this set. Now jokes aside about Affinity players the only true use this card would be is if you are playing a control shell without playing red. All the best artifact removal spells both spot removal and board wipes also known as Shatterstorm are red. You have absolutely no reason to run this card over any artifact removal unless you have neither green nor red in your deck and even blue has Hurkyl’s Recall. I see this as being a possible fringe card but beyond that it won’t see the light of day in Modern.


All I have to say about Blue this set is wow. There has been so many bombs printed in this set for Blue that I expect many of them to find a home in Modern. I was surprised by how many great cards was printed compared to some of the other colors; however, I do not believe they have the best card out of the set printed in this color.

Baral, Chief of Compliance

Even the name sounds completely bad ass. This card is probably one of the favorite’s that has been printed in this set, and it has to be one of the most useful. Some of you maybe happy that UR Storm has all, but disappeared from Modern. Now that Gitaxian Probe has been banned I think this card will end up finding a home within Storm, but I also think it will become a staple in Delver variants as well. This is probably one of the few cards that I can truly see finding a home without a bunch of what ifs or possible scenarios.

Whir of Invention

So at first glance I really was underwhelmed by this card. With Affinity and Tron being your main artifact decks in Modern you have to kind of sigh at cards like this until you look at the possible implications of this in a deck and what it actually opens up. This card is a weaker Chord of Calling, but better than Tezzeret the Seeker. So for Modern what this opens up is a new addition to Eggs, which based of my Aetherflux Storm article was hilarious in itself. Now adding this to it to find my Krark-Clan Ironworks or Aetherflux Reservoir makes this a great addition and much better than Reshape in my opinion. Then you have possible targets in Mono-U Tron which is a fringe deck, but still decent. Another sleeper rare I say get a playset while you can before this become a new Chord of Calling. This card also fits nicely into Lantern Control decks, and ensures you getting Ensnaring Bridge out on the field. Now an archetype that can see play finally with this also is the thopter sword decks we expected to flood Modern with the unbanning of Sword of the Meek. Honestly this has got to be an all star card.


Wotc I question you sometimes…I truly do. This is strictly a better Voidslime, which you never see played in Modern. I mean Wotc seriously you gave us a playable Stifle in Modern. I know Squelch isn’t terrible, but truly is an underwhelming card. I will be picking up a playset of these as soon as I possibly can. I see at least one if not two in most control decks in Modern either main board or sideboard.


Hands down I feel black in this release has recieved the best cards from this entire release. I know it seems I lost my mind with blue, but just wait to you see what kind of ridiculous stuff Wotc has bestowed upon us…please enjoy the magic joke.

Gifted Aetherborn

Straight up the most boring card you will find on this list and only useful for those of you fringe players running Mono-B Devotion. Great card for you.

Yahenni’s Expertise 

Any time I see a card that allows me to cast a spell for free from my hand makes me want to lose my mind. I heard Grixis Control and Jund were needing more support in Modern. Good to know we have it folks. All I am going to say is cast this and then Ancestral Vision that synergy alone makes it a one of in my Grixis Control for Modern.

Fatal Push

Dear sweet Jesus….what were you thinking printing something like this? This card easily rivals Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt as cheap removal. Get a playset foil if you can honestly this card will be in Modern for years to come and even with out much experience in Legacy or Frontier this easily fits in them as well.  By the way I will be seriously disappointed if someone does not alter them to the 300 movie reference. Hands down the best card printed in this set Whir of Invention is close, but is not relevant in any format beyond Modern as far as I can tell.


I have nothing for you folks. Red was absolutely disappointing this set. Best card I see is Shock and its already not even played in Modern beyond budget decks.


Green had a few cards that will definitely see Modern play better than white or red, but nothing on the level of blue and black thus far.

Rishkar, Peema Renegade

Not the most exciting card, but it is a new lord for Elves in modern and does give you a Llanowar Elves for the counters. Not sure the impact it will have I can see this going as a possible one of in elves at least.

Narnam Renegade

Wotc we have really got to sit down and figure out what the hell you are thinking. It’s a Kird Ape with Deathtouch! Zoo and Elf players alike are rejoicing at this ridiculous card. By the way Frontier since you didn’t have Kird Ape congratulations. Honestly I feel like this card can replace Wild Nacatl.


Alright call me crazy, but I am not a fan of vehicles at all. I find a hard time processing the power levels of the vehicles due to the fact I haven’t played standard since Khans of Tarkir. There is several powerful cards in the artifacts though and if you care to sit down explain the power levels of vehicles I will gladly reconsider them.

Hope of Ghirapur

This will fit nicely in Affinity as a possible way to stop the turn two Hurkyl’s Recall,  turn three Anger of the Gods, or turn four Shatterstorm. Honestly just a solid sideboard card for Affinity if they are expecting alot of hate.

Metallic Mimic

Easily fits in any tribal deck in Modern. Making this a two drop puts is above all the similar “clone lords” they have made. I see Phantasmal Image phasing out entirely now that this guy is a possibility.

Implement of Improvement

This card can easily find a home among Eggs since lifegain is extremely important for the deck to survive the early onslaught.

Implement of Combustion

I find this card to be equal to Pyrite Spellbomb the only reason the run the latter of this one is because of the two damage it does compared to the one here.


Only one land was printed here beyond basics so little underwhelming for lands, but this set had excellent gems among it.

Spire of Industry

Welcome to your poor man’s Glimmervoid.


Honestly the planeswalkers this set was more disappointing than red. Absolute trash if you expect to run either in Modern.

There you have it folks this is my review of Aether Revolt. Several cards I am excited to watch and see how they evolve the Modern format especially after the recent bans. Really wished there were some unbannings too but that is for a different discussion. Below I am going to make a list of the top five cards from this set, and if you wish to provide feedback negative or positive feel free to respond. I hope to start doing this type of review for every set following this one so I do encourage the feedback.

Top 5

1. Fatal Push
2. Whir of Invention
3. Narnam Renegade
4. Yahenni’s Expertise
5. Disallow


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