Modern Hero Pt. 4 Keep on grinding

Hello everyone and let me welcome you into part 4 of Modern Hero.   We left off last week with a 2nd place finish at the local Wednesday night Modern.  Which felt like a good win for the undead.  I went into Illuminaudi and there was a PPTQ that was wrapping up that would lead into Modern.  But with Regionals the day before and some of the usual Modern players playing the PPTQ attendance for modern was smaller than usual.  But I digress.  I felt it was a good jumping off point.  And it paid off.  I scored 15 in credit from that 2nd place finish which brings us to our starting point for the week.

Cash Budget – 48.00
Credit Illuminaudi – 15.00

After adding a little cash and winning some store credit I am feeling pretty good about this “fun project”.  So let’s do a little upgrade with the deck shall we.


I have been giving a lot of thought as to the direction to take our zombie deck.  For a second color I have narrowed it down to one of three.  Red, Green, or White.  Let’s take a look at what options we have in those colors.

Lightning Bolt
Kolaghan’s Command
Fulminator Mage
Artifact hate SB cards

Lotleth Troll
Putrid Leech
Abrupt Decay
Collected Company
Maelstrom Pulse
Scavenging Ooze
Artifact/Enchantment SB cards

Tidehollow Sculler
Path to Exile
Lingering Souls
Wayward Servant
A plethora of white SB cards

There are lots of options here that I kicked around.  The biggest barrier here is getting the cheaper, but still pricey for our Modern Hero dual lands for any of the colors we choose to go with.  I figure the starting lands would be pain lands for any of the three (Caves of Koilos), Check lands (Woodland Cemetery), reveal lands (Foreboding Ruin), and fast lands (Concealed Courtyard).  These will get us started in making the splash to a second color until we can ramp up to shocks and possibly fetches.

All that being said I am reserving judgement on which of the three colors to splash into.  I want to get input from you the reader on your thoughts.  What do you think the best upgrade path is?  That being said I did make slight upgrades to the main deck.  With my credit winnings I upgrade the following.

-3 Unbreathing Horde
+3 Geralf’s Messenger @ 6.00 each 18.00 total

Cash – 45.00(minus 3 dollars)
Illuminaudi Credit – 0(15.00 used for Messenger)

Doing it this way keeps my cash line open to pay entries and snag the entry Standard pack of choice.  So here is our updated deck.

Diregraf Ghoul
Withered Wretch
Gifted Aetherborn
Lord of the Accursed
3 Geralf’s Messenger
Victim of Night
Cast Down
Dark Salvation
20 Swamp


Rain of Tears
Tormod’s Crypt
Pithing Needle
Doom Blade
Lifebane Zombie

So not really all that much changed.  Except upgrading to a better 3 drop with extra reach on its life loss ETB ability.  And the undying makes it that much better.

Sunday Night Modern

I pay my 5 dollar entry and leaves us here.

Cash 40.00
Credit 0

So at Illuminaudi they have two nights of modern.  Wednesdays and Sundays.  My goal going forward will be to go to both nights to make our grinding into a stronger deck a faster process.  I get there at about a quarter till 7.  7 being the time the event starts.  Paid my 5 dollar entry and grabbed a pack of Dominaria as my entry pack.  I pulled a Lich’s Mastery.  It goes in the Modern Hero trade stock.  Although its .64 price tag makes me less than enthusiastic.  But also validates my stance on never buying packs or boxes.  Too much of a lottery ticket.  But I digress.  While I was making the changes to my deck I happened to notice a stack of cards in the trash!!  Who throws away perfectly good bulk?  I scooped them up.  Checked them over to make sure there was nothing funky about them, put them away in my extra card box to be sorted later(which I still haven’t done), and then proceeded to you know wash my hands.  There are 14 players for this tournament which is a solid number on a Sunday night.  I talked to a few of my buddies about my challenge and discussed with them the idea of a second color and green seemed to be the consensus.  I value their opinions so I am really giving that consideration.  So tonight we have a 4 rounder.  Let’s get to the matches.

Round 1 vs Paul on Mardu Dragons W 2-0
I at first thought it was Mardu Pyromancer with his first few plays.  Then I saw Thunderbreak Regent, Glorybringer, and Stormbreath Dragon.  I was like okay this should be amusing.

Game 1
I’m on the play and start out with a Diregraf Ghoul.  His turn he runs out a shock while I counter with a Gravecrawler.  He takes a thump from the Ghoul and comes back on his 2nd turn with a Lightning Helix on my Ghoul to get him some life back.  My hand is now just removal as I hadn’t seen another creature.  So I am able to chip in for a few turns with my 2 power until I hit another 1 drop.  I take out his Glorybringer and Stormbreath and it’s off to game 2.

Game 2
He goes with a shock and Thoughtsieze and takes my Gravecrawler to take me off a turn 1 play.  I hit another 1 drop coming back my way that meets his fetch, shock, into Lightning Helix.  I hit a 2 drop followed by another 2 drop.  In between that he Extirpate(s) my Lord of the Accursed.  The best he can muster after that was a Thunderbreak Regent that meets my Doom Blade and that’s a wrap for a 2-0 win.

After this I am feeling pretty good about how the night will go till I see who I get paired against.

Round 2 vs Johnny with Affi – whoa –Burn L 1-2
So I played against him last week and he was on Affinity which I lost that match.  Once I see what he is playing I think I have a good matchup due to that fact that I have a lot more creatures than he does and figured he would be burning them out.

Game 1
I have no one drop on the play which should have been mulliganed and he fires off a Goblin Guide that gets in for a couple turns and each trigger fed me a land.  I was able to get a 1 drop down but it got Helixed.  I land another before he drops an Eidolon of the Great Revel.  I get down a Gifted Aetherborn and it gets in a couple swings to keep my life high enough to survive a Boros Charm, Lava Spike, Skullcrack onslaught before I am able to rip into a Geralf’s Messenger and take the game.

Game 2
No one drop again.  He goes fetch, fetch into Eidolon, Helixes my first play, and drops double Eidolon.  The game just slipped away from there.

Game 3
He has all the removal for my creatures which were Helix and Helix all the while smacking me with a Goblin Guide.  I am able to recover and put up a fight with a couple 2/2s.  I had him dead on board on my next turn and life totals were me at 2 and him at 6 and empty handed.  With him in top deck mode I call for a fade on a burn spell.  He flips his top for us both to see and it’s……Shard Volley…Boooooo.  All of the games ended up pretty good and I am ok with this as he and I have gone back and forth a lot.

Round 3 vs Steven G w Affinity L 0-2
This is where the wheels fell off.
Game 1
He goes Vault Skirge into Vault Skirge into Signal Pest.  I keep up with some of the damage race with my 2 power beaters but he just keeps going back up until he hits a Cranial Plating.  I saw no removal.

Game 2
I keep a one lander with 2 one drops, 2 two drops, 2 removal spells, and a land.  I get my one drops in to match up against his double Vault Skirge.  But after 5 turns of no land draws frustration gets me and I just pack it in.  Note to self NEVER keep a one lander.

After this I am sitting at 1-2 with no hope for scoring any credit.  So I pack up all my things, bid farewell to the guys, and head for the house.  So now we are down to 40 dollars remaining of our budget.  I think after the limited upgrades done this week and no winnings to add to it I am going to wait until the next cash load and hope to grind out some credit Sunday and Wednesday.  With that I will do some upgrades splashing the second color.  I have to admit I am leaning towards going with green because of all it has to offer the deck.  Couple better 2 drops.  A utility removal spell in Abrupt Decay.  And eventually Collected Company.  Who doesn’t like to CoCo into a pair of Geralf’s Messenger.  What are your thoughts?  Enjoy your weekend and I hope everyone has a good week.  Till next time!!


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