Modern Hero Pt. 3 First taste of success.

Hello Everybody and welcome to part 3 of Modern Hero!!!  It has been an exciting week since my last article.  We had SCG Regionals with the Modern format, a Pro Tour, and our first event with our Hero deck.  Today I am going to go over how Regionals went for me, how the Hero deck did its first go round, and maybe a few comments on the Pro Tour.  Let’s get started.


I played at the Regionals in Columbus, Ohio hosted by Comic Town.  From previous Regionals attended in Columbus they used to hold it at hotel.  This year they hosted it in their new shop that they moved into recently.  It was capped at 240 players which that cap was reached.  It was slightly tight with all the people that was there.  But overall a fun time was had with some of the players from a couple of the local shops I play at.  A quick recap of my deck choice.


Harbinger of the Tides
Lord of Atlantis
Master of the Pearl Trident
Master of Waves
Merfolk Trickster
Merrow Reejerey
Silvergill Adept
Spell Pierce
Aether Vial
Spreading Seas
Cavern of Souls
14 Island

4 Deprive
4 Relic of Progenitus
3 Echoing Truth
2 Tidebinder Mage
2 Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

So, I had some notes from the event.  However, those seemingly disappeared.  But its all good because I’m just going to do a brief overview of each match.  I ended up going 3-3 before dropping.  A couple of my buddies joined me, and they were also knocked out.  Here is the breakdown of the tournament for me.

Round 1 vs Bogles W 2-1
Game 1 he ran off playing his hexproof and buffing it up.  I had to mulligan to 5 which slowed me down and I got rolled on.
Game 2 We both kept a full grip.  I was able to eventually drop 5 lords and just go wide.
Game 3 he mulled to 5 and that was pretty much it.  He kept a no lander which I was confused about till he showed me a one drop and 3 one drop enchantments.

Round 2 vs Burn L 2-1
Game 1 he killed all my dudes and burned me out
Game 2 I was able to get some early pressure and a couple lords
Game 3 Repeat of game 1.
This was the first of 3 matches vs burn.  I have learned that this is an absolute nightmare matchup.

Round 3 vs Affinity W 2-1
Game 1 he had the Affinity nut hand.
Game 2 he started off slow and I hit vial turn 1 coupled with Spreading Seas was enough to get the win.
Game 3 Another slowish start from him and I had the turn 1 Vial again.  No seas though.  Multiple lords.

Round 4 vs Burn L 2-0
Game 1 and 2 he burned every one of my plays and was able to keep pressure with Eidolon.

Round 5 vs Burn W 2-1
Game 1 All my creatures got torched.
Game 2 He mulled to 5 and I had vial.
Game 3 I opened with triple Spell Pierce and was able to pull it out.

Round 6 vs Naya Pile L 1-2
I don’t fully know what this was but a pile of the good Naya cards and a few planeswalkers
Game 1 He mana duded out Domri Rade followed up with a midsized Goyf and he was able to manage the board with Rade, bolt, and path.
Game 2 We matched up on the ground in a stalemate due to multiple lords on my side.  Hit Spreading Seas for the win.
Game 3 He had all the bolts and paths and that was it.

I dropped at 3-3.  I could have stuck it out to try to finish 6-3 as it was a 9-round event to see if I could still Top 32.  But with a 2-hour drive back and the couple of buddies that went also were out of it we opted to head home.  Now for the fun part.

Modern Hero

We had our first event with our mono black Hero deck.  Let’s do a quick refresh of the deck list.

Diregraf Ghoul
Withered Wretch
Gifted Aetherborn
Lord of the Accursed
Unbreathing Horde
Victim of Night
Cast Down
Dark Salvation
20 Swamp


Rain of Tears
Tormod’s Crypt
Pithing Needle
Doom Blade
Lifebane Zombie


I played in the local Sunday Modern tournament at my home store called The Illuminaudi located in Hamilton, Ohio.  This store has been around for about 3 years.  The owner does an amazing job running the shop.  And the players that play there are awesome.  The tournament was only an 8 man, so it was a straight up 3 round event.  Mainly because there was Regionals Saturday and the store had a standard PPTQ that I choose to skip in favor of playing modern.  Which is fine by me because I have found standard pretty flat as of late.  So, I paid my entry and chose Dominaria as my entry pack.  Pulled a foil Opt and a Shalai, Voice of Plenty.  So minus 6 dollars for sleeves, 2 for a deckbox, and 5 for entry.

Budget – 41.00
Minus – 13.00
Remaining – 28.00


Round 1 vs Joe on Bant Knightfall W 2-1
Game 1
I’m on the play and I open with 2 one drops and a two drop.  I throw down a one drop and pass.  His turn is fetch/shock path my one drop.  I drop my two drop and he counters with a mana dork.  T3 I get in for two to put him at 15, play 2 one drops, and he fetches on end step.  He drops Knight of the Reliquary on his T3.  I get in for 6 to put him to 8.  His T4 is Retreat and he combos out.

Game 2
On the play I land a one drop T1.  He plays a fetch and passes.  I get in for 2 land another one drop and he fetches on end step.  No play on his turn And I get in for 4 on my next to put him at 12.  Kitchen Finks on his turn puts him back to 14.  Two attackers from me and a block from Finks keeps him at 10.  He fetches, plays Scavenging Ooze, and eats a guy to go back to 10.  I get in for 6 with a block of finks keeps him at 4.  He scoops on his next draw.

Game 3
On the draw I land multiple one and two drops and my removal shows up to keep his guys off the board.

Round 2 vs Johnny with Affinity L 0-2
Game 1 and 2
I see zero removal and just get rolled over.

Round 3 vs Jared with Naya Reliquary
Game 1
On the draw I get down a couple one drops and Gifted Aetherborn and keep his field cleared with removal.

Game 2
On the draw I get down a couple one drops only, and he fetch/shocked himself twice to help me out keeping the damage on.

So, I finished 2-1 and in 2nd place good enough for 15 in store credit.  I would call that a successful first run.  So, our Hero budget is now this.

Budget – 28.00 + 20.00(Every other week surge) 48.00
Illuminaudi credit – 15.00

Updates for the deck

So, we have a little cash infusion and a small amount of credit to work with.  Here are a few things I learned about the deck.  I sided Duress out just about every game.  It is an inferior Inquisition of Kozilek which I knew going in.  So, the question is do we invest in the Inquisitions and replace Duress or do we look at upgrading the main and move Duress to the sideboard.  Undying Horde, this card when I played it was never less than a 3/3 but just didn’t have that feel that Diregraf Colossus has.  So, there is that upgrade we could make.  Lastly. If we don’t want to do any of that I think we have the funds available to start a splash of a second color.  I am thinking either green for Lotleth Troll, Putrid Leech, and possibly Abrupt Decay somewhere down the line.  Or possibly red to get access to better removal in Lightning Bolt and Terminate.  And the other option would be for a white splash.  That gets us access to Wayward Servant, Path to Exile, and a sizeable amount of good sideboard cards.  I will be making that update before my next event.  What are your thoughts?

The Pro Tour

I watched this off and on all weekend.  And primarily Sunday during the top 8.  And it was such a diverse Top 8 wasn’t it?  Base Red decks are very good right now.  It was good before the banning of Ramunap Ruins and Rampaging Ferocidon.  It still had Hazoret the Fervant and Rekindling Pheonix.  But Dominaria added everyone’s favorite chain wielding Goblin Chainwhirler.  Its comes into play ability is keeping a lot of decks from being played.  Anything white weenie/white tokens, BW tokes, and something as simple as mono blue Throne Flyers from being playable for all the X/1 creatures.  I have read a lot of talk and seen a lot of comments on social media saying the Chainwhirler is going to get banned.  Seen the arguments for it to not be banned.  At this point with all the banning’s that have happened in standard I can see the argument either way for a banning or no banning.  Rotation is a few months down the road, so I can see them not doing anything for that purpose.  But to the other side of that coin I could see them doing something if attendance is affected by players lack of interest in standard because of how much of a mess standard has been.  We are also about to hit the typical dog days of standard where people are waiting out rotation or just enjoying all the nice weather with outside activities.

I for one am looking forward to what they are going to do with the core set.  Hopefully that spices up the format as much as Dominaria did.  We will have to wait and see.  That’s it for me and a big shout out and congratulations to Wyatt Darby for taking down Pro To


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