Modern Hero Pt. 2 Deck Selection

Hello everyone.  And welcome back to part two of Modern Hero.  If you missed part 1 you can view that here –  When we left off last week the debate was what deck selection to make to begin this journey.  I threw out several lists that included mono white humans, mono black zombies, and black/green zombies.  After writing the article I quickly dismissed the black/green zombies.  I couldn’t justify the green splash outside of Lotleth Troll and Putrid Leech.  After kicking around deck lists and various ideas I have narrowed it down to the final two (Starting to feel like Idol).  Those two are mono white humans and mono black zombies.  Either one of them I feel are good places to start.  With that in mind the deck that we will be starting out with is…….Zombies!!!  This deck will always be one of my favorites.  When Amonkhet dropped it was my standard deck of choice until it rotated.  I can say the same about mono white humans though.  When I saw Always Watching, Thalia’s Lieutenant, and Declaration in Stone I built standard humans.  But that’s standard.  Back to modern.  First we are going to talk about options for the deck and then the list we are going to start with.  On to the cards.

1 Drops
Diregraf Ghoul
Dread Wanderer

2 Drops
Blood Scrivener
Highborn Ghoul
Khenra Eternal
Relentless Dead
Stromgald Crusader
Withered Wretch
Gifted Aetherborn(Not a zombie.  But a solid 2 drop that doubles as life gain and another removal spell)

3 Drops
Ammit Eternal
Cemetery Reaper
Death Baron
Diregraf Colossus
Geralf’s Messenger
Lifebane Zombie
Lord of the Accursed
Lord of the Undead
Plague Belcher
Unbreathing Horde

That is a lot of good zombies that are playable.  But we can’t play all of them.  Let’s do a quick rundown of what is not going to make the cut due to either choosing a creature with better abilities or for budget reasons.

Misses the cut

Dread Wanderer – Primarily for budget reasons.
Blood Scrivener – Its ability is nice however, I think we can find better for a 2 drop.
Highborn Ghoul – A solid 2 drop with evasion.  Fits the budget theme.  May circle back on this one.
Khenra Eternal – It’s a bear at 2 mana.  Its Afflict for 1 is the only reason it made the list.  Nope.
Relentless Dead – Misses the cut strictly due to budget reasons.
Sangrophage – A souped up Carnophage.  It fits the budget but the 2 life per turn can take its toll.
Stromgald Crusder – See Highborn Ghoul.  Solid 2 drop.  Pro white, evasion, fire breathing.  Possible SB.
Ammit Eternal – Great 3 drop with a high power/toughness and it has Afflict 3.  The 3 drop is full of solid cards.
Cemetery Reaper – Budget specific cut.  If our budget was a solid hundred it would be there.
Death Baron – See Cemetery Reaper.
Diregraf Colossus – Not that this is to hard on the budget at 8 dollars a set.  But there is a cheaper alternative to start with.
Geralfs Messenger – Purely budget reasons.
Lord of the Undead – See Geralfs Messenger.
Plague Belcher – A watered down Ammit Eternal so no.

With these out of the way let’s break down the creature base of the deck.  I will give a breakdown after the list.

I want to eat your Braaiinnsss!!!

4 Cryptbreaker – 7.08
4 Diregraf Ghoul – .84
4 Gravecrawler – 16.00
4 Withered Wretch – 1.32
4 Gifted Aetherborn – 7.56
3 Lord of the Accursed – 2.80
3 Unbreathing Horde – 2.46
4 Victim of Night – 1.00
4 Cast Down – 4.16
2 Dark Salvation – 1.64
4 Duress – .60
20 Swamp -.00

4 Rain of Tears – 2.84
3 Tormod’s Crypt – 1.05
2 Pithing Needle – 6.70
3 Doom Blade – .75
3 Lifebane Zombie – 1.50

Deck total 58.30

For the cost this deck looks like a lot of fun.  It leaves room for all the accessories in sleeves and a deck box.  My plan is to grab a serviceable deck box and depending on cost Ultra Pro sleeves.  I will go as far as penny sleeves if it is absolutely necessary.  Let’s talk about the deck.

One drops – Cryptbreaker is there for the draw power, Gravecrawler for its recursion, Diregraf Ghoul is there for a beater.

Two drops – Withered Wretch is a good attacker and eats graveyards and Gifted Aetherborn is good for lifelink, beats, and doubles as more removal.

Three drops – Lord of the Accursed is our lord and his ability to grant all zombies menace can end games.  Unbreathing Horde is there as a pseudo Diregraf Colossus.  It counts both zombies in the graveyard and the field and has its own cover as it can prevent damage to itself at the cost of a counter.

Noncreature spells – Victim of Night is solid removal vs everything but the three types it doesn’t hit.  Cast Down is decent given not a lot of legendary creatures are running around in modern.  The twofer on Dark Salvation is good for wiping out bigger creatures and making some of my own.  Duress is there to take their removal or combo piece.  Yes it is not Inquisition or Thoughtsieze but it seems to be the best option.

Sideboard cards – Rain of Tears is for Tron and Scapeshift(sort of).  Tormod’s Crypt for any graveyard shenanigans.  Pithing needle for Planeswalkers primarily.  Doom blade for anything nonblack.  And lastly Lifebane Zombie for its evasion and taking green and white creatures.

So this is where we will start our journey.  Lots of different ways for this deck to evolve.  I am completely open to your advice and criticism about the deck or any of my choices.  I will be loading up the pieces over the course of the next week in preparation for running it thru as many modern tournaments I can fit in.  There is a possibility next week Modern Hero gets a bye week.  As everyone knows SCG Regionals is coming up on June 2nd.   I am currently set to play in Ohio’s regionals.  Next week I will unveil what I am playing and even give a small breakdown of the deck.  Enjoy Memorial Day weekend everyone.  Time to break out the camping gear and kayaks.


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