Magic Fest Adult Swim

This weekend marks the very first MagicFest in Oakland the community has been anticipating announcement to possible changes to the previous GP structure. With artists on strike and nothing announced as being a draw to actually come to the event I don’t have high hopes for these first couple MagicFests.

Yesterday Channel Fireball finally made an announcement about something new coming to the first two MagicFests. It seems CFB has partnered with Adult Swim to promote a new show of theirs coming out on January 13th. The show is called Tigtone created by Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martin and Excutive produces by Blake Anderson from Workaholics.

The show’s description is as follows “A quest-addicted hero slashes his way across a satirical fantasy universe with melodramatic ferocity, always obeying the letter of the law but never its spirit.” Tigtone will be made with a combination of hand painted fantasy art, 2-D, motion capture, and more animated by Titmouse. Adult Swim’s press release stated Tigtone “both celebrates and subverts tropes of the fantasy genre, role playing games, video games, and films.”

Tigtone Playmat

For those attending MagicFest Oakland and New Jersey you have the opportunity to receive some Tigtone merchandise just for playing in events. Players can receive a Tigtone playmat for participating in the Main Event at either MagicFest. There are also two different Tigtone tokens available and those are given out upon sign up for a Side Event at either Magic Fest.

After looking all this information over a little more closely I noticed that the Tigtone playmat is replacing the playmat that states where the event was taking place. No longer can you sign up for the early bird special and get the MagicFest “insert city here” playmat. Now when you register for the Main Event you just get the Tigtone mat and if you want to get the playmat that says what city it was from then you have to pay a $15 add on.

This is a huge positive and is proof of outside sponsorship possibilities in Magic. Recently there have been some talks with Redbull and now to see this means big things for the game as a whole. This mean that CFB has more money to play with in their paper tournaments because Adult Swim paid them this advertisement money. Whether that is for increasing prize payouts or improving the overall experience at a MagicFest. Paying the artists to come off strike and creating traveling exhibits and so on.

Tigtone Tokens

While CFB doesn’t handle the paper Mythic Championships (as far as I know) and doesn’t handle the Arena tournaments in general it doesn’t mean CFB couldn’t use this money to create new tournaments or even create an online tournament series. The possibilities are endless with Arena and the explosion of the game. Arena has opened up a tournament space that wasn’t really available to Magic before with Arena and has more eyes than ever before. Many esports have tons of different tournaments run all over the year and they are not all ran by the same company. Magic could be the same where instead of us all stressing over making the “Mythic Chamiponship” we could be playing in the Red Bull Arena Series or whatever.

So to all the negativity about how the playmats and tokens look and how it’s all being done I’ll say just stop. Things are happening really fast now since we have to catch up to the rest of the world. More money is a good thing and it is not like we sold out right away to some random toliet company or something. It’s promoting something that Magic players would genuinely be interested in and from a company (Adult Swim) that has a track record without Magic.

I do wish that I still received the MagicFest specific playmat when signing up for the Main Event. That is one the coolest things to me and I like looking back at my playmats and remembering the when and where they were from. I would prefer just the tokens to be free to anyone who’ll walk in the door and then the Tigtone playmat be an add-on to your Main Event entry. Granted Adult Swim probably wants the mat in as many peoples hands as possible so restricting more wouldn’t make a ton of sense but you could just make more tokens and have them everywhere and use the money to have more installations promoting the show like art, video, and other interactive things at the MagicFest.


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