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Hey everyone welcome back to Limited Concepts and boy am I excited to be here. After a whirlwind of a weekend doing Prerelease at my LGS, trying out Sealed for the first time on MTG Arena, and even doing a Sealed with some local friends yesterday I feel like I have started to get the grasp of this format. Today I wanted to talk about what I think are the top 5 Commons in each color.


Direct Current

At the base you may think this is a 3 mana Sorcery speed Shock. Which is basically true but it’s much more than that. In this format 2 damage will kill so many things and with the ability to use this card’s effect two different times due to Jump-Start is huge. When you have one or two in your Graveyard your opponent really has to start thinking about suddenly dying.

Command the Storm

Instant speed removal that will kill almost anything you need. This being damage based means every once in awhile it may not kill what you want or you might get blown out but usually this will do the job, plus being instant speed opens up possibilities.

Rubblebelt Boar

I think if I have any Mentor creatures in my Red deck which I probably will end up with then the Boar enables Mentor onto creatures with the same power by giving them a boost then attacking and Mentoring onto another creature to give a permanent boost. Otherwise just having a 3/3 body is pretty nice.

Wojek Bodyguard

I like picking the Boar first over the the Bodyguard. Not being able to attack or block alone can be a big deal and I really don’t want to be stranded with a 3/3 that can’t do anything. That being said it does have pretty good stats for the format and being able to Mentor a decent number of creatures is big as well.

Ornery Goblin

I was rather low on this card at first but after getting a chance to play with it I found that this can get through some damage early and then later can slow down your opponent’s attack by attacking with only one bigger creature.



Watcher in the Mist

This is one of the best commons in the set if not the best. It has one of the biggest bodies and gets immediate value upon entering the battlefield and is a serious threat that can beat down your opponent. Love this card.

Capture Sphere

Here we have a great pseudo removal spell that can stop just about any creature and at instant speed. It does have the drawback of being an enchantment but having only a single blue in the casting cost makes this very splashable.

Unexplained Disappearance

This card has a lot of play to it allowing you to get blow outs or make blocks with a back up plan if things go wrong. On top of that you get to Surveil afterwards allowing you to have an Instant speed Surveil if that’s something you are looking for.

Disdainful Stroke

This is no Essence Scatter but at the same time usually you wanted to counter a creature around 4 cmc or more so Disdainful Stroke will usually do the job. This also counters anything so you can use this to counter a decent number of the common removal spells in the format allowing you protect your creature and probably win the game from that point.

Muse Drake

The Muse Drake has a decent body attached to a Flyer making it an annoying little threat and a decent blocker that draws a card when it ETBs allowing you to draw through more of your deck. This format seems very focused on having a lot of material and resources and Muse Drake does that for you.


Siege Wurm

5/5 is pretty great stats for this format and having Trample is pretty important too. The problem is that the earliest you can ramp into this is turn 4 so having a turn 4 5/5 isn’t the biggest deal when there are a decent number of removal spells in the format that will just kill it. That being said this does require an answer or will quickly kill your opponent.

Pack’s Favor

Since Green is probably the worst color of the format at least as far as Limited goes this list was tough and after playing some games I liked Pack’s Favor more. You can splash it pretty easily if you are short on playables in a Sultai build and allows you to win most things giving a significant 3/3 boost. Plus being able to Convoke this will continue catch people off guard for a little while longer.

Hitchclaw Recluse

Wish this was Mammoth Spider but either way the Recluse will hold back not just flyers but small ground creatures allowing you to play to the late game in your green based decks. Plus gives you that serious help Green needs against flyers.

Generous Stray

Much like Muse Drake the Stray gives you that material needed to grind into the late game and specifically in Green helps fuel Undergrowth. This would be better as a 2/1 allowing it to die more easily and trade off but either way it can just slow down attacks and eventually hit the yard. This is worse than the drake though.

Ironshell Beetle

The beetle allows you to be versatile. If you need to play a 2/2 on turn 2 you can otherwise you can use it to pump up the power of a Mentor creature to help it Mentor others. You can put the counter on a flyer or on a lifelink creature (or flying lifelink). Plus is a body that can block and be fuel in your Graveyard.


Deadly Visit

Unconditional removal is pretty much always going to be good. Tack on Surveil 2 then this is just amazing. Little expensive but this is the norm these days and gives you a little extra value.

Dead Weight

I wanted this as the number 1 but since Deadly Visit kills everything plus Surveil 2 which has so many other implications I just couldn’t but a for a single black mana this card kills so many things in the format and if you want you can just use it to shrink your opponent’s creature making it more easily manageable. I had an opponent just Dead Weight my Darkblade Agent basically rendering it useless.

Burglar Rat

This card is quite annoying to play against and is similar to Muse Drake and Generous Stray but this one makes your opponent discard a card. The 1/1 body is rather unimpressive but can be early pressure on your opponent and again helps fuel Undergrowth plus giving the Rat Deathtouch at any point gets pretty good.

Douser of Lights

The Black Thornhide Wolves and it’s still pretty decent here. This format is full of pretty small bodies and a vanilla 4/5 often halts anything your opponent is doing. Decent target for Undercity Uprising and Prey Upon since this is likely to survive a fight.

Bartizan Bats

Flying is great and while this may only have 1 Toughness I often lead off many Sealed matches playing this on turn 3 and getting 6-9 points of damage in before eating a removal spell then playing a different flyer and killing them. Sure this dies to Dead Weight easily but if your opponent stumbles or is weak to flyers will die very quickly to the Bats.


Luminous Bonds

The reprint that keeps on giving and I am happy to see it again. This is great removal for white being only 3 mana and stopping just about anything.

Parhelion Patrol

This card having Vigilance and 3 Toughness is what makes it really great since it can block quite a bit of creatures and attack while doing it. If you make this creature any bigger and start Mentoring other creatures then this can get out of control.

Blade Instructor

This can usually trade off with something and make another 3/3 after Using the Mentor ability which makes this almost like a low cost removal spell with some small upside. Paired with the Roc Charger this card will wreck havoc.

Healer’s Hawk

One of the more annoying cards in the set and can quickly turn the game into a losing one. Though not good later in the game a turn 1 Healer’ Hawk can mean some serious life gain and be a huge difference in a long game. Not to mention doing things like turn 1 Hawk turn 2 Maniacal Rage swing.

Righteous Blow

Since this card is only 1 White mana this becomes very useful allowing you to more easily double spell early in the game and get an advantage. This kills a ton of creatures and can be used to stack up damage to finish off bigger need to kill creatures.


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