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Hey everybody welcome back to Limited Concepts! I am very excited to be here! With less than a month away until Ravnica Allegiances, previews have started to come forward and we now know all mechanics for the remaining 5 Guilds. I hope the Guilds are little more balanced in this set where in Guilds of Ravnica Boros and Dimir seemed to be the two most pushed guilds (though Izzet was pretty great too). Today I wanted to talk a bit about these new mechanics and their implications for Limited.


This mechanic belongs to the Rakdos (Black and Red) guild and provides an alternate casting cost for cards with the mechanic if your opponent lost life the turn the Spectacle card is cast. Sometimes this allows for you to cast a card for less mana but more often it seems you may pay more mana but get an added effect. If there are a lot of cards that allow you to pay less mana than this mechanic could prove to be very powerful so imagine more often it will be not so much a cost reducer as a way to get more out of your card.

Rix Madi Reveler is a card that I really like for Limited as a strong 2 drop that on turn two gives you some filtering and later on in the game if you can cast it for the Spectacle cost then you can refill an empty hand similar to another Reveler often seen in Modern.

Spectacle will be interesting in Limited and I’ll be curious to see how it plays out and how some of the other cards in the set interact with the mechanic. If there isn’t a lot of burn or incidental damage then Spectacle is going to play very similar to Raid but if the are other ways your opponents are losing life then Spectacle could to prove to be pretty strong. Rakdos Firewheeler is an enabler for this mechanic. It can kill a creature and damage your opponent allowing you to also cast a Spectacle card. The only problem there is that you have already spent 4 mana so you need a decent amount of mana to also cast a Spectacle card in the same turn.

We shall see what other support this mechanic gets but I could imagine it playing out in not a super powerful way at least for Limited.


Here we have the Gruul mechanic (Green and Red) that seems to be pretty powerful. Whenever you play a creature with Riot you can choose to have it enter the battlefield with Haste or a +1/+1 counter. This is a mechanic that lends itself very nicely to Limited being mainly focused around combat. If you need to push some aggression then you can have your creature enter with haste and send in all your creatures. Other times you may need a bit bigger creature to match up against what is currently on the board so you can have it enter with a +1/+1 counter. This is great modality that you usually see on noncreature spells applied to a creature.

I’ll be interested to see what kinds of ways they push this mechanic for different creatures. For instance a mana creature for Gruul that has Riot would be cool especially if it can tap for any color of mana allowing you to have it enter with Haste so you can tap it for mana to cast a splash card or help you fix colors if you are missing colors. I’ll be interested to see the ways they push this.


This is my favorite mechanic in Ravnica Allegiances. Creatures with Afterlife create that many 1/1 black and white Spirit tokens with Flying when they die equal to the number following Afterlife. Supposedly there are creatures that will make more than one Spirit but we have yet to see them but I’m very excited. This is the Orzhov (Black and White) mechanic and I could see it being pretty good in Limited.

This reminds me a lot of some of the most powerful strategies in recent Limited formats. There were the Merfolk that did this as well as Vampires and Saporlings. One card that creates two bodies is pretty powerful in Limited. This also seems like a set up for an Aristocrats style deck and if there is anything like a Thallid Omnivore for Spirits then this will be a huge hit in Limited. Every card with Afterlife is basically a Deathbloom Thallid but you get a flying token which is much more relevant. As well as possible implications for more Spirit lords.


Probably one of the least exciting mechanics for this set and it’s just the basic Simic mechanic of adding +1/+1 counters to creatures. Adapt is similar to Monstrous where you can activate the Adapt ability only if there are no counters on the creature making it a bit cleaner of a rule. You will then add how ever many counters to the creature according to the number followed by the Keyword Adapt.

This is somewhat nice in Limited because Adapt is basically a mana sink and those are things that I look for in a set. Yet at the same time they can’t be used repeatedly you can only Adapt if there are no counters on your creature already. So now we have to wait and see what other cards are built around this mechanic. If you can move the counters around then this becomes an interesting way to create mana sinks within your deck and just create a huge board or possibly one huge creature. There are also some cards that will just give extra abilities or look for cards to have counters on them.

All this adds up to a pretty unexciting mechanic that will probably be hard to get a lot of value out of but I do love Simic and would like to see this actually be good.


This is the strangest mechanic to me and belongs to the Azorious guild (Blue and White). I would assume this Ability Word will only appear on Instants and gives you a bonus to spells when you cast them during your Main Phase. Basically this gives you the drawback of having to cast the spell on your turn as opposed to casting your card draw spell or something on your opponent’s turn but if you do trigger Addendum then you get to get some sort of bonus effect.

In Limited this probably won’t be the biggest deal but it still is nice to be able to hold up multiple instant speed spells. Addendum will just be a very easy thing to trigger and so you should imagine you can always just get whatever effect is added on which is nice. It’s pretty unexciting but at least it should be easy to get the effect. I’ll be curious to see what else they do with it.

More spoilers will be coming soon and shortly after that is Prerelease. Im already thinking about what Guilds I want to play at mine. I’m going to wait to see what else comes out in the spoilers before making anymore assumptions. This Limited format looks like the gameplay may be even more complex than GRN with tons of decisions just from the mechanics. Well thanks for reading and and I’ll talk to you guys later!

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