Limited Concepts – M19 Set Review: White

Core Set 19 was dumped on us pretty quickly so without much of a spoiler season I will be diving into the set review over the next week in hopes to prepare you for your prereleases next weekend. I will start with the commons and uncommons of each color and then do the Rares and Mythic Rares later on. So, without further ado let’s get into it!

My rating scale goes from A+ to F
A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal
B: Very solid playables, good removal
C: Filler, easily replaced
D: Cards I’d rather not have in my deck
F: Unplayable


Aegis of the Heavens

Not exactly the combat trick I’m looking for but it can help you survive your opponent having a trick but that’s not really how I want to be playing and prefer tricks that allow me to be more aggressive. With the right creatures you can set this up to be a blowout but not my preferred method.

Aethershield Artificer

A 4 mana 3/3 on its own is nothing too special but not bad. There are some artifact synergies in white and this can potentially allow you to get in a decent sized hit but you really need to have a decent number of artifact creature to really have an impact. This with thopter producers and other artifact creatures gets me more interested.

Ajani’s Pridemate

It seems like in this format you will want to play more 2 drops and a 2 mana 2/2 with potential to get bigger is a nice one to have. There are plenty of ways to gain life in this format so the likelihood of it getting at least one counter is high. All that said this card is pretty low impact in the late game and I will get more excited about this in a deck with a lot of life gain.

Ajani’s Welcome

This card is great when developing but otherwise is pretty unimpressive and can be a very disappointing topdeck. If you are a very creature heavy deck then this can start to do some work and in an aggressive matchup a couple life can mean this difference between winning and losing. This gets very good in decks that really want it and it seems like this whole set is very synergy based.

Angel of the Dawn

This angel can help to put the game out of reach for your opponent in your aggressive white decks just looking to curve out. 3/3 flyer is definitely something I am interested in but I am more interested in this card in low to the ground aggressive decks otherwise I would prefer something else.

Calvary Drillmaster

This is another great card in your aggressive white decks. If you want you can just play it on turn 2 or look to double spell on turn 4 and get in some extra damage. Great utility and being a knight has some upside as well.

Daybreak Chaplain

Most of my white decks will want to attack and this seems like a more defensive card but in decks that care about gaining life then this card gets a little better.

Dwarven Priest

Not a very powerful card though it is guaranteed to gain you 1 life which again in life gain matters decks will be relevant but as a 2/4 I’m not too excited and has really no other utility. There is the possibility that you cud gain a sizable chunk of life of this card which would make me more interested in it but at face value I’m not impressed.

Gallant Calvary

I like this card a lot since it is strictly better than Call to the Calvary from Dominaria but instead of being a sorcery this is an actual creature with a CMC of 4 and creates a token upon entering the battlefield. Only one of the 2/2s being a token is much better and can allow for bounce effects to replay the Calvary and get another token.

Herald of Faith

This is a nice attacking body for 5 mana and triggers life gain upon attacking which is a plus meaning he never actually has to connect to gain the life. Obviously this card get even better in life gain matters decks but I will just play this in a deck with a decent number of white sources.

Hieromancer’s Cage

This is great removal for any problem permanents not just creatures but it is no Cast Out and though sorcery speed isn’t terrible there are a lot of disenchant effects in the set.

Inspired Charge

This is another finisher for your aggressive low to the ground white decks and giving your team +2/+1 is no joke. If your opponent doesn’t block you have the chance to just kill them out of nowhere.

Invoke the Divine

There seem to be a decent amount of targets in this format and maindecking invoke still may be right. Otherwise this is a sideboard all-star and I will want one for every white deck.

Knight of the Tusk

6 mana is a lot but once you cast him having vigilance and 7 toughness means you can probably attack into most boards and start chipping away at your opponent not to mention being a knight. This card could be really good if the format is slow enough.

Knight’s Pledge

Would rather just have another creature than this card. There are some enchantment synergies in G/W but without giving any sort of evasion or anything this card is pretty bad.

Knightly Valor

This card may not be terrible in the auras matter deck. At first glance thought it was horrible but you do get a 2/2 just for casting the aura and then pump you creature. The only problem is that paying 5 mana for this and then getting blown out is a sure way to lose games of magic.

Leonin Vanguard

This is another great card for those aggressive decks and can enable your Pridemates. Gaining life makes racing really annoying for your opponent and can allow you to not have to worry too much about blocking. This deck wants to go wide and the Vanguard fits right in.

Loxodon Line Breaker

There seem to be a decent number of 2 power creatures at 2 and 3 mana and those creatures usually have some other ability that comes with them. As a vanilla 3 mana 3/2 this card is complete filler if you need some more playable but is extremely outclassed and out tempo’ed.

Luminous Bonds

Again great removal but with a bunch of disenchant effects in the format be aware this isn’t always permanent.

Make a Stand

This can be a finisher in a deck that is really looking to go wide with a bunch of small creatures allowing you to attack with no fear since your creatures are indestructible and is an instant and can be used to surprise your opponent suddenly making your creatures indestructible. Otherwise though I’m not too high on this one.

Mighty Leap

This is a great combat trick that is reasonably costed and flexible allowing you to take down a flyer or just win a combat you wouldn’t have.

Militia Bugler

This card definitely wants to be in a low to the ground deck with a lot of lower power creatures. This can help you find a Pridemate or Pegasus Courser but if you have a bomb you want to play then the Bugler may put it on the bottom so be aware of that.

Novice Knight

This card is rather all in if you want it to be really good. Otherwise if you are playing a slow deck then this is a great early play to have a good blocker. If you try to go all in and attack for 4 on turn 2 you might be able to win or you may just get blown out and run out of gas. This card can be very powerful and end a game quickly but requires a lot to go right.

Oreskos Swiftclaw

This is the kind of card that can make these aggressive decks end games quickly when you attack with this and blow out your opponent with a combat trick and this format seems like that aggro will be back.

Pegasus Courser

This card was great in Dominaria and I don’t see it being any different here. Giving another creature flying is always something I am interested in and this can set up some awkward situations.


Not the best in limited but it can thin your deck, gain you a little much needed life, and trigger any life gain matters effects.

Rustwing Falcon

This is a creature that I don’t really want in anything other than a low to the ground deck with some ways that pump up my whole squad otherwise this card is pretty useless.

Shield Mare

Just upon entering the battlefield it gains you 3 which is relevant in more ways than one. Otherwise it has some decent stats and has the potential to gain you some more life. Being able to cast this on turn 3 and gain 3 and put a counter on Ajani’s Pridemate will be nice. This card is highly synergistic and is a little less impressive on it’s own.

Star-Crowned Stag

Another clear indicator of a white aggressive deck and this card can help you to keep attacking by tapping down your opponent’s biggest blocker.

Take Vengeance

This is one of the only permanent removal spells in white. It is conditional in that it can only kill tapped creatures meaning creatures with vigilance are even better than before but it will destroy any tapped creature so there is some flexibility to it and at 2 mana this is pretty reasonable.

Trusty Packbeast

I like a 2/3 a lot more than 3/2s in this format so as a body the packbeast isn’t terrible but I’m not excited about it at all. Obviously if I have some interesting artifacts like a fountain of renewal that I can sac to draw a card then get back with packbeast this gets a lot more interesting otherwise purely filler.







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