Limited Concepts – M19 Set Review: Red

My rating scale goes from A+ to F
A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal
B: Very solid playables, good removal
C: Filler, easily replaced
D: Cards I’d rather not have in my deck
F: Unplayable


Act of Treason

This card is best and pretty darn good in decks with sacrifice outlets so you can steal your opponent’s creature, jam, and then sac it but this can still swing games and win games from nowhere in aggressive decks.

Boggart Brute

This is going to be a great aggressive creature that will make your opponent wary to block and they may often walk into an easy 2 for 1 if you have a combat trick. This is very aggressively costed and being a goblin has it’s perks here too.

Catalyst Elemental

This is an interesting card and I am excited to try out some cool plays with it. We have Grey Ogre that you can sac to ramp yourself presumably to a 6 mana dragon on turn 4. The places where I see this card as interesting is in combat situations where you block a big creature with this to save some life and sacrifice it after declaring blocks then use the mana to cast a removal spell on another creature or use a combat trick with another creature. I think this can lead to some interesting decks and remains to be seen if it’s purely build around or worthy in and deck with instant speed or flash spells.

Crash Through

Where this card is going to shine is in the UR Spells deck triggering “Prowess”. This card cost a single red and replaces itself and sometimes the trample is relevant but that is usually not why you play this card.


We have seen this effect many times before and pairing this with some Murders in your deck or Divinations is already going to be good though this is a sorcery so you can only use the effect on your turn. Again this is most at home in the UR spells deck but is a worthy inclusion into and deck with a decent number of instant and sorceries. Pairing this with removal can often bring you back into a game you were losing.

Dragon Egg

This card can stave off damage from opponents who don’t want to attack into it and when it does die the token is a real threat. This gets even better in decks with sacrifice outlets and other graveyard synergies.


In M19 4 damage can kill most creatures and this is where we are at with removal these days. I think this card will be a bit better than the last time we saw it in a limited environment.

Fiery Finish

I’ll throw this in my sideboard and bring it in if I have no real answers to my opponent’s big creatures but otherwise I am not very excited to play this.

Fire Elemental

As far as stats go this is a pretty fair rate and can beat a large number of commons in the arena, for instance black’s common 5CMC creature is a flying 3/4.

Goblin Instigator

This is a versatile spell that can be played in a controlling deck looking to just create early blockers or an aggressive deck looking to beat down and maybe have some gobbling synergies along the way. A couple of 1/1s aren’t huge but can be annoying and with sac outlets this card becomes very useful.

Goblin Motivator

It seems like aggro decks may really be a thing here and this card being a goblin makes me a little more interested in playing it but solely in those decks. I find this to be a fairly low impact card but with the right mix of creatures gets interesting.


In a set full of Grey Ogres Guttersnipe looks pretty good. This can slot into an aggressive goblin deck with a few burn spells for some extra reach or in the UR spells deck where it will get some serious mileage. I think this with Goblin Trashmaster and some burn can end games real quick.

Havoc Devils

Solid card that matches up very well against the rest of the format and can end games with a well timed combat trick trampling over for huge damage or a big blow out.

Hostile Minotaur

This card may better than I think but with so many value creatures in the format this just having haste doesn’t crazily excite me but I realize it can disrupt your opponent by creating an unexpected large attacker and that can completely change a damage race. It’s strong card in an aggressive deck for sure.

Inferno Hellion

This a very interesting card and when deck building I would probably think of it as a sorcery burn spell and not a creature because once it deals damage then it will be shuffled back into your library if it doesn’t die first. This can also be used as a blocker to stop your opponent’s creatures then swing in when the coast is clear. Any sort of pump of power gets absurd and I see this best as a curve topper in an aggressive red deck but I would probably play it in many red decks.

Lava Axe

5 damage is a lot to just deal out of nowhere and this card will probably lead to a lot of gotcha moments in this format but being unable to target creatures is a huge boon. That said there are plenty of decks that would be happy with a lava axe in their deck.

Lightning Mare

There is quite a bit of X/1 hate in the format and while this is aggressively costed RR is still not always a guarantee on turn 2. This card can scale with the game with the activated ability allowing you to block or attack into big creatures. I’d prefer this in my sideboard as a bullet against blue decks where its quite strong.

Lightning Strike

Solid versatile removal at a great price. Don’t pass it one up in red.

Onakke Ogre

Not the worst vanilla creature but I want to avoid putting these in my deck if possible but isn’t terrible.


This is going to be a real house in this format killing quite a lot of creatures in the format and only for one mana not to mention going to face if needed.

Siegebreaker Giant

This card is a must answer and can set up stick situations for your opponent. This allows you to have a lot of play when you can activate the ability and cast some removal on the same turn. If this had the 4th point of power then this card would be out of Lightning Strike and Strangling Spores range.


I’ll through it my sideboard but only bring it in against extremely threatening artifacts. The card is extremely efficient but very narrow.

Sparktongue Dragon

This is an effective flyer that can put a real clock on your opponent but can be stopped by cheaper flyers in the format. The second ability comes in strong there allowing you to shoot down their opposing flyer if need be or any other creature. Remains to be seen if the format is slow enough for this to be a good card because if you are playing a bunch of aggro decks this wont really do the trick.

Sure Strike

Super solid combat trick that I will always play in red.

Tectonic Rift

This is an interesting card for an aggressive deck using this to end the game early or in the UR spells deck but is rather expensive that doesn’t really impact the board.


This is the same effect as Fling for a mana cheaper which is nice and can really finish games off. If you have ways of making tokens then this gets much better but otherwise you often 2 for 1 your self if you use this on another creature.

Tormenting Voice

Red card filtering is important to avoid flooding out, can be used for spells matter, and works great with graveyard synergies allowing you to discard cards to buy back later.

Trumpet Blast

This can lead to sudden wins and when your opponent declares no blocks and also create massive blowout opportunities.

Viashino Pyromancer

Decent card for an aggressive deck or one with buyback effect making this effect trigger a second time. The 1 toughness is worrisome though and just doesn’t really block.

Volcanic Dragon

This is no Glorybringer but as an uncommon this is pretty good. 6 mana is hefty for no other effects but this can swing a race or lock down a large opposing creature.

Volley Veteran

This guy is always going to deal 1 unless of course he is killed with the trigger on the stack but he does count himself so don’t forget that. The extra power means it can trade with some bigger creatures as well so I’m happy to play this card.








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