Limited Concepts – M19 Set Review: Multicolored/Artifacts

My rating scale goes from A+ to F
A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal
B: Very solid playables, good removal
C: Filler, easily replaced
D: Cards I’d rather not have in my deck
F: Unplayable


Aerial Engineer


This is a pretty good payoff for being in this color pair since this will be most flyers in the set when it is turned on and if you are in this color pair you are gonna have some artifacts lying around. The 6 drop dragon in red is one of the only things that come to mind that trade and that is just a straight up mana disadvantage for your opponent.

Brawl-Bash Ogre

Being two colors makes this a little difficult to cast and 4 mana as well. This can do some serious work against your opponents and make them not want to block especially if you have some tokens laying around and sometimes you can just win the game out of nowhere.

Draconic Disciple

This card seems really powerful but the mana cost and potential for blowouts upon activation of the second ability makes me a little wary.

Enigma Drake

This is your real payoff for being in the spells deck since the drake can just be huge and if not then it’s still a great rate for a flying blocker and can maybe chip in for damage here and there.

Heroic Reinforcements

This is can be a huge swing and if the aggressive decks are real this is a great payoff for being in one. Pumping your whole team and creating two attackers your opponent wasn’t expecting can really change he dynamic of the game.

Poison-Tip Archer

This is a nice blocker for flyers which green lacks. The drain effect can be interesting with other sac outlets and can suddenly kill opponents out of nowhere. And either way is just a slow attrition in grindy match ups.

Psychic Symbiont

This is ultimate value and I may be sucker for these kinds of cards since this does cost 6 mana but it can be truly devastating to an opponent when you are on the play and make hem discard their 6 drop and you get to draw a card. Did I mention it has flying?

Regal Bloodlord

This is a card that can help you take over in a board stall and help you stabilize a board. With a decent amount of incidental life gain in the set and a few repeatable sources this card has the potential to just swarm the board and even just making 1 or 2 bats can be enough to disrupt your opponent and buy you some time.

Satyr Enchanter

I will probably play one of these if I am in these colors and have cards like Luminous Bonds as well as some auras but I am not picking him highly at all and expect you can probably pick one up if you are in GW.

Skyrider Patrol

The body on this card is decent and having flying is always great. This card really shines with it’s ability to pump a creature every turn and that effect is permanent and on top of that grant flying until the end of turn. Target a Colossal Dreadmaw and have some fun.

Arcane Encyclopedia

If this format is anything like Dominaria speed then I’m all about this card. You often have to pay 4 mana repeatable card draw like this so 3 is nice and is a nice artifact to have in you UW decks.

Diamond Mare

Again if we are looking at something similar to Dominaria speed then this horse can block early and just gain you some life over the course of a few turns and if you are in a life gain matters deck then is a nice little engine.

Explosive Apparatus



I might play this in artifact matters decks but I am pretty unhappy with this in my deck. To much mana for such a small effect.

Field Creeper

Pretty terrible creature and wouldn’t really even want one in my artifact decks.

Fountain of Renewal

This card is going to be great in a life gain matters deck or an artifact deck but is otherwise a pretty terrible card.

Gargoyle Sentinel

This is a solid creature and can be a decent first pick if you want to stay open. 3 mana 3/3 that you can give flying in the later stage of the game and works with any artifact synergies.

Gearsmith Guardian

This card is really unimpressive and at 5 mana hope to have something a little more impactful.


Solid ramp and fixing not to mention plays well with artifact synergies in this set.

Mauraders Axe

This may be a set where this really comes in handy. With a pretty flat power level across cards being able to suit up creatures multiple times makes this card nice and only 2 to cast and 2 to equip is pretty decent. Wish it pumped toughness. I’m willing to go lower on this card after trying it out but I think it is definitely worth trying it out.

Meteor Golem

If the format is as slow as Dominaria I could see this being somewhat playable killing any nonland permanent but only coming on a 3/3 body is not the best but is not the worst in this format.


This is very slow but maybe in a grindy match up this could be an interesting sideboard card.

Rogue’s Gloves

Not pumping power and toughness here can be a big problem but I could see this in an a deck full of flyers being pretty good. The rate is not terrible just more often you would probably do better with another creature. If this format proves to be extremely slow this card will go up in value.


This is no Skittering Surveyor but in decks that care about artifacts this gives you a nice little boost and can help thin your deck while providing a blocker and if you are in any sort of sacrifice deck can be interesting as well.

Suspicious Bookcase

This card can block early and in the late game take over the game. Making a creature unable to be blocked for only three mana is pretty cheap and can suddenly end games.











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