Limited Concepts – Guilds of Ravnica Red Commons and Uncommons

My rating scale goes from A+ to F
A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal
B: Very solid playables, good removal
C: Filler, easily replaced
D: Cards I’d rather not have in my deck
F: Unplayable

Barging Sergeant

This card seems fairly bad but it is a Mentor card with a higher power than the others allowing you to place counters on more creatures but all around this card doesn’t seem too great being 5 mana with only 2 toughness this will be easily killed.

Book Devourer

This is a pretty decent body with trample almost giving red a little Colossal Dreadmaw with upside allowing you to pitch your hand if you have some Jump-Start cards then draw some new cards or even just get a fresh hand if you so choose.

Command the Storm

Useable removal but not one I’m to happy to be playing. It will kill what you need to kill hopefully but at 5 mana you do leave the chance to not be able to kill some things and even get blown out due to it being damage based.

Cosmotronic Wave

This will be a decent sideboard card against token decks but otherwise I would stay away from this card. These effects never really work the way you need them to.

Direct Current

I’m curious to see how this card actually plays because in essence this is just a more expensive Shock but it gives you the ability to cast it twice. Or even better Surveil into the graveyard and then Jump-Start later but in then this is only 2 damage so is that truly relevant or does just the pure value of Jump-Start make this good.

Electrostatic Field

This is a pretty decent 2 drop in an Izzet deck that can block early and get value over the game and even in the late game can potentially ping your opponent for a little damage. This can also be a build around if you pick up quite a few of them.

Fearless Halberdier

Solid 3 drop that will do what you need in your Boros deck helping you curve out but is pure filler.

Fire Urchin

A decent 2 drop that has the potential to get bigger but is going to most likely be pretty clunky. I didn’t think there are enough cheap Jump-Start cards to make this especially good. But in a Boros deck this gets interesting if it has a Mentor trigger on it then triggers it’s own ability.

Goblin Banneret

This is a powerful card when you are curving out with it and in the late game can still be somewhat relevant by getting pumped and being able to Mentor another creature. This is a high variance card but if you are all in on your fast Boros deck this will be a nice 1 drop to have a 2 or 3 drop Mentor onto then can more easily Mentor another 1 drop and start a chain.

Goblin Cratermaker

Strong 2 drop that can get in for some damage and be Mentored and then has some extra versatility by picking something off or destroying an artifact.

Goblin Locksmith

Filler 2 drop and a nice sideboard card against heavy wall decks looking to brick wall your Boros deck otherwise pretty much filler.

Gravitic Punch

I feel like this is an oops I win card but I can’t say it is an actually good card but I know that people will get kills with it.

Hellkite Whelp

Nice flyer that can mow down tokens and I have seen quite a few X/1s in the format that this will take down as well. I wish the body was a little bigger but still a powerful card.

Inescapable Blaze

This is at least an instant and can hit any target so if you really need to…..

Lava Coil

This is some pretty premium removal even being at sorcery speed. You get the added upside of exile against decks with Undergrowth cards and they can’t bring them back with any cards as well. This is a great starting point to get into red.

Maniacal Rage

This may be an enabler for the Boros Mentor deck making it so your Mentor creature can Mentor other creatures more easily by having a higher power. Otherwise would probably avoid this without a bunch of 1 and 2 drops.

Maximize Velocity

I will never put this in my deck. Can’t be used at instant speed so it isn’t a combat trick and is just both worth a card.

Ornery Goblin

Another decent 2 that can get random upside throughout the game and there are quite a few X/1s I have seen so this is nice to brick wall them but there are better 2s and I would look to bring this out of the board if I noticed a decent number of X/1s.

Rubblebelt Boar

Nice Effect on a decent body and can allow a Mentor trigger to go on a bigger creature then would have been previously able. Will want one for most Mentor decks and even just aggressive red decks.

Smelt-Ward Minotaur

Powerful little 3 that can cause some crazy wins and as just a 3 mana 2/3 I’m fairly happy with that being able to be Mentored onto as well. Then you just make combat very difficult for your opponent with this card.

Street Riot

Not a card that really effects the board and not worth a card in your deck. This doesn’t make it easier to Mentor and trample doesn’t really do much plus 5 mana is a ton.

Sure Strike

This card is going to be a premium in this format. Sure Strike is probably one of the best combat tricks and when leveraged correctly can change the landscape of a board.

Torch Courier

This is a 1 drop for your Mentor decks which you are probably going to want if you are going all in on that. Otherwise those card is pretty bad requiring you to sacrifice it to give something haste but if you need 1 drops then play it.

Wojek Bodyguard

This is the perfect common for the Mentor deck. It is a little concerning this can’t attack or block alone but the point is to help to trigger Mentor and this is a decent sized Power creature at common that can help enable this archetype.







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