Limited Concepts – Guilds of Ravnica Green Commons and Uncommons

My rating scale goes from A+ to F
A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal
B: Very solid playables, good removal
C: Filler, easily replaced
D: Cards I’d rather not have in my deck
F: Unplayable


Affectionate Indrik

This is an awesome effect to have stapled onto a pretty decent body but only being a 4/4 means it has a high likelihood of dying and for 6 mana you may need something a little beefier especially without Convoke to help you cast it. That being said this is still a powerful card that gets you value the turn you play it.

Arboretum Elemental

This is some serious power but only 5 toughness has me a little worried and no trample. Hexproof is a big deal though and if you are doing Convoke things and can power this out early then you should be able to run over your opponents.

Circuitous Route

This is super solid fixing in a set that is full of powerful multicolored cards and otherwise ramp for your green deck that probably already had some fat creatures in it. The ability to get Guildgates with this is huge.

Crushing Canopy

Solid sideboard card and I have even been putting effects like this in the main deck of my green decks lately if I don’t have a lot of ways to stop flyers and often tends to have a target.

Devarkin Dissident

Decent 2 drop that can be used for Convoke in the early game or help threaten a big attack in the late game.

District Guide

This card is the real deal and possibly even first pick material in a multicolored set like this. This is a green Skittering Surveyor with a bit of a bigger body and can find you dual lands and there will be a Gate in every pack so this can really help you splash some of the powerful cards in this set.

Generous Stray

I really like this card in a Convoke deck giving you material to play your Convoke cards and drawing you into more material while also being a roadblock if needed. It’s not a Skyscanner but in your green decks I think this is a solid card that doesn’t ask much of you.

Golgari Raiders

This card requires quite a bit of set up to be a good but if it does come in with at least 4 counters on it then I’m happy. Compared to Hostile Minotaur from the previous set that was 4 mana 3/3 Haste always I would want to be a little better than that card since this requires the set up of Undergrowth. Now if this can consistently be a 5/5 haste because you are looking to play this very late in the game then that’s where I’ll be happy to play this card.

Grappling Sundew

I don’t hate this card since it can come down early and defend. This can be used to Convoke or protect you as you ramp into some bigger threats and in the late game can just stop everything short of trample damage getting through. I think this card being only 2 mana to cast and the ability costing more makes it much better than something like Amaranthine Wall.

Hitchclaw Recluse

Decent filler for your green decks when you don’t have many ways to stop flyers. This is not Mammoth Spider which I found to be better having that extra point of Power can really make a difference and I was willing to pay an extra mana for that but the Hitchclaw can at least stave off small flyers.

Ironshell Beetle

Strange card that I don’t really see a home for. It can be noted that the counter can be placed on itself so it can just be a filler 2/2 for curve purposes but otherwise I could see this being useful for Lifelink tokens maybe but otherwise not a fan. Though I could see this actually being a pretty decent as a way to make one of your creatures big enough to get into combat while also just leaving a body behind that can block and be used to Convoke.

Kraul Foragers

This is a decent body for 5 mana and if you are doing any Undergrowth things or just getting into combat then this should gain you a little life and I could find this very annoying for your opponents and can help you stabilize against an aggressive strategy.

Kraul Harpooner

Here is a premium 2 drop in green that not only has a powerful ability but is also just a 2 mana 3/2 which is something I am already happily playing and has Reach on top of that. All for only 2 mana this card is awesome. The only problem is that it only has 2 Toughness so will often die in a fight but it will kill what you need to kill.

Might of the Masses

If you have any sort of token strategy this card is a straight bomb. Otherwise this can theoretically often be +2/+2 for a single green. Where I see this really shining is in a Convoke deck already looking to have a ton of creatures on the field and then can just play this onto whatever creature wasn’t blocked to smack for a ton of damage.

Pack’s Favor

Decent amount of mana for this trick but if you can use just one creature to Convoke this then it’s not terrible.

Pause for Reflection

Not worth a card I think but having convoke does make it so you could be doing other things with you mana on the same turn but still not gonna make my deck.

Portcullis Vine

This is some solid filler that can help you get to the late game by blocking early aggressors and then can be sacrificed to draw a card in the late game when it has become irrelevant. Not a huge card but definitely one that is not just a Defender that is a dead card in the late game.

Prey Upon

It is removal in green though not my preferred form. Though it is only a single green mana this doesn’t give your creature a boost and they have to fight not just deal damage so your creature can die. That being said this will be a card I play and will work well if you have some big creatures.

Siege Wurm

Nice top end that can theoretically be cast more reliably since it has Convoke. If you are stuck on mana but keep drawing creatures eventually you will be able to cast this. The only thing I’m worried about is not having creatures to help cast these Convoke cards and them being very overcosted for their stats. But I believe you will have the creatures you need to make this easier to cast.

Sprouting Renewal

Nice Sideboard card if you really need it and can be utilized as making a 2/2 if you don’t have a target but that still doesn’t make me really want to run this main deck though I could be wrong. The versatility is nice and being able to convoke this spell is cool but I’m not to excited for it.

Urban Utopia

This is great fixing at only 2 mana that replaces itself by drawing you a card and then makes it so you can more reliably splash some of these powerful multicolored cards. We have been seeing this effect at three and it is much better at two.

Vigorspore Worm

By the time you are casting this you should theoretically have a few creatures in your graveyard which makes this effect fairly powerful. You could be giving +3/+3 to a creature allowing a huge attack and then you are left with still a huge body. Not to mention the very last line of text on here only being able to be blocked by one creature. This is a crazy common.

Wary Okapi

Decent little 3 drop that is curve filler and can trade up.

Wild Ceratok

This trades down with the previous card and has absolutely no abilities. This is a curve filler as well but one I am very I excited to play.




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