Limited Concepts – Guilds of Ravnica White Common and Uncommons

The time has finally come and Guilds of Ravnica prerelease is next weekend and I for one am so excited to get my hands on these cards and play in this Limited format that looks fun and challenging. Over the next week we will be going thorough all of the cards in the set and their applications in Limited to get you ready for prerelease weekend. First we will jump into my grading scale and how that is broken down.


My rating scale goes from A+ to F
A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal
B: Very solid playables, good removal
C: Filler, easily replaced
D: Cards I’d rather not have in my deck
F: Unplayable


Blade Instructor

This is a solid playable but nothing to spectacular. You will want to pair this with a Roc Charger to give it flying to smash in but this can trade with a lot and will pump up your smaller creatures. Plus can punish your opponents who stumble.

Candlelight Vigil

This is a card I’ll be very interested to try out and wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually pretty good. You can just make enormous creatures with this aura and demands hard removal to kill. Auras have been getting better though this is 4 mana and is no Mark of the Vampire but I’ll be willing to give it a shot. The problem is that it doesn’t necessarily help you when you are behind like Mark of the Vampire did by giving your creature lifegain but it can potentially shut the door on a game.

Collar the Culprit

I feel like this is a narrow card that may end up just being a necessary evil for some decks. This is not premium removal and I would not be picking this card early but can be a powerhouse sideboard card against some decks. Though at the same time I’m thinking that while this card may be narrow generally creatures with 4 or more toughness are what you want to kill and smaller creatures you can trade with so this might actually be better than first thought.

Conclave Tribunal

This is premium removal though the only problem is that it is an enchantment and there has been a lot more prevalence of main deck enchantment removal but this is still a very solid card that can remove anything from the game and can be cast by your creatures using Convoke allowing you to spend you mana on something else in the same turn. The only thing this really is missing is Flash.

Crush Contraband

I can’t imagine you would want to play this. 4 mana is a lot for an effect where you generally only want to do one not both. This is a Commander card or something I don’t think you want to be playing this in your Limited decks though against some decks maybe it could have applications out of the sideboard.


This is a very narrow card and is no Pacifism but this can stop some super bombs in the format but otherwise I’ll stick this in my sideboard and probably never bring it in.

Flight of Equenauts

This card is hard to evaluate but stats wise a 4/5 Flyer is a heck of a creature. The thing is 8 mana is a ton and I could see a situation where you don’t have any creatures to help you use Convoke to cast this and it just gets stranded in your hand unless you get to 8 mana. I guess the argument could be made that if you aren’t drawing lands you are drawing creatures in this style of deck eventually allowing you to cast this. Plus if you are doing Selesyna things then you should have some tokens lying around. Just keep these things in mind when picking and playing this card.

Gird for Battle

I’m really not quite sure why this card is here. If this was an Instant it would be pretty different but at Sorcery speed I don’t think this effect is worth a card.

Haazda Marshal

This card will be very powerful if you curve out starting with this on turn 1 and play a couple Mentor creatures afterwards and make the Marshal a little bigger then you can attack and get your extra 1/1 and from there if your opponent can’t answer then things can get out of control and really punishes stumbles. This is not the best top deck in the late game but can still get value if you are attacking and can get an extra Lifelink body out of it.

Healer’s Hawk

Solid playable that gets pretty powerful with some Mentor creatures or auras and can be fodder for Convoke.

Hunted Witness

This is another great card to pair with Mentor creatures but is also just a good early play that can maybe get in some damage then block two things later and gain some life.

Inspiring Unicorn

Powerful card that can pump your team and White is definitely trying to go wide in this set and have a bunch of creatures so this card pairs great with that allowing you to get in attacks you may otherwise not have been able to. The only problem is that it doesn’t pump itself and is only a 2/2 for 4 mana so I’m waiting to play with it to give it any higher of a grade since I imagine the first time you attack with it the the Unicorn will be blocked and die.

Intrusive Packbeast

I think this is a very solid card that will be played in any white deck. Being able to tap down two of your opponents creatures on turn 5 can mean a lot of damage can be dealt and the 3/3 body is relevant too.

Ledev Guardian

The fastest I believe you can play this card is turn 3 and do you really need to play a 2/4 a turn early? This can potentially allow you to double spell in one turn in your Convoke deck which is where I think this card really shines but even there you aren’t accomplishing a ton unless you have some sort of pump effect .

Loxodon Restorer

I think this card will be very annoying for your opponents and you can play this as early as turn 4 which is pretty much on rate but does require you to take off a turn from any attacks. Having 4 toughness means it can survive fights with a decent number of other creatures and 3 power can kill a lot.

Luminous Bonds

Premium removal in white although it does leave the creature on the battlefield allowing it to use its abilities still and can be removed by enchantment removal but I think it will be less likely in Ravnica.

Parhelion Patrol

This is a nice little flyer that can chip in for some damage over time and has the Mentor ability. The only problem with this is that it can only pump up other creatures with only 1 power so I don’t know how much mentoring it will actually do and how relevant it will be but if it’s on Lifelink tokens every point of power counts.

Righteous Blow

Decent cheap removal that can pick off little creatures or help you finish off bigger ones. I would really only play this if I didn’t have another decent creature to play or if I had barely any removal.

Roc Charger

So Pegasus Courser has seen an upgrade in rarity since this is essentially the same card but an uncommon now instead of common. Still a great card and goes into just about any white deck.

Skyline Scout

This is a great 2 drop in white that can put on some early pressure and in the late game it might as well just have flying on it. Having to pay mana is a little weaker than the cards we have seen like it lately but with Mentor cards this thing can help end games quickly.

Sunhome Stalwart

Another solid little 2 drop that you are going to want in your white decks. Most will be looking to curve out and this is a good card to help to put some pressure on having First Strike and it can pump up any of your tokens or 1 drops as well with the Mentor ability.

Sworn Companions

For 3 mana you only get 2 mana worth of stats but spread across two bodies and they have Lifelink. In your Convoke decks this can give you some extra bodies for mana and in your Mentor decks these can get pumped up to gain you some serious life.

Take Heart

This is a powerful combat trick giving your creature +2/+2 for only 1 mana. In any deck with a decent number of token generators and small creatures then you could also gain a significant amount of life off this as well. I’ll be playing 1 in my white decks.

Tenth District Guard

Playable 2 drop if you don’t have any others and really need to have a curve but I would not be picking this highly. This is not an effect you generally need on turn 2 or at sorcery speed for that matter. Now if Aether Vial was in the format this get interesting otherwise I’ll pass.


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