Limited Concepts – Guilds of Ravnica Blue Commons and Uncommons

My rating scale goes from A+ to F
A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal
B: Very solid playables, good removal
C: Filler, easily replaced
D: Cards I’d rather not have in my deck
F: Unplayable

Capture Sphere

Solid blue removal that I can stop what ever you need to. It is 4 mana but also only requires a single blue which makes this very splashable removal. It does have the downside of being an enchantment but having Flash is really nice.

Chemister’s Insight

This is going to be great card draw or can be used as filtering as well. Surveiling this into your graveyard and then using the Jumpstart ability to cast it from your graveyard will be an effect way to draw through your deck and help you find what you need.

Citywatch Sphinx

I wish this was a 4/5 instead but I will take it. This is an expensive spell but it has the potential to end the game very quickly if left unchecked and if dealt with allows you to filter to find another threat. The Surveil effect works less in a dedicated Surveil deck and better in just a creature deck since you can’t guarantee the ability will trigger. Though you are probably just winning the game at that point.

Dazzling Lights

Not the best combat trick but I could see this being secretly good similar to unformfortable chill. Just playing this as 1 mana Surveil 2 is almost like cycling.

Devious Cover-Up

This is not the preferred counter spell but it may end up being alright but that’s only if exiling a card really makes a difference. I imagine it won’t matter too much. But it is the same casting cost as Capture Sphere so the format may play out to be that this card is better than it seems.

Disdainful Stroke

This isn’t straight up Essence Scatter but a lot of the creatures you want to counter in this format are going to be at 4 or more mana and this can also stop removal spells like Capture Sphere and Deadly Visit. I think this will be a powerful card in Limited.

Enhanced Surveillance

Build Around: B
This is a build around card and I would not put this into just any deck. That being said I’m curious to see if you can build a deck around this card with it being at the uncommon slot you could pick up 2 and have a higher chance of playing one early then drawing through your deck more quickly to find some big bomb then can shuffle your graveyard back into your deck. This remains to be seen how good Surveil really is but I imagine it’s pretty good.

Guild Summit

Build Around: D
This card asks quite a lot of you. It only cost 3 mana but it requires you to have some lands untapped when you cast it not to mention they need to be Gates then you can draw a card for each one then can draw a card every time you play one this requires you to draft quite a few gates to be worth it and then you won’t have very good deck in the first place. I’ll be willing to see someone try this but ill probably avoid it.


I’m really trying to avoid 1 toughness creatures and this can do some damage but is easily picked off.

Maximize Altitude

This card being a sorcery makes me very unimpressed. It can just randomly win you the game but leaves you very vulnerable and doesn’t have much versatility. Though I can imagine a world where it is good to just go attack you for 5 in the air next turn Jump-Start attack you for 5 in air and win. So I’d give this card a try before totally discounting it but only in very aggressive blue strategies.

Murmuring Mystic

This is going to be a serious contender of the format. The body on this thing is huge at 4 mana and then you get to swarm the board as you cast spells and slowly take over the game. This can come down and be a big blocker and then can start to generate value.

Muse Drake

Decent card that is a great 4 drop filler and replaces itself to keep action flowing in your blue decks allowing it to trade off if needed or just chip away in the air.

Nightveil Sprite

This is a solid 2 drop and I am always looking for good 2 drops in Limited. Having evasion makes the need to attack trigger easier to happen and is a Surveil enabler for anything that cares about that. This card will gain you advantage over the game after just a few attacks.

Passwall Adept

This is an alright 2 that can block a decent number of creatures and maybe it’a ability may be relevant.

Radical Idea

In Izzet decks this card is probably pretty good and decks where you just care about casting instants and sorceries but otherwise this is not card advantage and I would be looking to have other payoffs before wanting to play this card.

Selective Snare

This is a very strange card being only a sorcery though it can be used to remove auras effectively by bouncing a creature for just 2 mana but you lose a lot not being able to use this at instant speed.

Sinister Sabotage

Strong counter spell that doesn’t draw you a card but comes pretty close. This does require double blue but counters anything and gains you some extra advantage while doing so.

Thoughtbound Phantasm

This is a nice payoff for Surveil and can come down on turn 1 allowing you to cast some Surveil cards and get this thing online attacking as a 5/5. It won’t do you a ton later in the game but is great early on.

Unexplained Disappearance

This is cheap interaction and also gets a Surveil out of it. Bounce has been getting better and better and I think that this set will be no exception and it’s all upside with Surveil tacked on.

Vedalken Mesmerist

This is a fine 2 drop though I don’t think it does much giving a creature -2/-0 when this is a 2 drop with only 1 toughness. Means this will generally always trade so this is not really an aggressive 2 drop even though it is suppose to be. Maybe paired with some combat tricks or something then this gets better.

Wall of Mist

I prefer not to play these if I can do something better but they are necessary evil some times.

Watcher in the Mist

This is the new Cloudreader Sphinx and may be the best blue common. This does have double blue in its casting cost making it a little more difficult to cast but the consensus is that Surveil is better than Scry so this is probably a bit better than the Sphinx.

Wishcoin Crab

This is some alright filler that can clog up the ground but probably will not be winning you the game anytime soon.






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