Limited Concepts – Guilds of Ravnica Black Commons and Uncommons

My rating scale goes from A+ to F
A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal
B: Very solid playables, good removal
C: Filler, easily replaced
D: Cards I’d rather not have in my deck
F: Unplayable

Barrier of Bones

This is some serious filler but at the same time gives you a little utility by giving you Surveil 1 when you cast it and can help fuel your Undergrowth abilities.

Bartizan Bats

An all right creature that can do some serious damage but with only one toughness this card can easily be shut down and can trade down. If your opponent doesn’t have many ways to block it though this will be a beater.

Burglar Rat

This card may not be that great since this set does have a lot of things that use the graveyard so giving your opponent a choice in what to discard may not be the best here but in the mid game when they only have a couple cards left in their hand then making this a nice effect to have stapled to a body.

Child of Night

Not the best 2 drop but again some alright filler that can be used for curve purposes.

Creeping Chill

Not really an effect that is worth a card at 4 mana. Now if you can get a decent number of these and have a serious Surveil deck then maybe this gets interesting but otherwise not a card I want in my deck.

Dead Weight

Great cheap removal that can trade up with a ton of cards or just make the creatures more manageable. Though only usable at sorcery speed this is still going in all my black decks.

Deadly Visit

This is only at sorcery speed unfortunately but this is your common hard removal spell in black and with Surveil 2 stapled onto it as well this is going to be a first pick and a reason to play black.

Douser of Lights

Decent curve topper that can contend with a large number of other creatures. This is the black Thornhide Wolves which was a card I wasn’t unhappy to put in my deck last format.

Hired Poisoner

Decent one drop that can be used to trade up but doesn’t accomplish much else. This is a great early play and can slow down your opponent.

Kraul Swarm

This can help to fuel your Undergrowth cards by allowing you to discard creatures to bring this back to your hand but it is very slow. This is a nice way to have a recursive threat and if your opponent doesn’t have a way to stop a flyer then this will run away with the game. And if the do stop it then they will have to again and four power is enough to be able to trade with a decent number of other creatures.

Lotleth Giant

This is a huge creature but is so much mana to cast but by the time you are casting this you will have a few creatures in your graveyard which could just end up killing your opponent and if it doesn’t then you have a huge body left over. It does not have trample which is annoying as well.

Mephitic Vapors

Decent sideboard card against a token strategy but otherwise this being sorcery speed makes me completely uninterested.

Moodmark Painter

Here we have a great common that pays you off with the Undergrowth mechanic and can really dish out some damage. I can see many situations where this suddenly just ends the game and paired with any self kill then this card gets even better. Leaving behind only a 2/3 body isn’t amazing but does set up some attacks you may not have been able to make before or just win the game.

Necrotic Wound

If you can have 2-3 creatures in your graveyard when you use this card you have a pretty good removal spell and this can scale with the game allowing you to kill bigger creatures later on for only a single black mana meaning this is a very splashable card and has an exile effect that may come up as well. Plus it can just be used as a combat trick on top of all that.

Never Happened

I’m never to high on these cards but every once in awhile they are decent in the format. Don’t expect it to be too good here but could fill out a control deck.

Pilfering Imp

This is a great early play that can deal some damage throughout the early game then block something and rip a card from your opponents hand and you actually get to choose which card as well.


This is a card that can always get value but when you need to have a creature and have none you have to sacrifice Plaguecrafter to itself which is a pretty big drawback. But this is synergistic with the Undergrowth mechanic basically being a removal spell on a creature so that means you have a creature in your graveyard as a opposed to an instant or sorcery.

Price of Fame

This is absolute premium removal that is only four mana and at instant speed. Not to mention sometimes it cost less when it targets creatures you generally really want to kill and oh yeah you can Surveil 2. This is another big pull into black.

Severed Strands

This requires you to have a creature to use but only cost 2 mana and gains you a little life. This is some extra removal if you are lacking some but not my preferrred removal in the set but serviceable and will kill what you want provided you have a creature yourself which you often want to do in Undergrowth decks.

Spinal Centipede

Decent curve filler that can fill your graveyard and trade with a creature then also gets value upon dying.

Undercity Necrolisk

This is going to be a solid card I’m not just Undergrowth decks but can be a decent card in any black deck that can become a very serious threat.

Veiled Shade

Not a card I’m happy to put in my deck but is playable if you need some creatures.

Vicious Rumors

Not a card that is worth putting in your deck and is almost card disadvantageous since so many decks will be making use of the graveyard discarding is not the worst thing.

Whispering Snitch

A decent 2 drop that can block well early and maybe accrue a little incidental damage over the game but with this ability only triggering once per turn building around this card is pretty unlikely and I would expect 3 damage over the course of the game to be a lot from this card.





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