Limited Concepts – Battlebond Commons and Uncommons: Black

Over the next few days I will be releasing my set review for Battlebond in the context of playing it in Limited 2-Headed Giant (2HG) First starting with the commons and uncommons of each color and then we will do rares and mythics.

My rating scale goes from A+ to F

A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal

B: Very solid playables, good removal

C: Filler, easily replaced

D: Cards i’d rather not have in my deck

F: Unplayable

Blaring Captain

This a very solid card that can pump your warriors and even pumps itself so you can think of it as a Hill Giant when it attacks. Blaring Captain also has partner with so it has some card advantage to it too and the synergy there is pretty strong.

Soulblade Corrupt

A 5 mana 3/3 deathtouch that also draws your team a card isn’t terrible. Not to mention this a warrior for any synergies there. This also gives all your team the potential to have deathtouch on attacks.

Bloodborn Scoundrels

This is a good body for this format and assist is nice to be able to make your team cast this a little sooner but this card would be a lot better if it said each opponent dealing 4 damage overall but Wizards seemed to make that not happen as much in this set. It also doesn’t have a relevant creature type so it’s not too exciting.

Fan Favorite

With all of the expensive 2/2s in this format Fan Favorite can attack into them with threat of activation by either player on your team by pumping it just once. It also has assist so theoretically you could cast this on turn 2 for your team and play and aggressive game.

Gang Up


A strong removal spell that can kill just about anything at instant speed and allows your teammate to help you cast it. It leaves you flexible to be very efficient or just removed what needs to be removed.

Inner Demon

This is a very powerful aura that can produce a sweeper effect against your opponents and leave you with a large flying threat. The potential for blowouts can be back breaking but otherwise this card is a powerhouse.

Mindblade Render

I would actively want this in my decks with a few warriors and the 1/3 body can hold off quite a few creatures. You really want your team to have a few warriors to make this worth it but once you have 4 or 5 among you it starts to get pretty interesting.

Sickle Dancer

Decent rate card that can get pumped up if someone on your team has a warrior which seems like will be pretty common. Then you have a 3 mana 4/3 that can potentially help fight through stalls.

Thrasher Brute

Again I would like this card better if it said each opponent but it does allow your warrior token producers to deal damage to your opponents every time they make a token and not to mention it’s a 4 mana 4/3 which is pretty good rate for this format.

Assassins Strike

If you really have to then you really have to but I am pretty unhappy putting this in my deck but if you have no removal then go ahead. Yes you get a discard off of it but without assist on here and the extremely high mana cost and sorcery speed I really don’t want to cast this spell.


This card can be annoying since it may not kill what you want it to but does only cost three mana. Since this is sorcery speed you can only kill something on your turn that is tapped which can make targets tricky but can often kill something you need to.

Daggerdrome Imp

This is a decent little annoying creature that is costed well and can potentially really annoy your opponents if they don’t have many flyers. This makes it a real threat gaining you a ton of life over a long game.

Doomed Dissenter

This is about the same as Doomed Traveler but at least Traveler gives you a flyer just a 1/1 is much less exciting in a multiplayer format. This is extreme filler and doesn’t really synergize with anything in the format.

Eyeblight Assassin

A decent little 2/2 but doesn’t synergize with much. It does allow you to pull of little tricks by playing after blocks or kill X/1 creatures but otherwise wont have a huge impact on the board.

Fill With Fright

This may be a decent card to play in a 2HG format where card advantage can really be the difference between winning and losing and can allow you to make your opponent go down cards and allow you to scry some action to the top of your deck.

Grotesque Mutation

This is a very powerful combat trick that can sneak through some final damage or help you kill something big while gaining a bunch of life and getting you back into the game.

Hand of Silumgar

Decent little card that can trade up or attack with fear of blocking it. Also a warrior.

Last Gasp

This is premium removal and will kill a lot in this format. We have been paying 2 mana for -2/-2 so -3/-3 is great and I will happily play multiples of this.

Liturgy of Blood

Solid removal that will kill just about anything and then gives you a dark ritual after resolving which kind of makes this only cost three mana. Just sorcery speed is not too great but something we have become accustomed to.

Morbid Curiosity

I think this will be a great card in this format allowing you to cast a 4 mana 2/2 that may have some effect when it enters the battlefield but otherwise isn’t a big body. Now you can sacrifice it and draw 4 more cards and bury your opponents in value.

Noxious Dragon

This is a very annoying threat for your opponent that should usually get you a 2 for 1. If your opponent wants to spend their removal spell on it (and being a 4/4 flyer they might have to) then you still get some extra value out of your expensive 6 mana creature by killing one of their smaller creatures. Otherwise this can just quickly close a game by attacking for 4 in the air.

Painful Lesson

I think that having card advantage in 2HG can be very important and this allows target player to draw 2 cards and lose 2 life which opens a lot of possibilities up. You can target your teammate to help dig for a removal spell you know is in their deck. You can target your opponent to mill one of them out in a long game or even use it to deal the last 2 points of damage. These are corner cases but add some interesting flex to this card.

Prakhata Club Security

This is a very vanilla creature but is well costed and the body may just match up very well against most of the creatures in the format.

Quest For the Gravelord

There aren’t many ways to abuse this card but having a 5/5 in this format is pretty big. This card can be great in the beginning of the game and even the middle but is a pretty bad top deck in the late game. I would feel more comfortable putting this in my deck if I had ways to sacrifice creatures or a bunch of removal.

Rotfeaster Maggot

This is a solid body that lines up nice against the format and can gain you a decent chunk of life when you cast it.

Screeching Buzzard

Flyers are always good in 2HG were the ground tends to get clogged up and making both opponents discard a card if the buzzard dies is a nice little upside.

Shambling Ghoul

I will have to really play the format to see how good this card is but it might just like up very nicely against a lot of creatures but is pretty low impact and is a terrible top deck when you just need a blocker.

Slum Reaper

This is a sort of like a weird removal spell. It can kill two things on your opponent’s side but can also makes you and your teammate sacrifice a creature too. So be aware that you will have to sacrifice Slum Reaper to it’s own effect if you don’t have any other creatures to sacrifice. Otherwise this is a powerful spell that can swing the game.

Swarm of Bloodflies

This card can become huge in some games and be a real threat but even just starting out as 2/2 flyer is decent. Then it can sort of just sit on the field as the game progresses and get bigger and bigger or threaten to become huge after an alpha strike.

Tavern Swindler

You feeling lucky? Cause I sure am not. I would not risk the ability of this card. If you think you are feeling lucky go for it or if you are just really short on creatures play it but I will not be touching this card if I can help it.

Tenacious Dead

This can be a nice infinite blocker if you are building some sort of controlling deck and just want to get to the late game but a 1/1 without a relevant creature type is extremely low impact in 2HG. I guess it is a warrior so its got that going for it too but rather unexciting.






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