Limited Concepts – Battlebond Commons and Uncommons: Red

My rating scale goes from A+ to F

A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal

B: Very solid playables, good removal

C: Filler, easily replaced

D: Cards i’d rather not have in my deck

F: Unplayable


Chakram Slinger

This card has an immediate effect when it enters the battlefield drawing you a card, it’s a pretty decent body at 2/4, and it is a repeatable source of damage. When the board stalls like it will tend to do in this format you can be chipping in 2 damage every turn and that adds up.

Impetuous Protege

Another partner card which I think are pretty good just on their face. This one requires some extra hoops to really be good but an 0/4 body is a good defender and getting to draw the partner is good too and will make your opponents think about what creatures they attack you with.

Azra Bladeseeker

3/2 for 3 with an ability is pretty special in this format and this one allows both members of your team to filter their hands which is very important in this grindy format.

Bull-Rush Brusier

This card will be pretty difficult to kill in combat which makes me rate it a little higher. Though I think you want this in an aggressive deck since it doesn’t really block all that well.

Cheering Fanatic

If you need some more early creatures this isn’t the worst one to have but requiring an attack to trigger the ability each turn is not very reliable and being a 2/2 I imagine you won’t attack too often. I think there are better cards to put in your deck.

Lava-Field Overlord

This thing is very expensive but having Assist gives the possibility of casting it as a five drop. Basically it Glorybringers something when it ETBs and then is just a 5/4 fliers and I think I have mentioned before how fond of fliers I am in this format.

Magma Hellion

This card reminds me of Charging Monstrosaur which was a beating and I think the Hellion can be too especially being able to cast it a little earlier with Assist and making it so you can attack in with a combat trick at the ready.

Stadium Vendors

This is a solid playable with a nice little upside that may sometimes be relevant. It enables the possibility for a double spell turn from your team which are very potent.

Bathe in Dragonfire

This is some great removal just missing being at instant speed.

Battle Rampart

Would prefer not to play this unless I am short on other playables. Doesn’t really do much but possibly allow you to cheese big attack.

Battle-Rattle Shaman

In a grindy format like 2HG this shaman is a pretty powerful card allowing you to make attacks you otherwise couldn’t and you will generally have a board full of creatures to start enhancing every combat.


Can’t kill everything but can come pretty darn close and the ability to go face is very important here since you will often be just a couple points short of lethal and a blaze can just lock up a game or suddenly kill your opponents when they are at 10. I definitely had plenty of mana in the matches I’ve played and a single blaze would have locked up some games.

Blood Feud

At first I didn’t understand this card properly but now i see it gives you the opportunity for a 2 for 1 just about everytime. You have two of your opponents creatures fight each other hopefully killing each other and clearing up the board. 6 mana seems like a lot but is easily attainable here.

Boldwyr Intimidator

This guy is one of those cards where if your opponents untap with him they will probably win the game. They can just make all your creatures cowards and start attacking for 5 plus any other warriors they control can’t be blocked as well which can lead to just winning the game in some situations.

Borderland Marauder

A solid aggressive card that can get even better with a +1/+1 counter or two. It can get in some early damage and then soak up some damage later on.

Chain Lightning

Solid removal that can get a little out of hand if your opponents have red mana but generally shouldn’t be an issue.

Dragon Breath

The most interesting part of this card is the last ability. Being able to discard this to some effects early and then play 6CMC creature to pull this out of the graveyard seems pretty sweet but otherwise just giving something haste is probably not going to matter most of the time and the buff is always nice but only to power.

Dragon Hatchling

I will rate this card a little higher since it is a flier that can slowly chip away damage and in the late game can seriously threaten your opponents life total if you have a decent number of mountains.

Earth Elemental

Solid playable and 5 toughness is pretty big here.

Ember Beast

I’m really not a fan of these cards that can’t attack or block alone especially in this format where you don’t want to just be sending you creatures in to combat all the time. Not to mention any double blocks you make your opponent will probably just kill the other creature so next time you can’t block.

Enthralling Victor

There are some seriously awesome creature you could steal that only have 2 power. I sort of want to try this card out first though because I could see it being pretty underwhelming. 3/2 are nice since they can attack past all these 1/3 in the format and you can get a free 2 points of damage.


If you are short playable this isn’t the worst since it does just allow you to thin your deck basically being a cycling card.

Flamewave Invoker

An alright playable that can sometimes seriously pay you off. You will end up with a lot of mana on the field and being able to just start hitting your opponents for 5 every turn will end the game quickly.

Lightning Talons

This is an aura I am actually pretty interested in in this format. Generally you want to be going wide and continue to play creatures but giving +3 and first strike to anything will make it so your opponents will have a very hard time blocking you.

Pathmaker Initiate

There are a lot of 2 power creatures in this format and being able to just chip away 2 unblockable damage all game long puts your opponents in to a very difficult situation as the game goes on and they can’t pressure you properly since they have already lost so much life. There will be plenty of turns passed back and forth with no attacks and this allows you to get in a little damage each of those turns.

Reckless Reveler

This does have some nice utility but with no sideboards in 2HG it makes me value this card a little less since I would generally just want to board it in against problematic artifacts. Otherwise the stats are unimpressive.


Kills quite a few things in the format and can go face when you need it to.

Thunder Strike

Solid combat trick that can get some serious blowouts by giving your creature first strike.

Trumpet Blast

This is a powerful card in a format where boards get clogged up with creatures. Having an effect to pump up all your creatures will generally lead to a win especially being able to be used at instant speed you can do some tricky things here.

Wrap in Flames

I would be much higher on this card if you had sideboards but without them it makes this hard to judge. There are a decent number of X/1s and killing two creatures with this is pretty good when really all you want in this format is more creatures but at 4 mana I want to guarantee that I’m killing some things and this doesn’t do that. I suppose you could use it after combat to sweep the board if you just need a little more damage.







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