Limited Concepts – Battlebond Commons and Uncommons: Multicolored/Artifacts

My rating scale goes from A+ to F

A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal

B: Very solid playables, good removal

C: Filler, easily replaced

D: Cards i’d rather not have in my deck

F: Unplayable


Azra Oddsmaker

Starting off as a 3 mana 3/3 and a warrior this card already has a lot going for it in the format. Add on the ability to draw an extra card a turn and we really got something here. You are vulnerable to getting blown out by discarding and choosing your creature and you opponent kills it. Just play smart.

Rushblade Commander

This can come in handy if you have a heavy warrior deck but otherwise this card is rather unimpressive.

Vampire Charmseeker

This card is a bit expensive but don’t forget it has Assist. The ability to return just about anything from your team’s graveyard to the owners hand is very powerful and on top of all that this is a 3/4 flyer which can do some work by itself.

Auger Spree

Solid removal spell that can deal some extra damage for you if you want it to.

Centaur Healer

Another 3 mana 3/3 which I really like here and you get to gain 3 life which is a decent little bonus.

Dinrova Horror

The horror can be a serious beating and when played right is a removal spell on a stick. If your opponents have no cards in hands then you just get to kill the creature you bounce. Plus a 4/4 on the ground is a pretty big body.

Enduring Scalelord

A 6 mana flying 4/4 is pretty on rate here and if you have any sort of support themes then this card just gets better with those. I will generally be just happy with a flying 4/4 though.

Jelenn Sphinx

This is a great blocker than can also chip in some damage having vigilance. The ability to pump your team on attacks is nice but nothing too special although I think it can set up situations where you win the game. Plus this just makes it really hard to push through damage.

Kiss of the Amesha

This is not a card I would usually play but with any sort of graveyard recursion for sorcereries then this gets interesting since you can build your deck around this card and just go to the late game and then gain 14 life and draw 4 cards.

Relentless Hunter

Again another 3 mana 3/3 which I like and on top of that you can pump the hunter for 3 mana and give it trample which can be very important in this format and will enable a lot more attacks with threat of activation.

Rhox Brute

An on rate vanilla creature that is actually pretty useful here. So many creatures are overcosted or come with downsides the only one here is that is a multicolored card so I wouldn’t be picking it early but will happily but it in my deck if it wheels.

Riptide Crab

Vigilance doesn’t apply a whole lot here but as a 1/3 this does a decent job blocking and when it does finally die then it replaces itself.

Savage Ventmaw

This card can often make your team pull extremely far ahead and just on the surface it’s 4/4 flier which I already love. Then bumping you to around 12 possible mana this helps you cast a couple more fatties and lock up the game or keep your lands untapped to play instants and used the mana from the Ventmaw to cast creatures.

Unflinching Courage

This a great aura and although you can get very blown out with an aura this one can make a difference just bumpy getting one attack in with your creature. Giving it lifelink and +2/+2 makes it so you will surely gain a decent amount of life and possibly trample over some damage while you are at it. This makes any creature a must answer threat.

Urborg Drake

I love the stat line on this card and everything about it other than it must attack each combat. There are many situations where you need to able to block and being a 2/3 make me more inclined to want to block as opposed to a 3/2 so having to attack every turn can be a serious detriment in this format.

Consulate Skygate

A colorless card that can block one of the most problematic permanents in this format the fliers. Having 4 toughness means it will do that pretty well and would be prioritizing this if I didn’t have many ways to deal with fliers though it only hold them at bay and won’t actually kill one.

Culling Dais

Having something on the field that you can just sacrifice creatures to for future value is great. If your opponent has removal just sac your creature in response and get a little value. This worked where my opponents played a destroy creature and discard a card spell but I fizzled it by sac’ing the creature so I didn’t have to discard and would be a future draw. Costing no mana to sac and only 1 to draw the cards this is a usueful tool in these grindy games.

Eager Construct

Solid playable though I don’t like letting my opponents scry but if you need something you could do worse but I’m not too interested in 2 mana 2/2s that don’t really do much else but will play the card.

Genesis Chamber

This is way too easy to have your opponents take advantage of and in the end may just be a wash. If you build around this and have a way to tap this on your opponent’s turn then this is great otherwise don’t play it.

Gold-Forged Sentinel

Flyers are great and this one is colorless so I would be happy to pick it early and know I have some sort of flying threat but is easily replaced with some higher power level cards.

Hexplate Golem

This guy can be a real headache for your opponents but 7 mana and no assist is a little much for a card that doesn’t do much else. Though I will say that the stats line up really nicely with most creatures in the format. But he will be stranded in your hand some games.


Juggernaut is not very good in this format since it is required to attack every turn and with only 3 toughness it is very easily killed. Often you are setting up defense and you don’t want to be forced to attack when you don’t need to and unable to block when you need to. That said Juggernaut can often get a 2 for 1 but I would look to some other playables first. Your opponents know it has to attack every turn and can play around that.

Millennial Gargoyle

Decent little flier but a little over costed yet it is colorless so I get it costing a little more mana. Nothing too special but fliers are always pushed up a little higher for me.

Night Market Guard

This is definitely a great blocker which is important in this format and having 3 power can kill a decent amount of things. It can get blown out by ping effects but cost only 3 mana so is not too over costed.

Peace Strider

The striders as 4 mana 3/3s line up decent in this format and gaining three life isn’t that great but it is something and can just racing math for your opponents when you have a blocker and just gained some life.

Pierce Strider

I like this strider better because you can suddenly kill your opponents without them realizing or just set up a situation that leaves them in an even worse position once they also lose three more life on top of everything else that may have just happened.

Seer’s Lantern

This doesn’t add colored mana and only 1 colorless. The ability to scry every turn is nice in this format but I don’t think this is worth a card and is probably too slow even for this format.

Spectral Searchlight

Now this card is great since it actually fixes your mana and only cost 3. This allows you to play any weird splash cards you may have gotten since you don’t have as many packs to players in 2HG

Stone Golem

Complete filler and would rather not play but will.

Tyrant’s Machine

4 mana is a lot to activate this icy manipulator variant and can only tap creatures. This will stop you from developing your board but if you do get to the very late game then this is a decent card.

Yotian Soldier

Nothing special here. Is a decent blocker and can kill X/1s otherwise just total filler.






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