Limited Concepts – Battlebond Commons and Uncommons: Green

My rating scale goes from A+ to F

A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal

B: Very solid playables, good removal

C: Filler, easily replaced

D: Cards i’d rather not have in my deck

F: Unplayable

Soulblade Renewer

This one is sort of hard to evaluate without playing with the card and it’s partner. On one hand it’s a 5 mana 2/2. The vanilla test it fails horribly and at first made me hate the card. The more I thought about it I thought about all the value you gain from this card. It immediately effects the board when you cast it and it draws you a card that synergizes with it. I think you are looking to gain tiny edges in this format and out value your opponent and that’s exactly what this card does.

Ley Weaver

Another partner card which tends to be great since they allow your team to draw a card when you cast one. This one works very well with the various mana sinks of the format allowing you to get extra value from your cards or just ramp out a big spell. I wouldn’t say you really want this in just any deck but one with a high top end or a few mana sinks then this becomes more appealing and I will say the the partner has an activated ability to draw cards so just those together are pretty sweet but you do need to have small blockers to allow you to keep drawing cards.

Charging Binox

This guy is huge and might be the green Yargle, although this guy has Trample. With Assist on this spell you and your teammate could theoretically cast this guy on turn 4 together and start smashing face. Having those extra 2 points of power actually matter since it has Trample and can help you push through on the likely clogged board states.

Combo Attack

Here we have some green removal of course at sorcery speed unfortunately though it can help you kill big creatures. The best part of this spell is that you don’t have to fight so your creatures take no damage. The worst part of this spell is that it requires you to have a creature though I imagine that won’t be too hard in this format but is still very conditional removal.

The Crowd Goes Wild

This card is can be your win condition or can just make your team bigger. Giving your whole team trample after making them bigger is a big game but without vigilance you may not be able to attack all out when you cast this and you don’t necessarily just win the game when you cast it though it’s definitely powerful.

Decorated Champion

Normally this card would be hit or miss depending on what tribe you were in or what colors you were playing but in Battlebond there are Warriors across all the colors and you could very easily have two decks full of warriors with 35 other Warrior creatures in the set you are sure to have a few. The problem is this card is really good when you cast it on two but can be a really bad topdeck in the late game when it needs some time to get going. It can still have an effect in the mid-game but you are really looking for it on turn 2 so I would really want to be looking to build around warrior synergies with this card.

Jungle Wayfinder


I think this card is a trap. One of the few cards in this set that is on rate being a 3 mana 3/3 but has a terrible downside that some might see as an upside. I don’t think a 3/3 is going to matter too much in this format and ramping your team as a plus for only 3 mana is great. But your opponents also get to grab lands from there deck which is not something your really want to do and you often can get free wins by your opponents stumbling on lands or not drawing the right colors and allowing them to search up that second black mana they needed to kill your bomb is not something I want to do.

Aim High

Great combat trick that untaps and gives a healthy bonus and can surprise fliers.

Beast Within

Some more interesting green removal and what makes this classic great is that it can destroy target permanent and is instant speed. Did your opponents open Rowan Kenrith? Unleash the Beast! Sure they get a 3/3 but this is to get rid of their real problematic permanents and a 3/3 token will be a lot less worrisome than a Planeswalker. It is a little worse than just straight removal since if you are behind that 3/3 could still kill you.

Canopy Spider

Solid 2 drop that can block early aggression and can slow down fliers.

Charging Rhino

4/4 is pretty big in this format and generally needs to be double blocked making this ability very relevant. No trample makes it a little worse since it can just be chump blocked but sometimes this could just run away with a game.

Cowl Prowler

6 mana 6/6 is on rate and huge for this format but no trample or any other abilities make this guy pretty unimpressive.

Daggerback Basilisk

Decent rate on this creature and Deathtouch can slow down your opponent’s attack or make you opponent not want to block. This is going to be a solid creature that will cause plenty of problems for your opponents.

Elvish Visionary

Solid card and will always play it in my green decks.

Feral Hydra

This is a very flexible card that you can play early if you need a blocker or can become huge in the late game or even a decent sized threat in the mid game. That flexibility makes me really like this card and it give your team a mana sink that anyone can activate.

Fertile Ground

This card may be very good in this format if you end up wanting to splash a lot. You may find yourself scrounging for playables after a draft and this card fixes and ramps you mana for only 2CMC. Pretty bad topdeck if you are only using it to ramp so I would be looking to only play this in decks that are splashing a color and then this is pretty good.


This is a decent little spell that can not only just be a 2/2 if you need a 2/2 but it can also help you or your opponent fix their mana. I have lost many games of 2HG to mana screw and only playing one game matches that really feels bad. This card makes it so if your teammate is mana screwed you can help them find lands so they can start casting their spells as well.

Giant Growth

Another solid combat trick that only costs a single green.

Hunted Wumpus

A 4 mana 6/6 is pretty far ahead of the curve and this allows your teammate to play a creature for free too which can allow you to do some cool combos. Yes your opponents get to play a couple creatures too but on turn 4 this will be the biggest thing on the battlefield and in the late game your opponents may not even have any more creatures in their hands. I could imagine your teammate having a partner pair in their deck. They play one partner and tutor for the other from their deck and then you play the Wumpus and they get to play the partner for free.

Karametra’s Favor

Replaces itself and only cost 2 but does go on a creature and those are easily killed but if you are looking to splash then you might want to pick one up but I would look for other options first. If you cast this and your opponents kill the creature in response then you won’t even get to draw the card and you just get blown out.

Kraul Warrior

I don’t think you want to play a ton of 2 drops in this format this one isn’t absolutely terrible since you can sink mana into it in the late game but 6 mana to activate is just asking to get blown out.

Lead by Example

This is a replacement if you don’t pick up any good combat tricks or removal then you can play this but I would prefer not to.

Plated Crusher

Solid beater that will help you break through a cluttered board with trample and is pretty difficult to kill having hexproof. I want one in just about any green deck.

Primal Huntbeast

This a decent card that I would be looking to through some Support counters on and make huge otherwise is unimpressive.

Pulse of Murasa

Getting back your bombs from the graveyard in this format is going to be pretty important and Pulse allows you to target your teammate’s graveyard and return cards to their hand and that versatility could really come in handy so keep that in mind when you have a Pulse of Murasa in your deck. Not to mention 6 mana is a ton of life. All this is at instant speed which means you can pull of some sweet tricks.

Return to the Earth

This is a card that belongs in the sideboard but there are no sideboards. If you don’t have a lot of ways to deal with fliers then I would consider playing this but otherwise uninterested.

Saddleback Lagac

This guy enters the battlefield and immediately makes your team bigger and then can trade off with a decent sized creature.

Skyshroud Claim

Not really to much of a ramp strategy in this format though if you have tons of good mana sinks maybe I would consider this card but you are going to want to be affecting the board in this format and 4 mana to not really effect the board at sorcery speed is pretty bad.

Veteran Explorer

Again with letting your opponents find lands. You are not really gaining any advantage by allowing everyone to search for lands because while you maybe enabling spells you couldn’t cast before you could also be enabling your opponent to do the same.

Wandering Wolf

This card does pretty much does nothing. If you have a lot of cards with Support in your deck and you put a couple counters on the wolf then you can do some serious damage otherwise I am completely uninterested.







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