Limited Concepts – Battlebond Commons and Uncommons: Blue

My rating scale goes from A+ to F

A: True bombs that can win you the game or extremely good removal

B: Very solid playables, good removal

C: Filler, easily replaced

D: Cards i’d rather not have in my deck

F: Unplayable


Chakram Retriever

This card isn’t too amazing but it does enable to some good strategy and a 2/4 is a pretty decent blocker on the ground. This is a partner card but doesn’t have a whole lot of value attached to it. You really want to use this in a deck that has mana sinks that require you to tap a creature which the partner card does do. This card can help you recover by drawing you a card and putting a decent blocker on the battlefield but is really looking to synergize with other cards.

Lore Weaver

Again we have a partner card so I automatically want to rate this a little higher starting off since I think the card advantage they provide are going to be important in this format. This card is probably one of the worst ones but I do love drawing cards and drawing two is even better. 7 mana is a ton to draw 2 but as a 4 mana 2/2 that otherwise does nothing besides get you the partner this one is pretty unimpressive. But in combination with its partner may be very powerful to grind out games.


Most of the time you will be casting this as an unsummon effect which for 2 is unimpressive. Not a ton of auras or equipment in this format. If you need some sort of interaction and have nothing else maybe but I would be hard pressed to put this in my deck. If you are able to actually build two aggressive tempo based decks then maybe you want this but in this format bouncing a creature for a turn will probably not accomplish a ton.

Huddle Up

I will probably play one in all of my blue decks. Basically Divination but each teammate gets to draw a card and your teammate can help you cast it.

Nimbus Champion


This one is a beater and any creatures with flying are going to be good in this format. On top of that this card can bounce opposing creatures if you have a couple warriors laying around on the battlefield which doesn’t sound too difficult and his being a warrior itself you can always bounce a 1 power creature so any 1/1 tokens will just die. Plus being a warrior lends to other synergizes.

Out of Bounds

This card is interesting and makes it a little easier to counter your opponents spells since your teammate can help you cast it and only costing a single blue makes this some decent interaction if you don’t have a ton.

Saltwater Stalwart

With 4 toughness you may be able to attack into your opponents and 2 power may make them not want to block and then you get to do my favorite thing. Draw a card! Otherwise this is a great blocker and only cost 4 mana which is pretty decent in this format.

Soaring Showoff

Another effect that allows your opponents to gain something which I am very against even if your you and your teammate get to draw a card. It is a 2/2 flyer for 3 which is something I’m interested in but that downside is too much for me.

Spellweaver Duo

Nothing too special. This can be ramped out a little quicker since it has Assist which can make it a bit better but having the condition of returning a tapped creature only and not any creature is a little annoying but can allow you to bounce your own creatures if you can gain some value there.

Benthic Giant

A 4/5 is a pretty big body here and having hexproof makes it a real threat. 6 mana is a ton but this set seems full of high CMC spells and I expect you to be getting to the very late game and will need cards to close the game.

Call to Heel

Again an overcosted unsummon and allows you opponent to draw a card. If you have a way to gain value by bouncing your own creature then this gets interesting otherwise it is not something I’m interested in.


Removal for bombs is always important and this is blue’s version. This also can stop creatures that have tap abilities unlike some iterations these days that say can’t attack or block.

Coralhelm Guide

I think Coralhelm Guide will be an important card in this format that will help you push through damage in the mid-game. It’s a 2 drop if you want it to be but otherwise you can use it as a way to kill your opponents and set up unblockable lethal very quickly.

Fog Bank

This card won’t win you the game but it can stop your opponent’s biggest attacker over and over and force them to use some sort of removal.

Frost Lynx

This is usually a good card but in 2HG it may be a little less impactful. If used properly this card can help buy you a turn to get back into the game. This also punishes opponent’s with a slow draw and can help you keep one step ahead of them.


Love Impulse (yeah I like drawing cards) and can help you find whatever you may need for a given situation.

Kitesail Corsair

If there is a blue tempo deck then this card will slot right in. On top of that evasion is very important in this format and can help you push through a couple extra points of damage.

Kraken Hatchling

I mean it’s a good blocker…..


Probably not a format you want to play negate in and don’t forget while drafting that you only play single game matches so don’t try to pick up sideboard cards.

Nimbus of the Isles

A decent sized flier that can lay some beat down and block pretty well. Fliers are all important in this format and this one isn’t too bad.


Nice little 2 drop that can block in the early game and help fix you draw for the coming turns or come down late and still give you some value by helping you to find more action.


There is a high cost of putting this card in your deck but the pay off can often be huge and in what will probably be a grindy format I expect you to often be getting to 6 mana and don’t have to try too hard to cast this.

Oracle’s Insight

This can be a risky card but the ability to draw a card at instant speed for no mana once a turn is pretty powerful and add on you get to scry beforehand then you really have something. This is very slow but I expect it to be worth it in this format.

Peregrine Drake

Drake is a great card that can allow you to cast two 5 drops in a turn and a 2/3 flier is something I’m always interested in.

Phantom Warrior

A decently costed card that can just sit on the field and chips away at your opponents and eventually demands an answer.

Reckless Scholar

Can help you filter your draw but I think you will be wanting to hit your land drops in this format and not pitch them to looting effects but looting does allow you to make a choice after drawing a card so may not be terrible.

Spell Snare

There are not a whole lot of 2 mana spells in this format and will be a dead card 95% of the time.


Another sort of blue removal that requires you to have a creature. The cool thing here is that you can use your teammate’s creature to exchange control with the opponent if you don’t have a creature.

Totally Lost

Can slow down your opponent and help you chip in damage or leverage certain creatures. Being instant speed this is best used to break up a double block and blow your opponents out.


Starting off a 3 mana 2/3 is decent for this format and for just a single blue to activate you can threaten to do some decent damage. The threat of activation on this card allows you to be aggressive and I am really seeing an aggressive tempo blue deck.







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