Let’s Metagame – Introductions

Who am I, you ask? 

It’s so much easier to introduce myself in person, like all I have to do is say “hi”, and shake your hand or something. You don’t have to deal with writer’s block in the real world, but I’ll try my best.

Alright, my name is Logan Simmons. I’m a youngster from Texas, so I got to miss Magic’s “good ‘ole days”, if that’s a proper term (I don’t know, I was too young). I started playing Magic a little while ago, but it quickly became something that I wanted to do all the time, and it still is. You know you’ve found something you truly enjoy when that’s all that seems to go through your head, and that’s a great feeling. That’s how I feel about Magic. If I’m not playing Magic, I’ll usually have some article or stream open on my phone, soaking in all the content I can get, learning what decks are doing the best in the formats.

There are some obvious advantages in learning the game that I found from playing the top-tier decks. I learned why the pros put certain cards in the decks, I learned about synergy, I learned about manabases, and slowly but surely I grasped the aspects of the game that you need to be a competitive player. I’ve always been a competitive player by nature, whether it was to beat my brother in video games when I was younger, or trying to spike a GP to make it to the Pro Tour, it’s all the same. I have this inherent part about me that enjoys the stress and adrenaline revolving around playing in an environment where the stakes are high. Magic just does it all right. Large events are something I look forward to. The gameplay, the community, and the atmosphere of these competitive events is amazing. It took awhile, but the best way to get better is to watch and learn from players who are better than you.

Now, you can find me at GPs now and then, and definitely local PPTQs. I’m hoping to up my annual Grand Prix count substantially as we get towards the end of this year and the beginning of next year, so maybe I’ll see you soon!


The Meta

I’m all about the constant changes in Magic. Every tournament, a deck has been tuned to the point where it comes out on top against a deck that it struggled against for weeks beforehand, as well as decks popping out of the woodwork and blowing people’s’ minds because no one expected it. These are the things that get me excited about playing, reading about, or watching Magic. You’ll always catch me watching coverage of the recent Grand Prix, Opens, or even MTGO streams regularly. I live for the events.

So, here at MTG DeckTechs, I’m gonna be bringing you all the latest and greatest decks that have dominated the metagame. I’m mostly going to be going over Standard, as it sees the most continuous changes compared to the other formats, but I think I’ll thrown in some Modern too, seeing how much I love my Mantis Rider and Champion of the Parish.

Whenever a large tournament happens, you can bet that I’ll be watching it, then getting you all the details about the metagame and the deck(s) that were playing at the top tables. Mind you, they may not always be new decks, but they’ll be a defined deck in the format. Anyways, what’s more important to the competitive player than knowing the metagame like the back of your hand, that way you know what to expect (mostly)?

Closing Comments

So, in closing, I want to thank MTG DeckTechs for the opportunity to create content for them. And as for you readers, I want you all to keep an eye on the Horizon Canopy (bad joke). Every Wednesday I’ll be slinging new content on the current Metagames and the decks within them.

Until next time, thanks!

– Logan Simmons
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