Know Yourself: Budget week two: Pirates!

Yarr! Welcome to Know Yourself! This week, we are hittin the high seas, foregoing all sense of wanting to play the color blue, and bashing face with this week’s deck, black red Pirates!!

Know I can see the quizzical look in yer eye as we be queuing up to talk about our swarthy lads, but what be ye worry? These here crew members hit harder than any man could ask for, are lifesavers in a sticky situation, aren’t scared of any rubber-legged vampires, AND can hold their drink! Ah HAH!


Okay, in all seriousness, B/R pirates is a fast aggro deck that is low to the ground, is brimming with good creatures and efficient spells, has trickier cards like Dire Fleet Poisoner in order to keep the ground game from getting locked up, and is a very budget friendly deck. Not only is this deck on the higher end just barely coming up to around forty dollars, the deck is all based in Ixalan, which means that It will last unscathed from rotation until fall of 2019! That is quite the amount of time to be picking up small upgrades over time and keeping a consistent core intact. The cards are all easy to get your hands on and keep value, being used in other decks such as red deck wins or mono black aggro. So, why not get to the deck?

Creature (30)

3x Captain Lannery Storm

4x Daring Buccaneer

4x Dire Fleet Captain

3x Dire Fleet Neckbreaker

4x Dire Fleet Poisoner

4x Fanatical Firebrand

4x Fathom Fleet Captain

4x Grasping Scoundrel

Land (23)

4x Dragonskull Summit

10x Mountain

9x Swamp

Instant (7)

3x Buccaneer’s Bravado

4x Lightning Strike

Sideboard (15)

4x Deadeye Tracker

2x dinosaur hunter

4x Duress

3x Repeating Barrage

2x Vance’s Blasting Cannons 

The core of the deck is the twelve one drop creatures in Grasping Scoundrel, Fanatical Firebrand, and Daring Buccaneer. These three aggressive creatures make sure the damage keeps coming early and often, allowing a little bit of late game reach with the ping effect or even making sure that combat is messy, making blocks difficult with the extra point of toughness never out of reach for the pirate.

Following this, Buccaneer’s bravado and lightning strike make our creatures more effective in combat, pushing through damage by double striking down a creature that is a threat with our small bodies, killing off potential blockers before combat, or even throwing three damage at the opponent’s face in order to steal a game out from under their nose.


Captain Lannery Storm heads up our crew of merry misfits by creating extra mana, allowing us to deploy our hand more quickly and becoming a three power haste attacker immediately, which makes sacrificing the treasure to give her double strike even more intimidating.

Dire Fleet Captain also deserves special mention here for being an absolute monster in the red zone. With even two or even one pirate, a two mana potential 3/3 or 4/4 forces your opponent to have an answer for every copy you dare to put to the board. If your opponent tries to block it, our favorite creature that is a trick Dire Fleet Poisoner makes sure it can trade with the blocker, or eat multiple blockers all trying to take down the one monstrous creature. Bucaneer’s Bravado here again can end the game out of nowhere, dealing anywhere from 6 to 12 damage for 2 mana.

A lot of our sideboarding, being a pure aggro deck, is geared towards control and unfair decks. 4 duress and 2 Vance’s Blasting Cannon come into play here in order to help us take out key spells and draw extra cards. The Repeating Barrage come in with the cannon’s flip side to start to burn them out with activations. This here is also where the secondary treasures from Lannery Storm make it so we have the mana we need and the raid trigger we need to keep bolting our opponent as much as possible before they can start to close out the game on us.

Otherwise, Deadeye Tracker is in the board for the God-Pharaoh’s Gift decks, and dinosaur hunter is there to hunt the Ghalta, Primal Hunger‘s and Ripjaw Raptor’s out of the dinosaur opponents.

And there you have it! Are you going to fly under the black red flag? Add blue for fun? Let me know what you think of the deck in the comments down below, and I’ll see you next week!


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