Know Yourself: A World on Fire

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Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we need to have a real discussion about the current state of magic on a social level. I feel for the sake of the discussion that names ARE necessary, for two reasons. The first being that you as a reader should be able to look at the evidence and allegations for yourself and read what people have said, and watch what people have made. The second being that these people are pillars of the community, and not saying their names frankly is doing a disservice to the discussion at large. I will not be addressing specific tweets and comments and videos specifically, but I will be mentioning them in passing during the discourse.

I would also like to preface that these opinions are all mine and mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of other writers and staff members here at

SO, here’s the long and short of the situation, in the most basic detail possible.

Christine Sprankle, a prominent magic the gathering cosplayer, has stepped away from doing magic events publicly due to harassment on the internet. After playing a common social game known as “flip it or rip it” in which players risk destroying potentially valuable magic cards, she was criticized on twitter, and their she stated she was tired of the community and noted on one person that has been allegedly harrassing her on the internet for quite some time; Jeremy from MTGheadquarters. The Professor at Tolarian Community College then made a video discussing some of the things Jeremy has said, providing clips and evidence in order to show rather than tell, and urged viewers not to attack Jeremy because it would not be effective. From what I understand, Wedge also was noted in the video to be a victim of Jeremy’s potential inflammatory comments, particularly on his weight. Evan Erwin then took to twitter to tweet about the one Mr. Jeremy, and other youtubers have posted various responses to this, such as Mr. Purple and Boogie, each having their respective opinions.

Now that everyone has the general gist of what is going on, I would like to make a few statements on the matter. First of all, I feel like it is my job as a writer to discuss things that are relevant to the magic community, be it tournaments, decklists, wizards products, inner reflections on good methods for practicing the game at a competitive level, you name it. And when a large part of the community is up in arms in conflict with each other, I feel it is my duty as a voice to share how I see the situation at large.

As far as I see it, first off, I do not condone playing flip it or rip it. I personally have always felt that is was silly, risked possible rare and powerful cards, and was not a wise choice.

However! Christine is her own individual that as far as I know, purchased these items as an independent and can do with it as she pleases. I would personally ask her not to destroy cards, but if that is what she got the product for, and it is fun for her and she enjoys it, it is not mine or anyone else’s place to tell her how to have fun, even if we disagree. If she posts it on twitter as part of just harmlessly telling other people what she is upto that day, that is her prerogative. And if the statements were true that Sprankle was getting over a bad breakup, and that is the reason she stepped away and wanted to make a comment before she left, while I wouldn’t quite condone that (although I don’t have all the information)

As for Mr. MTGheadquarters, I personally feel that sometimes he oversteps a line time to time. I believe that he mainly means to be sarcastic and critical, but some of the time in trying to do so comes off as crass and crude. I also believe that a LOT of people feel this way. I feel that he thinks that what he is doing is primarily in jest, and I feel that he is only trying to push peoples buttons and is not trying to really, actually hurt them, when he is not under attack. When he is under the duress of the community, it seems that instead of discourse, he doubles down on his aggressive stance in order to defend his position. And that is a totally understandable stance, because when it seems the world is against you, it only makes sense to keep on doing what you’re doing, especially if you feel that what you’re doing isn’t all that bad, and isn’t intended to hurt anyone. He makes unboxing videos and drama videos sometimes when things get tense, as they are now. I understand that things he says about Sprankle and her being attractive makes her content more appealing is hurtful, but as much as we all want to be wellwishers to all, and how awesome Christine is, unfortunately, their is some truth there.

But I also don’t think that this whole thing is a witch hunt, either. I think that this is two sided coin, full of he said and she said statements, and that alot of people are doing what they are doing in real life; drawing lines, and taking sides. I also am disgusted by the comments that I see on these videos. Here are a couple quotes from the comments sections on the professors video and Jeremy’s video. these will be anonymous for the sake of the non-names of the MTG community involved. Also, content and viewer discretion advised going forward.

in response to a jeremy’s defenders:

“Wrongo, fucko! Go back to your basement, neckbeard.”

“When you dislike someone for calling out someone for harassing and sexually assaulting people, that’s pretty gross. To brag about it after, though, that’s just stupid.”

“bye cuck”

responding about Jeremy in the comments:

“Maybe the big issue for that guy is to never feel inferior to women. Just the thought of losing a MTG game to a woman keeps him awake at night…”
“That guy Jeremy seems to be a toxic sociopath”
And in jeremy’s video on all of the recent drama:
“Boom 3 of those sjw haters now on twitter ban.”
“SJWs have absolutely no principles. They’d line you against the wall and have you shot if they could get away with it.”

“Boogie is a pussy.”

Okay, so here’s the thing. I do not believe that these comments obviously point out the best and brightest of us, but this is clearly still part of the discussion and community. And that is a problem. We can do SO much better as a community, and as people. So please remember that going forward.

It is truly disheartening to have seen all of this go down over the past couple of days, but let this much heavier article with a couple statements on the state of the community, and how I think I would handle this kind of situation.

*ahem*In my opinion,

It is unfortunate that Sprankle left, either for personal or what the community is calling harrassment and bullying reasons.

It is unfortunate that the climate of the internet causes us to lose the ability to have meaningful discourse, causing people to take sides and double down, including Jeremy from MTGheadquarters, who I do believe, despite not agreeing with some of his actions personally, was not acting out of ill will.

It is shameful that we as a community put content creators into positions that in these times of disagreement, accusation, and hatred, that if they speak up their discourse is drowned out by ineffectual hatred and malice, and that if they do not speak up they feel that they are not doing their part.

I truly enjoyed have Christine at the events I attended and saw her at. She brought a truly fun sense of life to the hall.

I do enjoy some of Jeremy’s content, and the recent outpouring of drama has made his content worse by proxy, unfortately.

For all the community members as well, I do truly enjoy most of their content, and I hope that the mire is soon cleared so we can all move on. Wedge, The Professor, Mr. Purple, Boogie, and MTGheadquarters.

But we as a community must now decide through thoughtful discourse and the mending of bridges how and why we are going to act, and we most certainly will have to do it again in the future. For now, I hope I offered some form of clarity in this torrent, and…

I hope you found this article most helpful to you.
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I’ll See you later, and catch you next time, peace.

-Forrest W.


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