Introducing Challenger Series

Hi everyone! My name is Cameron Sanders and I’m excited to start writing for MTG Deck Techs! Starting in April, I will debut my column, Challenger Series. With the Challenger Series, I will look to find unpopular commanders, unusual strategies for popular commanders, as well as other deck lists that will hopefully peak your interest!

With this article I wanted to introduce myself and what to expect from my future writing, as well as show off one of my favorite decks to try to give you guys a taste of my play style. I hope you enjoy!

To begin with an introduction, my name is Cameron Sanders and I am in school working towards becoming a physician assistant. I’ve always loved science, learning new things, and helping people, and so far everything I’ve learned here at school has fallen into that.

I began playing magic only a few years ago, around the release of Magic Origins, and I was instantly hooked. I bought more cards than I needed, spent all my time reading or watching about magic, and constantly trying to find more people to play with. I started with standard and had my first big tournament win during Eldritch Moon Game Day with a janky blue-white spirits deck that I brewed myself. I was ecstatic that something I came up with on my own performed well! With this I became a brewer. I loved looking for intricate combos, sometimes requiring ten cards to work. When I learned about commander, all I did was play commanders at the bottom of the EDHRec commander list. My first commander deck that I built myself was a janky “turn everything into islands” Zhou Yu, Chief Commander deck! It didn’t perform that great but when I (rarely) was able to get a win or at least a kill, it was worth it. I love being the person with the commander that people have to pick up and read and say, “I have never seen this card before!”.

I hope by looking at one of my favorite decks you’ll get an idea of what this series might look like:

Gahiji, Honored One EDH









The first time I sat down with Gahiji, Honored One I received the weirdest looks from my normal playgroup. I love control, artifacts, and instant and sorceries. Gahiji seemed to be almost the exact opposite of what I usually play. Tokens, pillow fort enchantments, and politics have never really made a debut in any of my decks until Gahiji, but I think that’s why I love this deck. It’s something that I’ve never played and is a nice refresher from my normal play style.

Along with commander I play a bit of modern and a lot of cube. I love limited and have a paper pauper cube and an unstable cube, and I love legacy and vintage cube on MTGO. Modern I usually play some jank, my favorite being mono blue tron. I am very much a casual magic player, trying to do big things in weird ways, but I enjoy playing competitively sometimes too.

I’m really excited to start writing for MTG Deck Techs, and I can’t wait until I start the Challenger Series next week! If you have an off the wall commander deck that you want to share, or if you have any comments, feel free to contact me. I’ll see you next week with the debut of my Challenger Series!

– Cameron

Twitter: @camcole113


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